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Enterprise Windows 10 users, Microsoft has some 'quality' patches coming your way


Re: The 'Nearly' platform

That whole second paragraph is a pretty good summary of "Agile" development.

Nope, you're still a transport biz, top EU court tells Uber


Re: Protectionism...

As opposed to Uber who are definitely in it for the good of the consumer and driver.

HPE HQ to leave Palo Alto birthplace as it 'consolidates' offices


Re: New building?

No, it will be a dumpster that is on fire.

You can yacht be serious: Larry might be planning his own version of America’s Cup


Re: Left hand down a bit!

In the USA, to the USAians who haven't been enraptured by the interminable charms of baseball, bunting is a type of cloth used for decorations or flags or just those decorations themselves.

Edit: Damn it, just like Alistair said.

We went to Nadella's launch of Hit Refresh so you didn't have to


Re: What "would you do if you found a baby had just fallen on street?"

Check to see if Clapton was playing a gig in town?

F-35 firmware patches to be rolled out 'like iPhone updates'


Give them some credit

They've figured out a way to have each plane crash twice.

NYPD head of IT doubles down on Windows smartphone idiocy



When your head of IT has a combo JD/MBA from Harvard what other result could you expect?


When your head of IT has a law degree (from somewhere) and an M.B.A. from Harvard what else could you expect.

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