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eBay denies claims it's failing to thwart 'systematic fraud'

Big K

For months now I have been feeding eBay details of fraudulent listings of laptops by reporting them as and when I see them ( I am sure it happens on all sorts of items but I am mainly watching laptops). They are listed as new or refurbished laptops at tempting prices such as £29.99 on either newly created eBay accounts such as slibbeebwdudud (just random letters) or often existing accounts which the scammer has somehow hacked into. I sometimes send a message to the the hacked seller advising them that they have been hacked ( if their eBay A/C has been hacked then maybe their email A/C has also of course) and get the odd reply from the user thanking me or even from eBay thanking me. However, eBay clearly are unable or can't be bothered to stop these listings as they go on day after day. Whether the scammer ever gets any money from the duped buyer I don't know but I assume they must or why would they keep listing these items day after day. The buyer I assume gets their payment refunded under the eBay protection policy but this will take some time and is just a pain.


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