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Dear alt-right morons and other miscreants: Disrupt DEF CON, and the goons will 'ave you


Re: Excellent

Im not sure you understand the definition of nazi.

To be fair, it might be me because everyone is shouting nazi but all I see is assholes

When I see a certain race or religion being hearded into camps and murdered like Christians in the middle East the word nazi springs to mind, but a difference of opinions on immigration control..... not so much

Click this link and you can get The Register banned in China


I wouldn't mind trying a ban on sitcoms/soaps/ reality tv, I think it would be an interesting experiment, I fully believe people imitate what they see on soaps and reality tv and believe it's the normal way to act and behave

Cloudflare: We dumped Daily Stormer not because they're Nazis but because they said we love Nazis


Big Old Nope

As far as i am concerned the internet should be open to all no matter what they think, its only with the rise of social media that we are getting all this red tape, im a true supporter of " if you cant handle what your reading, close the page and walk away" i dont agree with neo nazi's, and i also cant abide the antifa thugs either but im happy to let them all write whatever they please, just like being allowed to comment right here, with my opinion.

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