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Behind the candelabra: Power cut sends Britain’s boxes back to the '70s

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T-Mobile backtracks on retrospective mobe data caps

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I spoke to them yesterday on the phone 3 times, once today. Boy did they try to wriggle out of it. I spoke to consumer direct, who said they would pass on the information to trading standards, and was preparing to follow the appropriate dispute channels. I won't be renewing with them.

Blighty to get mobe-download barcode rail tickets

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Re: Smug

I don't think it was smug, more shock that it actually worked. Then again, given how quick the data was sent/received I expect it was a fake demo application rather than a real test.

Brown promises Budget in a fortnight

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Re: Don't close the door on the way out...

"Mr Broon, we won't get fooled again."

You fail to take into account the number of terminally stupid people in this country, I predict Brown will win the election.

Twitter 'airport bomb hoax twit' charged

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a witty title

What a waste of money, time and effort. Who ever is involved in propelling this case forward should be fired, along with their managers. If ANY public money has been spent on this it should be reclaimed from the idiots involved, their pensions should be claimed back, hell they should be sued for incompetence. Stupid idiots.

Can we please stop employing idiots with public money.

Woman jailed for texting while driving

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That's it, 21 months in jail and a 3 year ban? How about a life time ban and at least 10 years in jail? It's about time drivers started to take responsibility for their actions. Every day I see drivers doing something totally stupid, today it was some idiot driving too fast, in snow, whilst on his mobile, whilst turning a corner on a crowded street. These people should not be given points on their licence, they should loose it and beforced to retake their test. Loose your licence twice and thats it, dont get it back, ever. Driving is not some sort of god give right.

NY policeman plunders US terror watchlist

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notepad guy

What about the guy who left his password on a notepad? Surely he is the problem, if the users are the weakest link then they need to be punished. If the one guy can get 1 year in prison for using the information the other guy should get 10 for failing to protect it.

Ballmer and Gates defend Vista, drop Windows 7 hints

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@ The Vista Bashers

You fail to appreciate that different people are having different experiences with Vista, some good, some bad. Mine was bad, I brought a new laptop (samsung q45), it came with vista pre-installed. It was a pain to setup, it took a long time to go through the patch/update cycle, when I installed firefox and OOo it presented me with a shed load of ok/cancel request boxes which i stopped reading. It came with a 60 (?) day demo of office, I tried to uninstall it, I couldn't, it complained about being installed in a different language. In the end (well the same day actually) I gave up and installed ubuntu. I got it up and running very quickly and it all just worked.

I would not touch vista again, my first experience with it was bad, I also don't see any value in it. Its a huge piece of software that (from a users point of view) does nothing. It comes with notepad, IE, and demo software, thats about it.

To me an operating system enables other software to access a computers hardware, it should be light weight, fast, and not have ridiculous hardware requirements. Also by making it incompatible with old software/hardware drivers microsoft have (temporarily) lost the advantage they had with previous versions of windows. Its the software that sells the operating system, for some unknown reason microsoft broke their lock in with vista, which is why people are looking at Linux/macs.

Amazon punts grot flicks to hardcore Natalie Portman fans

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it could be worse...

Personally I feel sorry for those who brought the "12 Hardcore Sex Films Box Set (Exclusive to Amazon.co.uk)" and will now no doubt be being offered "V for Vendetta [2006]"....

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