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Microsoft backports data slurp to Windows 7 and 8 via patches

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Re: how to nuke this crap






It would have been nice to have actually taken the time to list these little buggers

KB3035583 - Windows 10 Notification THAT WILL NOT DIE!

KB3022345 - Prequel of kb3068708 if you have this.. Like I had then kb3068708 will / should NOT show up. More on this in a sec.*

KB3068708 - Update for customer experience and diagnostic telemetry

KB3075249 - Update that adds telemetry points to consent.exe in Windows 8.1 and Windows 7

KB3080149 - Update for customer experience and diagnostic telemetry

* I only noted the earlier kb3022345 'cause of the lack of a kb3068708 in the Windows Update. Apparently kb3068708 was meant for all the bad children who didn't get the earlier kb3022345 update.

Removing this earlier update seemed to be of little consequence as in regard to the newer version of said update I was back up and, running inside of Five minutes. The dirty little bugger called Diagtrack.*) however is unfortunately still left in place. apparently the trick to getting that piece of trash of your system is to fire up a command prompt. In Admin mode, then enter in:

sc stop diagtrack

sc delete diagtrack

This should then hopefully fully remove the earlier kb3022345 update then.

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Re: KB3068708 very slow to complete uninstall

Well lookie here kb3068708 is just kb3022345 (Diagtrack) by another name... I did kinda think it strange that I had noticed the other Two Updates, but was seemingly missing out on this Third One... Now I know why!

Needless to say I soon as I found this POS! I removed it from the Control Panel -> Programs, and Features -> Installed Updates. Apparently though this still isn't quite enough to kill the undead that is Diagtrack.

Apparently to do that you have to open up a Command Prompt with admin privileges and enter:

sc stop Diagtrack

sc delete Diagtrack

... To be finally rid of this bloat.

P.s. To the Webmaster / Fourm Mod(s) why is it I can't post cmd.eᵡe without getting what appears to be a B& Hammer message about not being able to post this? I don't frankly get it to be honest.

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Re: Hackintosh?

Perhaps so... But, I'm on a ca~2006 Core 2 Duo 2x2.13Ghz System on Windows 7. and, for everything need this machine to do... It does! I guess you right about being lucky to still get ~100.00€ for it complete. But, then Beige Boxes just never came with that aura of Cr(Apple) BS attached to it. 'cause these aren't some lovely polished white plastic boxes. These were sold as the then modern workhorses of the world.

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Re: Linux for me now - Don't confuse or prejudice new users...

Really what would the point of a Canonical (Ubuntu MATE), be exactly? Probably a few wasted cycles, plus storage, and transport costs -negligible- but, still costs. When Mint MATE already IS the defacto MATE Ubuntu... *cough* Debian *cough* Package OS. I mean are they [Canonical], gonna start proactively preventing Mint from accessing its apt-get repos, or something?!

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Re: KB3068708 very slow to complete uninstall

Right-click -> Hide Update(s)

Yes 'cause that has worked solo well in recent times with MicroSofts noisy Windows 10 Notifier. I must have told that thing to bugger off no less then the last Three Months of Patch Tuesdays. Besides on that note why are we speaking of this now, and not say, on the Eighth? (i.e. Patch Tuesday). Could it really be that when MicroSoft said they were nixing PT the really ment it across the board? I had just assumed it was only in relation to Win 8.x, and 10 though.

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Re: nsatc.net

Depends. Are you posting from Langley, Virginia?

That would be the other Alphabet Soup Organization... The CIA. The place your looking for is in Odenton md. a.k.a Fort G. Mead...

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So much for quitely waiting till 2020...

Looks like a migration back to Mint... And Virtualbox may well, and turly now be in order. If I wanted to have been spyed on I'd have been running Windows 10.

Black and blue: The rise of the riotous Richard Pryor

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Re: In the 80's

He was a recording artist... In stand-up comedy. You know in an age before HBO, or VHS. In fact quite a lot of comedians, at least in the US are also recording stars as well.

Boffins clock MONSTER BLACK HOLES inside quasar-hosting galaxy near Earth

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Re: Intriguing potential explanation for what a quasar really is

On the bright side all the Green Nuts could finally shut the Hell up, about our Carbon Footprints!

Vote now: Who can solve a problem like Ashley Madison?

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Re: JMcA obviously!

Great minds and, all that.....

Microsoft will explain only 'significant' Windows 10 updates

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Re: Bah!

Funny by me it was a Barracuda.

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Re: Basically

Assuming that, anyone actually cares enough about DirectX 12 to begin with.... Really DX12 is NOT a deep enough reason for me to drop my paints and, bend over waiting for MicroSofts Ad men to ream me dry....

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Re: Mint

Keep in mind that O2k3 is now, like XP pas its support date. Inside a VM with no external net access. It shouldn't really be all that troublesome. For a while at least. But, Sooner or latter documents made via O2k16+ are gonna become incompatible with your copy of O2k3, and MicroSoft aren't likely all to bothered in creating a converter app, to make those Files, just work in O2k3.

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Re: GIMP is, or at least has been enough of a match for most of what PhotoShop did

I really couldn't disagree with this sentiment Photoshop having been 'round a bit longer has enjoyed many a howto book, where as Gimp, manages to just get on. But, the Manual such as it is. Is really at the end of the day virtually useless. As good as Gimp is, and in my opinion it is!, Photoshop 6 CS it'ain't. Again when you are nearly as dependent on external Plugins / Filters to get your work done. Perhaps its more fair to compare Gimp to Paintshop Pro. One thing is clear to me though, for the "tangibles" like your Photoshop, or MicroSoft Office, there is WINE at the One end, and Virtualbox at the other end. Where such Programs can still happily live in.

The only real sticky point is that the like of Adobe, or Autodesk will never move to Linux / BSD, Mac until such a time as their user base lays down the smack, on them to do so.... Windows 8.x irregardless of your personal view of its success, or failure. Hasn't done jackall to shift new PC into the market. And Windows 10, will likely have a short term boom, before eventually crashing harder, then Win 8 had.

For myself I'm bitting my ass to see this months OS figures. Specifically how much if anything has Win 10 eaten into Win 7's stats. That Win 8.x will have taken a larger hit, seem for the moment to me as a logical forgone conclusion. But I'm doing my bit to try and alert People to how bad MicroSoft latest "Gift" really is, at the risk of coming off as some nuttey Tinfoiler. Some ~get it~ others have sadly dismissed it. The only ones that got something akin to a riot act being read out to 'em are the very small number of External PCs (Family Members), that see me as the IT Geek. Were told out front that we only have plans to support Windows 7 for as long as we can. Anyone feeling frisky enough to try 10 will therefore be on their own! END! /.

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The Phone Home features can be turned of....

Till the moment MicroSoft decides its better for you to have then turned back on again... In most respects probably without ever alerting you to the fact, that it had done so...

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Re: If

Well IBM sold off their Think line to Lenovo. HP seem strangely lost. I think Dell is reached a fork in the road, and perhaps with MicroSoft having done gone, and jumped off the deep end.. Perhaps if enough pressure was leveraged the bigger players... Redhat, and Canonical can finally start to make some inroads of their own. They are certainly both ready for primetime, as they are. I guess the only real PITA would be if the likes of a Dell actually wanted to be on the line for say Dell OS - based on Debian for the course of a LTS Distro. I'd have to assume there'd be additional costs with this. Since the likes of Dell just assume that this is all MicroSofts Debts.

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Re: Mint is the way?

Isn't Photoshoop nothing more then a glorified HTML5 Webapp these days, kinda like Office365? I wasn't aware that One still needed Windows to actually access it. Otherwise I find that GIMP is, or at least has been enough of a match for most of what PhotoShop did, or does. About the only thing I'd actually miss about Photoshop over Gimp is likely all the third-party Plug-in / Filters.

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Re: The seem to be going in an unsavory direction...

And reduce the functionality of your PC as soon as you go to Linux.....

If anything... The reverse of this statement is in fact correct.

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Re: The seem to be going in an unsavory direction...

there is no Limited Distribution Release servicing channel for Windows 10.

I thought that, this was where Win10 Professional stepped in? Granted you needed to come of either 7 Ultimate, or 8.x Professional?! To get it. But as I under stand it these are are on the CBB (Current Business Branch), which should be getting the Updates ~ca Four months after the appear. If your able to use WSUS as well you can then delay such updates for an additional Four Months, Eight in total. However you still can NOT refuse such updates indefinitely as we were able to in say XP, Vista, 7 or 8.x

As far as I know.. The only version of Win10 that in theory would allow you to do this will be Win10 Enterprise (LTSB - Long Term Service Branch). Which I gather would be the "Limited Distribution" version you're looking for. Sadly it seems that MicroSoft are only planing on selling this likely though it partners though a Volume License contract.

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Re: @Mark 85 The seem to be going in an unsavory direction...

Or, to put it another way: If you swallowed everything up to now, you will have no trouble swallowing this too.

That might well be true for someone that just discovered Windows 8.x, and honestly thinks its the greatest thing since ever... (i.e. 'cause they're to ignorant to know any better!), Then your argument holds water. The only place WHERE your argument has any viability is with lazy home users that either never turn Auto updates off. As they should... Or they do in fact have that option installed for them, But then sooner or latter you realize what a flusrcluck that is as they've never heard of Patch Tuesday, and you have +Six months of Updates to chew though. At which point you say fork it all and then set Windows to auto install, and be done with it.

This more or less works with Windows 10 client base. But, there are plenty of power users out here, that take a very dim view on this practice, and though I find it hard to imagine MicroSoft thinking it can pull this kinda crap on Windows 10 Enterprise Ed. ~ Server 2016... Nobody really can say that with any confidence at this time. Least of all MicroSoft themselves. Even though it should be obvious, even to the most terminally dim. Why MicroSofts current EULA, on such subjects as Privacy, and Security, just simply can not fly in that world. A World by definition where MicroSoft are just about the last guy you'd trust.

Christ I can only imagine what could / would happen to a Nuke Plant that needed Windows 10 (or its equivalent), to maintain said plants stability.. When we've already seen an update break as many a Machine, just after a week of going live. If this is supposed to instill some greater confidence in Microsofts newest baby... Then they're failing badly.

Come back Vista all is now forgiven! Hell forget Vista... I'd settle for 8.x at this point. Crappy interface aside... At least it doesn't (As far as we know!), sell your soul to the lowest bidder, like 10 does!

Michael Habel Silver badge

Most KB articles on updates do not actually tell you what the update is about. Most just contain boilerplate canned statements ... look at the GWX updates, for example. Security updates are no better, BTW.

In those, times... (I guess from here on out till January 14, 2020), I will have to hit up Google on every KB<Number> that gets pressed along. While Windows Updates sucks at telling you the things you need to know. MicroSofts actual Knowledge Base, offers a bit more insight into what it is any actual given Updates about. Of course though it highly time consuming having to search for +10 Updates in any given Month.

But, if Microsoft were actually stupid enough to do this with Windows 7... (I can not report on Windows 8.x... As it seems like they were just starting the road works there). Then MicroSoft will need to morph into some kind of American S0NY type Company, that sells Games Consoles... 'cause their Software side.. Will have tanked to a level deeper then the Titanic. At this point its more like Iceberg ahead.... But, either that person is asleep on his/her arse, or is being geeted in kind by "What Iceberg?"

Michael Habel Silver badge

Get over yourselves. MSFT has no need to pander to teenage scribblers.

So who are they pandering to then? Certainly not to anyone that reads this Site. I won't go as far as to say that Kids don't visit this Site... But, then this aint Facebook either...

Michael Habel Silver badge

Re: loophole....

RTF... E.U.L.A....

Microsoft kicks off 'Windows as a service' with new Insider build

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Re: No thank you.... So smart guy

You think you've managed to deactivate *cough* activate *cough* all the privacy settings on your shiny new Windows 10, that your soooo proud of.. Meanwhile a timer tucked somewhere in the Registry, as not is counting down, to reset all those options back to their default statuses, at at time where you'd least expect it to.... 'cause MicroSoft understands your concerned... But, really since when have MicroSoft Users ever had anything to hide? After all we if we can't trust Microsoft to have our backs then who can we trust?

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Re: Compressing and decompressing pages

And all anyone ever wanted was DirectX 12 to show off that Aero Interface...

YouTube bloggers told to slap 'advert' stickers on their vid posts

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I have received no money from Sainsury's for this post.

Your Cheque is in the Mail!

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Government gotta control, and its depth

While on the one hand I find that they may well have a point to make. I find myself asking who the [REDACTED] is so inversely inpactected by vBlog advertising that the felt the need to bitch at some NGO in this case likely Ofcom to step in and, regulate it. I wasn't aware that YouTube Ads before during, or after a presentation were in anyway mandatory viewing. if some Blogger wants to flogg some Cookies (i.e. Biscuits), I say more power, and godspeed to 'em! But I'll have moved on to some other vBloger that's only slightly less up the kisster of your friendly Megamart.

I wonder if these rules will apply to the legeions of shrills advocating the use of Windows 8, and now 10? Of if its just the Houswarez they're currently going after?

Microsoft replaces Windows 10 patch update, isn't saying why

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Re: I'm losing track here..

While true that Linux is almost in perpetual beta.... It has / had stable LTSB long before M$ came along and suddenly discovered it. The difference is Linux is largely free, and the Community regardless of how amateurish you might find 'em to be. Should NOT be confused with a MEGABILLIONS Software House that has traditionally demanded top dollars for their Warez.

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Re: Can't win...



a) Windows 8.x is unusable for anyone that used old Windows

b) Windows 10 will sell you, and your little Dog up the Primrose Path for a few extra $$$

Yeah I wonder why I have this distaste for all thing MicroSoft....

Michael Habel Silver badge

Am I the only One....

Patiently waiting for the OS Numbers for August?! I really loking forward to see where the Shift to 10 is coming from. Windows 8.x (As seems most likely!), or if it really is more even with Windows 7 Users.

Michael Habel Silver badge

I don't know about the rest of you lot... In so far as the IT bits I have to look after I've already read my Lusers the riot act, and told 'em that Windows 10 would be on their heads. As I plan to only support Windows 7 till ~2020. Before figguring out a migration path to take us over to Mint Linux... Hopefully the PC as we know it will have morphed into something smaller, and cheaper by then.

Something not entirely not, unlike this....

Michael Habel Silver badge

That could be a problem seeing as I don't live in either Nodnol, or London.

Michael Habel Silver badge

Words mean things.....

Disabling Apps, =/= the same thing as disabling Privacy Settings... MicroSoft have already delivered you an OS with those Settings disabled... To better monetize you... e.g. The logic here would be to ENABLE these, and not to disable them... Unless your logic runs along the lines of a double negative, and therefore would in fact be re-enableing them again...

Best part of the EULA... MicroSoft reserves the right to re-enable these "Settings" after a time, behind your back, and with little warning... In the hopes that nobody will take notice of it...

Thanks, but no thanks I'm hanging onto Windows 7 well into 2020....

Michael Habel Silver badge

You're shit out of luck, sadly. Unless you fancy moving to Linux or staying on an outdated OS which will slowly lose support over time

YFW: 2020 Is still Five Years away!

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Re: Me too

No Direct-X 12 - or similar option though - and it's likely to be at least a year before Vulkan is even in beta. The best gaming graphics performance is on Windows 10 at least for now.

No the best gaming platform is still the PS3....

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Once you've disabled all the privacy settings

Once you've ENABLED all the privacy settings -- TFTFY!

Michael Habel Silver badge

I owe Websites like the Register a deep debt of gratitude the like of which a simple Thank you! just really doesn't cut it. Were it not for Sites like this that have the balls to say the thing that need to be said. Then I fear a lot more would have fallen pray to this bit of Malware a.k.a. Windows 10.

I'm sorry but, as much as I'm willing to go with the flow... Windows 7 will likely end up being my last MicroSoft OS. If I want to be treated as a brain dead fashionista then I'd get an iBook/Mac. That I really want to get back to the halcyon day of my yoof (C=64 BASIC), coding. I suspect that the simplest window here would be some Linux OS (Mint), and a gcc+ Complier. The only things I might need are a few Books from the Public Library. This has alway been something I've hated about MicroSofts PC Business. In that its nearly impossible to do any actual coding without the additional cost of some Software Package.

Would YOU make 400 people homeless for an extra $16m? Decision time in Silicon Valley

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I'm gonna have to agree with our rodent overlords on this one!

I mean, yes idealism, yes the dignity of pure research, yes, the pursuit of truth in all its forms, but there comes a point I'm afraid where you begin to suspect that if there's any real truth it's that the entire multi-dimensional infinity of the Universe is almost certainly being run by a bunch of maniacs; and if it comes to a choice between spending another ten million years finding that out and on the other hand just taking the money and running, I for one could do with the exercise

Budget UHD TVs arrive – but were the 4Kasts worth listening to?

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Re: I say go for it

Basic Internet Round these parts is a solid 5MB (49Mbps), with options of 10MB (100Mbps), or even 20MB (200Mbps).. If you can afford it. I'll likely be moving up to the 100Mbps Line sometime in late 2016, after my current line contract expires.* And these are all VDSL Speeds. Had I wanted to I could go back to the Cable Co. (Liberty Global), and get upwards of twice the fastest VDSL 40MB (400Mbps), right this instance. For ~90-ish Euro's a month. But I find my 50Mbps to be quite fast enough at the moment.

*If not an even faster one by then...

Michael Habel Silver badge

Re: Meh :-}

Down vote on the grounds that a Multimedia Linux Box =/= a Television, nor a Monitor. So I fail to see where your drawing your comments from.

Michael Habel Silver badge

The death of old media...

But, will fibre come anywhere close to being as practical as satellite delivery? I doubt it.

Really?! About Eighteen (or so..), months ago I might have agreed with you, that this Internet TV thing was just a silly fad. A pipe dream if you like. I can remember dabbling with this "tech" all the way back to the ends of the last millennium (~1999-2000), watching live streams of independent broadcasters on the Web via primitive ADSL. The Content was mostly primitive, by todays standards, and really felt more like an alpha test to see what could be done, and if anyone could actually find it. Much to my chagrin I totally blanked out in during that whole Five year window where the local Radio Station would stream live Sporting events over the Internet. Before those governing bodies discovered that there was Gold in them there Hills, and put a stop to that practice.

Taking that rather cynical view towards IPTV, as a whole. You'd be right to address the above point. Problem is though IPTV is morphing into the next delivery method, at least here on the continent, since about 2008 I'd say.

But, if you really want to read the tee-leaves then Just look at the latest Disney Stock Price... This decline is do much for the same reasons above. Why pay for sub-par ESPN to watch whatever they care to broadcast at you.. When you could spend the same amount on MLB.tv, and follow your Team 'round for the entire 162 Game Season. and have the option to use the Radio Only part of At-Bat for free?! With that MLB.tv Sub?!

Its almost a shame that DT, or BT are gonna end up being the ones to make IPTV a thing... In essence becoming that one thing I despise above all else a Cable Co. But, this will be the final outcome at some point. The only question is will net neutrality be enough to keeb that side of the Net at bay, should we still actually prefer or Live TV though the Air, Geo-Sync, or Cable? Its perhaps actually why I refuse to use such a service either internet via Cable Co. or TV from an ISP. is so far, that I don't want to see any monolithic like US Cable Co's suddenly cropping up 'round me.

Two weeks of Windows 10: Just how is Microsoft doing?

Michael Habel Silver badge

they already have. its called win 7. quite why they have fucked with it so much is anyones guess.

Sans Office365... Which nobody really needs anyway.. Poor, wittle, pitiable MicroSoft just simply hasn't any way of monetizing your asse's. Without the the whole world going incandescent. I shudder to imagine waking up one day to find that the Chess Game on Windows 7 was plasters with- In-App Advertising. Which could be gotten rid of with a simple In-app-Purchase.

No this is the kinda crap you pull with Windows 10. And, quite frankly 10 Users are quite welcome to keep it! MicroSoft already got their Money from me on Windows 7, and I'm not quite on the page that my OS.. (Whatever it may be!), should in turn be a window to a cloudy SaaS App. Which has more privacy holes then a sieve.

Michael Habel Silver badge

Re: "Despite these concerns...

[citation needed]

I guess we'll have to wait for Gartner to publish the next monthly OS usage report, to see where the shift to 10 is coming from.

Michael Habel Silver badge

Re: I am happy with it

I wonder why the Register is so negative about Windows 10, I loaded it onto a 4 year old Windows 7 Lenovo Laptop. I hardly ever used it because it was so slow, like treacle more like and it has been transformed into fast really usable machine - fast in starting and very fast in use. No problems, it is solid and reliable. much better than Windows 7(I never bothered with Windows 8). All I can say is very well done Microsoft!

Comeback in about ~Two Months, after you have installed Office, Acrobat, and or Photoshop, or a vary healthy internet tmp cache and say that again!

Google flubs patch for Stagefright security bug in 950 million Androids

Michael Habel Silver badge

And I thought Windows 10 was a mess. Makes M$ look good.a

As much as I hate to agree with you... You are on to something with this line of thought.

A better question is why hasn't Google already drawn a line in the sand and said; Ok Samsung has control (as such), of the GUI. But, the underlying Android OS IS OURS, and we'll take care of that bit as needed. Not so much for the sake of an easy upgrade from Gingerbread to Lollipop. As such, but at least where these Security updates are concerned. At this point I'm willing to almost forgive Google this faux pas. in some mischaracterization, that this is still largely a new-ish arena, and they honestly never saw it coming. But, it seems to me more of the same old lip service being paid, and nothings getting done.

Michael Habel Silver badge

Re: How the hell do I know

You should know that the answer is to chuck your Phablet, and get a Galaxy 6, thats still in support. Samsung honestly couldn't give a toss about the Galaxy S -- 2/3/4 anymore.

It's 2015, and someone can pwn Windows PCs by inserting a USB stick

Michael Habel Silver badge

So did kb3035583 make yet another comeback this month or did MicroSoft finally take the hint that I just don't want to see their nagware?

FAIL: Windows 10 bulk patch produces INFINITE CRASH LOOP

Michael Habel Silver badge

BIOS?! Surly you meant UFEI.... To wit.. You're Windows 7 Key has likely been revoked... Isn't Tech wonderful?! Me?! I'm still on a six year old C2D that came with one of the last round of AMI BIOS on the Motherboard.

Michael Habel Silver badge

Oh really, and just how do you plan on laying your Paws on Windows 10 Enterprise, when its still NOT due till NEXT SUMMER!, and then only though a Volume License Parter? Joe Q. Blow was never meant to ever know about Windows 10 Enterprise, or its Long Term Service Branch.

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