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Steve Bannon wants Facebook, Google 'regulated like utilities'


Utility Regulation has been wearing an incognito tux for quite awhile now

Long ago,When consumers purchased old style,hardwired landline phones for their houses,the Bell company of which they were under within their regions,didnt mandate who you could correspond with,and whom you couldnt speak to,or tell you that because you bought a phone in one region,it couldnt be used in your region.No charges for incoming calls,or charges for people of which had called your # by mistake.Then the aura of convenience overtook common sense.Suddenly,the "norm"shifted,and now people were being forced to go with an carrier with best signsls,and on an device of which also pretty much mandates what operating system one uses,coupled with what internet browser ,and email services u utilize thats better performing to the phones OS in general..but couldnt get latest updates,nor even latest Os',even if the phone just hit the market.Suddenly,just like everything else surrounding us..consumers rights,were now privliges,and FCC was schmoozed with political lobbyist framing out the if,ands,and buts of how it should be.When we purchase a tv,we expect it to work,no matter if its going to be used for normal,over the air channels,or through a cable//satellite carrier.Apple,Google/Android,Win are not paying our pathetically high cell bills with even more insulting plans,yet have successfully manipulated services around phones being marketed like designer blingbling,with very little choices for the user in the end.Until they can provide a device of which allows users to choose any carrier,any operating system that updates on any phone,on any device,of which can be used anywhere,in any region,or any country right from the palm of our hands...then theres no theory as to having so much control,so little accountability,while giving users less rights and choices of devices of which are defined as legally obtainable&searchable by courts of law.Im not agreeing with The avenues of which Bannon is suggesting,but when u think about how long this market/field has been shoved down our throats,and to this day,the little choice we have as an consumer/user,whether its via mobile,or home neywork,and the gadzillions profitted...we javent come thst far at all.

Regulate, says Musk – OK, but who writes the New Robot Rules?


Re: will the rise of the Robots

Exactly,wherefore common sense governing ,if ever in existence,would mandate limits on childbirths,planned population portals to recieve tubal ligations and vasectomys@puberty,and recognize that the cup runneth over be fruitful and multiply just doesnt cut it in a society of which strives and yearns for convienience in every aspect of life.


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