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Google invades Outer Space


Thumbs down so far

What works for browsing the surface of the earth doesn't translate well into browsing the night sky, this looks cluttered and messy. Stellarium is far superior and gives a much clear view of what's going on from anywhere on the planet - plus it's easier to use.

A bit too beta for my liking...

As for adverts:

Mercury - Classic car renovation! Click here for details!

Venus - Botticelli appreciation society. Join here.

Jupiter - Classic computers of the 1980s, go forth and multiply...

Uranus - Pile cream bult discounts

Neptune - Ancient Olympian Gods reunited

Pluto - You are our 1,000,000 astronomer today, you've won a free trip to Disneyland Paris!

Cadbury bows to 'bring back Wispa' net campaign


On the subject of AWOL sweet bars

Texan bars are the ones I miss.... sigh!

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