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If I could turn back time, I'd tell you to keep that old Radarange at home

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Well at least I can smile when I get that awful song in my head since I saw the post credit scenes from Deadpool 2.

Dutch boyband hopes to reverse Brexit through the power of music

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Europoop... TFTFY

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Re: Optional

Yeah nothing like selling your Soul for 30pcs of Euro Silver. But, hay at least you can still keep your posh job on the 35th Floor.

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#ORANGEMAN maybe bad, but at least he's more compitant than your PM, and a whole lot less likely to fork you over too.

A year after Logitech screwed over Harmony users, it, um, screws over Harmony users: Device API killed off

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Funny how nobody wants to admit this sole fact. It's very reminiscent of the few, 5he proud, the Remoaners. The first party are whinging 'casuse they had their Toy taken away from them. The others just want to live in fantasy land.

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Re: A bridge too many

How can it be useful if its was never advertised, documented or, published. By non other than Logitech themselves? That's like saying Team 0verFl0w had found yet another flaw in the PS3/4 to allow anyone who cared enough to run unsigned code. Yeah it's sure is useful if you want to pirate Games, or run Homebrew. But, you wouldn't be bitching about S0NY releasing yet another useless Firmware update, ~For stability~. Now would you?

So what exactly makes S0NY a better company than say Logitech?

German cybersecurity chief: Anyone have any evidence of Huawei naughtiness?

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Re: Maybe banned because there are no back-doors

Oh yes remind me again how much Berry's Admin just adored Huwaii again? I think some of you lefties have somehow lost sight of this. bit, hay #ORANGEMANBAD #AMIRIGHT ?!

Commodore 64 owners rejoice: The 1541 is BACK

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Re: Perfect!

Thankfully Wacomm have come to the rescue to make our dreams come true.

Ecuador says 'yes' to Assange 'freedom' deal, but Julian says 'nyet'

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Re: Yes, but you've omitted the most important bit...

Kill 'em all Killary strikes again....

BOFH: State of a job, eh? Roll the Endless Requests for Further Information protocol

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Re: Stuck in a Loop

Yeah this was the first Story in about as near now as Six Months now. IIRC: The last One was written in early June.

It's official. Microsoft pushes Google over the Edge, shifts browser to Chromium engine

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Did the MicroSoft Elevs repeal, and replace the bits of Spyware that would have gone to Google, to be henceforth routed to Redmond instead?

If this is what Innovation at MicroSoft looks like post 2018, then the fall should thankfully come soon. I mean how freaking hard is it to make your own Browser?

Let me put it another way... If I had happened to want to use Chrome on a non-mobile Device, than I would already be running Chrome. But, than I'm not particularly partial to Edge either, as no Windows 7 version of it exists, and Win X.x is never going to be an option till End level Win X becomes not the exception, but the norm.

Till then I'll run down the clock on Win VII, and then will most likely migrate to some Debian based Linux Distro. Where I can continue to use Palemoon.

Space policy boffin: Blighty can't just ctrl-C, ctrl-V plans for Galileo into its Brexit satellite

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Is Galileo even a thing yet? I was still under some impression that it was still yet but, a twinkle in some Engineers mind. Something to fillout reams of Paper with. But nothing nearly a practical yet? Besides Why does Europe need its own GPS System for? When we can just use the American & Russian versions of it like we've been doing for that something touching on nearly (if not actually over!), twenty years now.

Or are we planing for a War with one or, both of these powers?

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Re: Spexit!

Yeah by that argument why havent you joined the Euro side? We have trash money!

Mystery sign-poster pities the fool who would litter the UK's West Midlands

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ITT: Remonars will moan on, and on....

Amazon's self-driving AI robo-car – THE TRUTH (it's a few inches in size)

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Re: Atom?!

Ok as long as we can agree that Atoms probably shouldn't be atempting to run a baseline OS (cough XP/7 & or Linux), then i#m good. As some higher end contender to ARM for IoT(hings), or indeed as a mindless brain to a NAS Box, yeah I think it could indeed work in that envroment well enough.

Still that won't be enough to stop me from going arseholes, and elbows away from anything I see as having an Atom inside. I guess I'm just Atom-phobic in need of counseling at this point.

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Can't happen soon enough! On the bight side, the nuclear winter should right all that Global Warming that you do keep hearing about.

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Re: Atom?!

Yeah I kinda get it that the Atom has (hopefully), improved some over the last decade now. Its just my Brain associates Atom with very laggy, and slow as Mollassess on Brass Monkess cold January morn' SoC. And, to be honest I wouldn't care to ever see one ever again. But, I don't think its like Intel are curning these Chips out like its 2008 again. So perhaps I am being to unkind?


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You mean that Intel are still making that dumpster fire of a Proc? Everytime I see it my recuring PTSD from having used a Netbook comes back, and I feel an age of the world slip. So I guess I don't have to worry about these things zipping along on the streets... Thank goodness.

Apple in another dust-up with its fans: iMacs, MacBooks lack filters, choke on grime – lawsuit

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Ok... Ok...

I'm as much of a (Cr)Apple fanboi as the next cat over, sans the spining rust, then known an an iPod. That was something far FAR to good for them, and as such eventlualy lead to their downfall as a computer manufacture.

But, WHY are we only targeting Apple here? Surly other Laptop OEMs are just as guilty of not including a bit of Fabric to protect the fan from dust, and as such force the machine to run hotter, and slower, due to having such a filter, that would never get replaced anyway.

Question: How fast is the Windows 10 October 2018 Update rolling out? Answer: Not very

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Re: Whats with all the masochism

Honestly, I never understood the hate for Vista... Shame you must have ran it on a Pentium 4HT with like a Gig of DDR1 RAM back in the day or something. Yeah I shure as hell wouldn't call it (i.e. Vista), perfect, by any stretch. Having ran it off a modest sub 2Ghz Core2Duo (IIRC it was 1.67Ghz?), and 2Gigs of DDR2 it ran on that Laptop well enough. Although, having followed along back then I opted to stick with XP longer than I perhaps should have done. If anything having used Mint Linux, for as long as I had, makes my understand why Vista UAC was in hindsight a good thing. If only largely unwelcome back then, if not now on Windows 7/8x/10x.

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Re: Whats with all the masochism

They are only worse 'cause as you intimated that Commercial vendors seem to have no intrest tomove there, fine. I would bang on about (Cr)Apples' p155t4k3 of BSD, but even this now seems like so much of an after thought from that lot.

So although I had kneejerkingly gave you a downvote to your response. I shall be changing it here directly. As at the end of the day, its the only topic that's keeping M$ aflot for the time being. But, it would be worth noting that Corporates running the very elite edtion known as "Windows 10 Enterprise", which is everything Windows 10 S(pyware) E(dition) should have been from day one. it aint. And, at this point its the Gamerboys' that are using it, and thats 'cause Windows 8 can't do DX12. Anyone else using it just doesn't know any better, or wose yet cares.

Again, like with many a thing, in this world. We're unknowingly sitting on a Powderkeg, and though we find the Fuse to be very, very long, (Liike down the street to the Chemists long.) that Fuse isn't infinite either. As much as I may wish it so. Linux is the OS we need, but don't deserve.

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Big Brother

Whats with all the masochism

When will we as a collective not stand up and, say here, AND NO FURTHER! Its bad enough that they are spying on you. Trying to take control of how you actually use your PC... etc... Make you all a bunch of Science Lab Test Subjects (There will reportedly be Cake!).

But, then deliver Code that if your lucky fails to install, and just robs you blind of your time, and if your unlucky well... The Internet has plenty of stock photos of Cats, doing Caty things....

And, I'm just sitting here going LIKE WHY?!

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Re: Yeah but...

One would susspect that M$ would have a hard time finding a way to milk you for a bit more cash, and would rather you use their niffty OneDrive Clowd Storage, instead.

OneDrive is broken: Microsoft's cloudy storage drops from the sky for EU users

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Re: Ah the Cloud

But, does it ever rain in Spain?!

Michael Habel Silver badge

As a Network Dirve? Or just a SMB Share?

Michael Habel Silver badge


At this point, you gotta ask how much longer does M$ have? I think I'm starting to miss Steve now.

Microsoft readies the swatter as more bugs wriggle out of the Windows 10 woodwork

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Re: snip

What the fresh Hell is a Floppy Disk? Perhaps they could use an SD Card to represent that now.

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No but, I doubt there are few here that wouldn't want to see a Piano droppedon the Windows 10 Team. I for One would find it higly amusing.

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I say so long, and NO THANKS for anything. WMP was always a festering pile of Dong since, way back when. VLC is far, and away vastly more superior to it in pretty much every way. For Music (Back in the day, it would have either been WinAmp, or iTunes v4*). Today I find myself guilty of having moved on to Google Play Music, for those needs.

*Before the Music Store came out., and iTunes was just a decent Tager, Player frontend for my Third-Gen iPod.

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Re: Popcorn?

I can just see the Worms in those Kernels now!

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Re: Right.

What MORE can they DO to FORCE everyone to CHANGE to UWP? [other than make it worth our while]

Well I'm not one to swim against the tide, but I could be persuaded to upgrade on the following conditions.

One) Use a simple TRADITIONAL GUI (e.g. Windows 9x ~ Windows 7 was never broke, SO DONT FIX IT!)

Two) Stop spying on me. Friends just mind their own business, its bad enough that Google, and <INSERT Social Media> platforms are doing this. But, I don't get my Mainline Workstation OS from them either. Just 'cause everyone else is seen to be doing this. It shouldn't just be accepted as Card Blanc for you too!

Three) Stop treating your paying customers as Guinea Pigs its not even bad enough that you have to spy on us to keep milking us. But, your releasing Software now, that make Linux look like a well founded OS. (Of course it is, but well get on that in a sec.)

Do these things, and People would tend to hate you just a little bit less, than they just happen to at the moment.

Now I'm not sure just what the hangup on Linux actually is that's causing the 'Publishers' distress. (i.e. Adobe (Lightroom & Photoshop etc), Serif LTD (Affinity Photo / Illustrator), just off the top of my head, is it the gcc Compiler thats the cause of it? If so could thay not just make a comercial friendly compiler? Or barring it all, just pick a defacto version of BSD, that ISN'T (Cr)Apple, and move there instead? But in this VERY REGUARD Linux is absolutly no better. Fact is its as abysmal as ever, when you take in the vast library of M$DOS / Windows Software into context. Yes we have Virtual Box, and WINE to try and, sneek 'round this. But, I feel with the eventual implosion of Windows 7 in about a Years time, this is something the Gurus need to welcome. If Linux is to ever move forward, as a non-techie OS.

As things stand, with Darktable, and Gimp as a hobbyist photograper, I'm not displeased by those Tools. But, my Laptop seems to have problems running Cinnamon on my Intel / nVidia Laptop. I think I tracked it down to the One of the latest updates regurading the Display. (i.e. Possibly Cinnamon itself, of X11? I might try installing these One by one to see which one is the culprit).

Azure MFA falls over, Windows 10 struggles with Intel drivers, and Microsoft gives us... more Sticky Notes?

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The user interface has been steadily tweaked by Microsoft engineers, although sadly not to the point where one could recreate the old Windows Phone experience with it.

And, this is a bad thing how again?! There have been fewer things as ugly as the Modern Windows (MetroUI), and, even fewer by any reliable sources to have ever been spoted in the wild. If as I susspect you find yourself to be in some disagreement, ask yourselves why Android, and Apple 'won', while WinPho lost out bigtime post 8, and 10 sometime....

There are those out there that will bitch on ablout the "Ribbon", lord knows I'm one. But, the Live Tiles from Windows 8 & 10, was just taking the pi55 m8.

Michael Habel Silver badge
Paris Hilton

Sticky Notes?!

Well HEee-LL-Ooooo Windows Vista! / 7! So are these even better Postits* that have been around since what 2006 now?

*Somehow I feel that this the only Icon thats appropriate here ====>

The antisocial network: 'Facebook has a black people problem,' claims staffer in exit salvo

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The problem with Minority voices...

Perhaps had they (Facebook), not blocked two prominent Black Women from their Platform, there could have been more discu... Oh wait, they were backing the Ornage Man, and, well yeah we cant have that now. #SHUTITDOWN!

Microsoft reveals terrible trio of bugs that knocked out Azure, Office 362.5 multi-factor auth logins for 14 hours

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Perhaps this is the point? I was under the impression that under a post Balmer MicroSoft, they (i.e. MicroSoft), LOVE Linux now?

Michael Habel Silver badge

Re: In other news...

I think the cure maybe worse then the desease. Beside I don't know any iTards who'd be using their JebusPhones / MaxiPads to make iMessage pay its own rent.

Michael Habel Silver badge

They had Cores in the 90's?! Single yeah to be sure, but I'm gonna presumbe you ment multi-socketed Procs running in SMP instead.

Michael Habel Silver badge

Re: Yet more proof

I'm faily sure any sane Company out there, has stuck with their local copy of oriface, and are likely using Oriface362.8 as a colabertive (Out of the Office), effort. and, those who are thinking in the short term of... Well what do we need those Twelve Admins for? Will eventually find out...

NASA has Mars InSight as latest lander due to arrive today

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Re: Information

I think you may be confusing +1h CET, for UTC (London Time)

HMRC: 30 months to prep Northern Ireland backstop systems, 24 for customs

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Re: Of course it will fail

Perhaps had the Tories bothered to elect someone other than (Snoopers Charter), Theresa May, it wouldn't have faild.

Groundhog Day comes early as Intel Display Drivers give Windows 10 the silent treatment

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Re: MS’s fault? ¿Que?

Thus even though everyone likes to blame MS for this error, Intel is the one to blame here.

You might be right... But, what has happend to In-House Testing? MicroSoft, may not deserve ALL of the blame here, but surly some part of it. After all it IS there own Software!

Oh yeah thats right the Pleb-World + Mans best friend get to play M$ Housecleaners now. which is exactly why you never seen M$ ever screw --it up quite this badly before. And, not with something ad basic as Intel Drivers.

As to Linux... How does Intel deal with that? Like nVidia, and just release a closed source blob? Or the exact opisite of that? How up-to-date are the Intel Drivers any way?

Thanksgiving brings together Apple's Siri and Google Assistant

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A minority yes, but oddly are the first ones to actually get some decent Apps. While Android users are in no uncertin temrs to go fourth and multiply. Not that I'm as chuffed about Doctor Who, as I was but a year ago. But, I think there were at least a few Apps here that would have filled that definition given above.

Michael Habel Silver badge

Re: Traditions

Do you think that there just might.... Possibly, perhaps, mayby some token to be taken here when we apply this thought to Eurupe? Or does that just make me a Xeophobic Nazi? I wonder if some in these "First Nations", have ever held a somewhat similar view?

Michael Habel Silver badge

You see, fantastic. Amazing. We're living like the fucking Jetsons. ®

Ok this made my thursday...

What the #!/%* is that rogue Raspberry Pi doing plugged into my company's server room, sysadmin despairs

Michael Habel Silver badge

Re: easy pickings

Speaking of what has Mr. Travaglia been up to these many months? November is on the wane, and I'm jonesen for some new BOFH...

In Space, Still: 20 years since Russia hurled first bit of floating astronaut hostel into orbit

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Re: "Floating"

You should reconsider the icon, and instead use the Padantic one instead. -Just sayn'.

Michael Habel Silver badge

The White House lawn?

Ok but, I propose we wait until after Hillary (Your beloved Queen), actually becomes President! Then its (See Icon), time...

Michael Habel Silver badge

Re: Lame duck.

Whatever helps you sleep at night Pal! But, perhaps the third time will be her charm? I kinda doubt it though.

1,700 lucky Brit kids to visit Apple Stores for 'Year of Engineering'

Michael Habel Silver badge

Re: "...trying to work out what the Year of Engineering actually is"

Still disappointed the year of the pig wasn't 365 days of bacon fuelled bliss.

I find that remark to be grossly ofencive to our Islamic bretheren.

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