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Mash it up with online gods at reMix08

Tim Hustler
Gates Halo

somewhat worth it

It is expensive but last year all attendees walked away with a free copy of Vista Ultimate (yay :¬þ ) and Expression Studio (Design, Blend, Web and Encoder). i probably consumed 200 quids worth of cakes, chinese food, and plenty o' grog as well

The speakers are okay but the real hit was seeing other developers and what they had been up to that year. Some of the new code is demonstrated in an easy-to-digest manner as well so you can get some really good pointer from the guys who wrote it

National Grid computers locked-down in outage cock-up

Tim Hustler

Outsourcing : Please give me one good example?

Man, there's gotta be one good outsourcing experience out there? I've seen it go outsource, back to in-house and then back to outsource and the amount of skills/logic/time lost to the exercise has left nothing but bitterness about the whole thing

I'd love to hear of one where service was actually improved and made more cost-effective in the prcoess

I'm just confused as to why so many companies see this as a "Golden Solution"

Microsoft rolls out Live Mesh preview

Tim Hustler
Gates Halo

<sarcasm>Where did all the M$ haters go?</sarcasm>

Guys, get a grip. When did anybody else offer you a free 5 gig drive you can store anything you like on? How on earth could this be classed as being 'ripped off'?

I can see the concerns about them starting to charge for the service after a while but they have to provide some kind of notice period and that will allow you to get all your important stuff down before the pricing model comes in so your stuff will never be locked away forever.

They've been punting their SkyDrive for a while now but it offers you some amazingly high caps before any kind of pricing model is implemented. You can stream videos up to a million minutes per month for free right now and the content is delivered locally as is possible by means of distrubuted data centres.

If you're on a capped internet then the web obviously isn't that important to you anyway in my opinion. Anyone with half a NetBone in their body pays that extra couple of quid for unmetered access so download caps really shouldn't be the issue

@Giles Jones : Unpopular? proof or stfu please. one look on jobserve at all the .net jobs will show you how unpopular Microsoft Development really is. Go to some of the Flash fansites and see how majorly scared the Adobe guys are of SilverLight while you're at it :¬)

Saint Bill : For showing the rest of the world what is possible so maybe someone else can offer something even better!! Someone has to be first and at least Mr Gates has the guts to do so, and the money to back it up

Sweet, sweet smell of comments in code?

Tim Hustler

RE :I admit to over-commenting...

Me too Justin. Works fine for me and those after me. I write code my mum could walk thorugh by just reading the comments

When will people wake up and realise that programing is an art!! Where would more 'traditional' art be if a manual came out dictating how certain objects were to be drawn on the canvas?

Extreme Programming has it's place, but other methodologies have their's as well. One coding style, one Language? Oh Please, we'd all be writing fortran in the console!!

FCC unveils NudeTube

Tim Hustler

Those nubs at the freakin' FCC

What about THIS sideboob?

Does that turn you on?

Well it shouldn't, cause that's MY sideboob

Peter Griffin for president in my humble opinion.

DVLA's 5m driver details giveaway

Tim Hustler

@Chris Roughneen

The loch ness monster wanted 'tree fiddy', so the DVLA must be hiking that extra pound somehwere else

I still think it was Chef's Friend, BooBoo the dinosaur from the paleolithic era

Cadbury bows to 'bring back Wispa' net campaign

Tim Hustler


Spiras are where it's @ for sure

Wispa Gold was the only Wispa worth purchasing


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