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Class-action sueball over refurbed iThings will ask Apple what 'as good as new' means

Povl H. Pedersen

Apple lost in Denmark

Apple lost court case in Denmark some years back. They can not repair with used parts, and can not use refurbished phones for warranty replacement.

They will have to repair with new parts, or give you a replacement with only new parts aka new device.

Not all companies are happy about this. But when my Polar watch had issues, I got factory new electronics, in my scratched case. My running watch before that was a Garmin, where 3 refurbished replacements all had issues.

But in Denmark Apply supplies factory new replacement units.

For real this time, get your butt off Python 2: No updates, no nothing after 1 January 2020

Povl H. Pedersen

Java popular ?

How can you call Java popular ? Have you talked to a Java programmer recently ?

You might say it is one of the 3 most widespread languages (like diseases can be spread). But popular is a complete misconception.

For all that does not know, 9 out of 10 cases, AI stands for A-lot-of-Indians. They are cheaper to train, uses way less power, and generates results of the same quality as household AI available for decent money. It is real intelligence to substitute Indians for CPU.

World recoils in horror as smartphone maker accused of helping government snoops read encrypted texts, track device whereabouts

Povl H. Pedersen


Uganda has authorities that spies on people. I worked there for some months 20 years ago, when a shared 64kbit wireless high latency connection was great.

After I got home, I was actually approached by somebody who wanted to recruit me to do hacking and spying on behalf of the politicians / secret police units.

I contacted my home intelligence service, and was told that I could take the contract if I wanted, as this was not targeting NATO or our citizens. I decided against it. So yeah, most governements outside western europe spies on its citizens.

J'accuse! Amazon's Rekognition reckons 1 in 5 Californian lawmakers are crims in ACLU test

Povl H. Pedersen

Re: Amazon's Rekognition system wrongly matched one in five Californian politicians with images

99% ? That is just like accuracy of policemen in the US.

99% of the bullets fired miss the target, and only 1% hits.

If the target is hit, he is by definition guilty of something that warranted his shooting. The US should shar forbidding unjust force.

Drone fliers are either 'clueless, careless or criminal' says air traffic gros fromage

Povl H. Pedersen

Re: How high?

I live in Denmark, and the law is there to protect the general public from danger, and the new thing is privacy.

We have a 5km NFZ around airport, 8km around military airports - They tend to fly a bit lower with jets. We can fly up to 100m outside cities, planes can go down to 150m - so 50m separation if everybody puhes it to the limit. 2km distance to medic heliports (typical at hospitals). 150m away from buildings, parks/beaches near built-up areas, larger roads (defined as speed limit 70 km/h or more), railways, traffic accidents, nature preserves etc. 50m away from non-spectating people, ships etc.

For indoor shows, there must be sufficient protection of spectators.

Rules are simple, a license is £2.00. Drones must be marked with owners registration number, name and phone number. And you must have insurance.

Take my bits awaaaay: DARPA wants to develop AI fighter program to augment human pilots

Povl H. Pedersen

Predictable ?

How can they even come up with an idea that evasive maneuvers should be predictable ?

Anything predictable is the the easiest to attack and kill. It should be completely unpredictable and crazy. It should be a surprise to any opponent or foreign AI (which usuaully means Alotof Indians).

The algoritms should be the most secret in the world, so will usually be outsourced to a contractor with development offices in Ukraine, Russia, India or China.

Now here's a Galaxy far, far away: Samsung stalls Fold rollout after fold-able screens break in hands of reviewers

Povl H. Pedersen

Apple was first

Apple was first with the foldable telephone that broke the screen.

Look back at iPhone 6 and #bendgate.

Samesong is just soo late at copying Apple failures.

South Korea reckons mystery hackers cracked open advanced weapons servers

Povl H. Pedersen

North Korea is supposed by China, so anything stolen by North Korea will likely end up China as well

Which? That smart home camera? The one with the vulns? Really?

Povl H. Pedersen

Re: It's all relative

There is likely one secure solution out there, in the cheaper price range.

It is called Raspberry Pi ZeroW + camera.

Closed source solutions are crap, I have them, but on independent VLAN, and with no Internet access.

We need more open source cams. Most chinese cams are running Linux anyway, so it would be trivial for the vendors to publish specs on the DSP and camera hardware, and thus let us create open firmware.

The first to do it would get lots of business, but likely would suffer from customers not upgrading their crap as fast.

Things that make you go hmmm: Do crypto key servers violate GDPR?

Povl H. Pedersen

How about blockchain

If somebody posts personal data about John Johnson on the blockchain, say for Bitcoin, how can John Johnson get it deleted ? This is also not possible.

I heard rumors that somebody who dislikes Bitcoin at some point upload a child pornographic image to the blockchain, basicly making the blockchain illegal material in most countries. Could have been government actor.

Latest F-35 flight tests finish – and US stops accepting new jets

Povl H. Pedersen


I still do not understand why all engines will have to be serviced in the country that is now Russias best friend. That alone is a risk. But maybe they can deliver the worst job at the lowest price ?

Don't have crityical stuff done south of the alps, it is just as bad as Americans having things done south of the border.

Must have been decided by Mr. Donald himself.

US spanks EU businesses in race to detect p0wned servers

Povl H. Pedersen


GDPR gives you 4 days to contact authorities after you have VERIFIED that a breach has taken place. There is no penalty for being slow to detect, or reading about your breach in media.

GDPR is mostly an excercise in getting documentation and processes in place, and very little about necesary technical controls.

Cloudflare touts privacy-friendly public DNS service. Hmm, let's take a closer look at that

Povl H. Pedersen conflict

I have actually seen many capture-portals on WiFi redirecting users to

Not sure if this will be a problem, or if the routing will work correctrly after accepting the WiFi terms&Conditions

Apple iCloud Keychain easily slurped by cops, ElcomSoft claims

Povl H. Pedersen

Big problem

NOT. To get access to the keychain you need:

icloud username and pasword

and a verified device with 2FA.

Then you can get access to the keychain.

The only thing you bypass is really the local device password of the device having keychain access. Is this a problem ? Not really, but it means I will take my non-pasword protected iPad that the children uses, and move it to a family account.

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