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Boeing big cheese repeats pledge of 737 Max software updates following fatal crashes

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elon musk ? it seems to fit the correct number of asterisks ... but that cant be right , surely ?

Uber driver drove sleeping woman miles away from home to 'up the fare'. Now he's facing years in the clink for kidnapping, fraud

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it is also

Not unknown for black yellow and private hire people to rent let out or otherwise lend their "identity" to others. I've seen it done for Black cabs , so it includes the vehicle ...

what about WASP cabs ... Could be both Black and yellow stripes ?

Password managers may leave your online crown jewels 'exposed in RAM' to malware – but hey, they're still better than the alternative

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on death

So your stuff , inckuding financials , is secure, you've opted for paperless billing, so when you die (inevitable!) who knows what you've got and how to get at it . I like the 2fa using SMS , seems ok to me ... except steam , seems to not work.

HSBC now can use voice authentication to access bank account .. will take that up soon....

Which password manger tho ? dashlane 1password.. what ?

Clever girl: SpaceX's Mars-bound Raptor engine looks like it works just fine

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Re: Green

scott manley on YT ?? says its to prevent oxidation damage to the bell (I think).

see also curious droid

Roses are red, we've received about fifty. Google's next trick? Pixels for the thrifty

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as they all say

:<iframe src="https://giphy.com/embed/2vmQDpXSK35pJHGXwf" width="480" height="182" frameBorder="0" class="giphy-embed" allowFullScreen></iframe><p>via GIPHY</p>

eye: 4 1 GGL olords

Jingle bells, disk drives sell not so well from today. Oh what fun it is to ride on a one-horse open array...

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ordinary peeps

Can get their storage needs met by a reasonable size SSD , and they are becoming price compettive at the bottom end .

The idea that PC sales are held back by the lack of a Good linux distro ..well ..LOL

I for one wouldn't trust my storage needs to the cloud, not least due to uploading speeds, altho I can certainly see the widespread adoption of 5g meNING that all those funny little vids and pictures (phones) go straight to the cloud. People with HARD drives will be regarded as quaint as people with B+W Tv sets.

Will 12Tb see me out? they did have a five year warranty

In my last will &testament I bequeath these storage devices :-)

Astroboffins spot one of the oldest, coolest stars in the universe lurking in the Milky Way

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is this where

Ossified Osbourne and slip knot death razer black Sabbath will go to when they die ?

Yes lets re-settle here with an artificial planet a/p we may have some chance of hearing the final Brexit deal and even the israeli/Palestine Solution..

Science: Broke brats glued to the web while silk-stocking scions have better things to do

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time travel

Anyone couldn't have had that knowledge as Belsen wasn't built till later. If more people had stood up, to what was a the time a facist regime, then maybe some of what happened would have been tempered. Too many stood silent ..............

Nvidia promises to shift graphics grunt work to the cloud, for a price

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This is the trojan goose

that allows Nvidia to sell the idea of a non computer to the home user. . Imagine just having an Nvidia shield to do all your office web productive work , rather than a Hoem computer .. because surely if the latency is good enough for gamers it will be absolutely fine for doing any kind of office work. You take away the need to own and update and virus scan your own machine, all for one simple monthly fee. And as we see with leased cars people love the simple monthly fee, the added game-ability allows them to sell it to young Jenny/Johhny too. It sounds reasonable even to me.. except for lock-in and security and that fee creeping up year by year ...I reckon they'll all be at it .. ggogle msoft apple adobe faceblok

Roskosmos admits that Soyuz 'meteorite' hole had more earthly origins

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Black Helicopters


iS WHERE the humble potato , cut to appropriate size would come in handy. Havent they seen the martian?

Fourth 'Fappening' celeb nude snap thief treated to 8 months in the clink

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JL could have hunted them down and shot a flaming arrow thru their back? And the others , in appropriate ways ....

Disk will eat itself: Flash price crash just around the over-supplied block

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Western Digital formats hard disk drive factory as demand spins down

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bits shippedc

wd are still probably shipping more bits than ever before , its just that its in much larger units, so the profit and value hs gone out of 1 2 3 tB discs but large datacentre beastys are selling like gang busters.

WD , I like their WD blacks ran two for 5-6 years, Now got a wd green and two wd reds (6tbx2) liked their WD media player , brilliant in its day., wd NAS pretty underwhelming and their new WD black nvme SSDs are getting good reviews, but make sure you get version 2 cos version 1 is mediocre. So business as usual for WD , roll on qlc ssd

Creep travels half the world to harass online teen gamer… and gets shot by her mom – cops

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Wheres the outrage ?

surely this is linked to a horror zombie shooter or other popular game? wheres the fortnite angle . Me ? I'm still playing my favorite game PUB-Goto... too much heat ... too much football ... too much hope ...Not enough Gas !

Ailing ZX Spectrum reboot firm kicks crisis meeting into long grass

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Theres only one real question

And that is one short flush or a long one ....?

Visa Europe fscks up Friday night with other GDPR: 'God Dammit, Payment Refused'

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has bitcoin central

inserted a few agents into strategic positions .. you know to cause such outages?

because this would never happen on a block chain :-)

No top-ups, please, I'm a millennial: Lightweight yoof shunning booze like never before

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i HAVE IN THE PAST HAD cause to claim SMI , and that was before it was a loan .The truth is it doesn't kick in until you have been claiming specific benefits for nine months ...And now they have made it a repayable loan. It also uses an interest rate, (to calculate what they will lend you) which is significantly lower than the one you will be paying (leaving a significant shortfall , possibly 50%+). And if your mortgage is in any way complicated eg two lenders , then they will only lend on one mortgage. So not such a great safety net after all. And of course it continues to accrue interest until it is paid back, on sale or disposal of your house. Better than nothing I suppose ....

4 pints is not binge drinking , 4 glasses is not binge drinking...

NASA demos little nuclear power plant to help find little green men

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Good match

A fission reactor with loads of integrated circuits .. I'm all for fission and chips .

BTW How do I visualize 10kw is that 5 kettles with a full brew? 1 kettle +1 microwave + 1 3 bar electric fire?

Ring me back when AMZ start selling them, i have a gift voucher that lasts till 2032

Take-off crash 'n' burn didn't kill the Concorde, it was just too bloody expensive to maintain

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non cocncord

"air-raid shelters covered in grass despite the fencing" I may be mistaken , but I have never thought of fencing as keeping out grass , or stopping its growth in any way ?

Concord .. surely the knowledge gained from this has gone on to influence our present fleet of Sabre engined Moon -rockets .... (in 2022 maybe?) 2033 possibly ?

OpenAI bot bursts into the ring, humiliates top Dota 2 pro gamer in 'scary' one-on-one bout

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Lets not forget

that this thing has also mastered Montezumas revenge ... for too long that has been a stain on Humanity (or hannity).

Students: Duh, of course we're blowing our loan bucks on crypto coins

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The really clever students

are buying the money making machines eg cypto mining rigs .. 5 grand or so for a small 6 card rig and they can be making profits of a few dollars per day .. and if they can filch the leccy somehow . Course the ROI and the bios tuning and the restarts and 24/7 running WILL teach them a lot, as will the bills at the end of the year. But at least they will get to take home two very beefy gfx cards and a portion of VeniceCoin's.

Hello, Spotify? Are you on? Perils and pratfalls of own-brand hardware

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Gotta laugh

I remember , on another forum , I said I'd rather have a single mono hifi speaker rather than two crappy stereo speakers .. wooohaaay mono is back. Everything that is old is new. I still stick with stereo rather than 4.1/5/1/7.1 or other newer speaker . I am amazed nobody mentions that to these speaker mfrs ? mono ? sirirllsy?

2 + 2 = 4, er, 4.1, no, 4.3... Nvidia's Titan V GPUs spit out 'wrong answers' in scientific simulations

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can still be used

For generating the Lotto number on Wednesday and friday tho ....

A smartphone recession is coming and animated poo emojis can't stop it

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but but Apple

Apple do make a top notch phone , in fact isnt that the very raisin Detre of X

Office junior had one job: Tearing perforated bits off tractor-feed dot matrix printer paper

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Bursters decollators , yep even punched cards , still remember booting up the mainframe every day by by feeding it the punched cards, which needed renewing every so often using the hand operated 80 col hand punch. What about tape drives ? they were pretty big back then , set up 4 tapes for a spectacular tape sort, and you could go and do other things (insert preferred option here) for number of hours. dam those disk drives!

Microsoft says 'majority' of Windows 10 use will be 'streamlined S mode'

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Fixed it

"this is a Giant Land Crab" ... eating all the KoKoNuts.... sing it, it really cheers you up!

He's cheesed it! French flick pirate on the lam to swerve €80m fine, two-year stretch in the clink

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Re: Running in France

You have just proved Nick Clegg 110% right ........

The Register Lecture: The Secret Spitfires

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Black Helicopters

Will be

On the Telly Box in six months ... think of all the quality of life you get from NOT working in Londonand think of that as your compensation. And dont complain about the slow broadband and cow noises!

Foil snack food bags make a decent Faraday cage, judge finds

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Re: Faraday

Aye, aye, ...aye (said in a Scottish accent)

Why are we disappointed with the best streaming media box on the market?

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EMBY IS what ? a POS that isn't being developed (or used) A monotreme of a media streamer. (tv updates

Plex is much better But I am a bit sick of auto update which makes my NAS/Plex unavailable about once a month, tv updates but NAS doesnt ... just work please ...like VLC.

Overdraft-fiddling hackers cost banks in Eastern Europe $100m

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and this woud be solved by

Blockchain ? maybe ... it would at least make all the money traceable, possibly .. but could block chain ever scall enough to work in realtime or close to it.

I sus pect the withdrawals are done multiple units of £300 or equiv by many ppl.

Sole Equifax security worker at fault for failed patch, says former CEO

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Re: Hackers Take Note:

No dumbass ... they get Jillian from reception to step in and fill his shoes. Like when hes off over xmas?

Ethereum just checked that part of a Zcash transaction was legit

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Kebab and pizza shop owner jailed for hiding £179k from the taxman

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POOR guy ws just trying to earn a crust and now hes well and truly stuffed

Moral hide 10% decalre 90% not hide 90% decalre 10% !

Compsci degrees aren't returning on investment for coders – research

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inDIA churns

out more grads in a year than we do in 20 years , admittedly not all their degrees are great, but ..

When google etc decied where to have r+D they look for a highly skilled workforce who can speak english, a low tax rate and a good rule of law. Thats why we need so many grads , its to have the spare capacity to keep wage rates down to attract worlwide comapnys like BLockFACE Apull Gargle SPitter and their like....

Can North Korean nukes hit US mainland? Maybe. But EMP blast threat is 'highly credible'

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I would say that trump is in talks with China regarding NK and saying we'll let you have your south china sea island if you let us attack and destroy NK conevntionally, you can then put ina more stable leadership.I bet even chinese troops could help in the plan, portray NK as a foolish nation needing re-education, patriotism comes to the fore, gets to test all their latest stuff under real battle conditions. What would India and Russia do in all this? stand back and watch I suspect . Why dont they cover the data centres in Tin foil?

User demanded PC be moved to move to a sunny desk – because it needed Windows

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hmm I've heard the phrase

"unexpected item in the tea bagging area" in my local Sainsburys

PC sales to fall and fall and fall and fall and fall for the next five years

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Big Brother


anD BELEIEV ME i'vE TRIED .. and the sales figures will plummet even further. I think idc/gartner are spot on this .. A whole group of p[eople get all the computing they need from a tablet ..,.even those in the corp space. A tablet can do much that a desktop cannot do .. even be carried around...

ANd even miners are moving over to ant-asics requiring just usb ports to be powered.

Still I pay for my IDC reports in DASH and Monero ....lol

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