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There's a reason why my cat doesn't need two-factor authentication


Re: Problem exists between steering wheel and ...

Sorry, didn't realise I had to be any more plausible than the venerable Dabbs.


Problem exists between steering wheel and ...

Just a thought, but if the keypad was on the other side of your car to the driver's side, perhaps you were trying to enter via the exit?

Remember those stolen 'NSA exploits' leaked online by the Shadow Brokers? The Chinese had them a year before

Big Brother

It's not a secret any more, it's information

Stay calm, citizen! Once the government-mandated backdoors have been installed, these tools will no longer be needed. And there is, of course, absolutely no chance that a target will be able to discover how the backdoors work when they are used against them.

Taylor drift: Finally, a use for AI emerges? Cyber-smut star films fsck-flick in Tesla with Autopilot, warns: 'I wouldn't recommend it'


"We're not holding our breath..."

That's a different kind of autoerotica.

It's springtime for Springtown as Seagate rains nearly £50m on Northern Ireland plant


Re: How big are they?

Not a typo. The wafers are that big. Many thousands of heads will be fabbed on each wafer before being split off for attachment to the read arms in the drives.

All's fair in love and war when tech treats you like an infant


Give it time...

When Amazon introduce their next innovation, "Instant warehouse pickup", we'll be back where we started.

We don't know whether 737 Max MCAS update is coming or Boeing: Anti-stall safety fix delayed


"Safety is our first priority"

No, it isn't.

And I can think of at least 346 people who would agree with me.

FBI boss: Never mind Russia and social media, China ransacks US biz for blueprints, secrets at 'surprisingly' huge scale


Re: He may not think that end state is "sustainable"

True. TPTB want you to forget that the time period in which it's been possible for them to monitor your private communications is incredibly short in historic terms; an abberation due in large part to the primitive nature and "wild west" development of telecommunications from the telegraph down (a century or so). Mass surveillance even shorter (a decade or two). It's not and should not be the norm.

Considering the actual risk from terrorists, vs. all the other crimes that are committed, you know the proponent is being disingenious when they use the "need this law/power/technology to stop terrorists" argument. At least use a real problem like domestic violence or something.

Fun fact: GPS uses 10 bits to store the week. That means it runs out... oh heck – April 6, 2019


Re: Can't use smartphone GPS in Australia

This is getting way off-topic, but since you keep referring to Vicroads, here it is, straight from the horse's mouth (https://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/safety-and-road-rules/driver-safety/mobile-phones-and-driving):

"Fully licensed car drivers"

"Using a mobile phone while driving is prohibited, *except* to make or receive a phone call, to use its audio/music functions or *perform a navigational (GPS)* or intelligent highway vehicle system (in vehicle warning system) function:

* is *secured in a commercially designed holder* fixed to the vehicle, or

* can be operated by the driver without touching any part of the phone, and the phone is not resting on any part of the driver's body." (Emphasis added).

This is all consistent with ARR I quoted (it's rule 300), and the subject of your first post. The Uber app is not GPS related, and is banned.

There are plenty of GPS units with no other function. I have a friend on her P's who's using one no problems. She resented having to buy a separate device, though, when her smartphone would work fine. This rule seems arbitary, but there is always the enforceability criteria; if a road-side cop pulls you over, it's hard to prove what you were using your device for, so a GPS only device rule is the way to be sure for P-platers.


Re: Can't use smartphone GPS in Australia

So much inaccuracy here. It is not illegal to touch a smartphone if it's held securely in a proper holder (by proper, I mean not some homemade bodge). Fully licenced drivers can use mounted smartphones as "navigation aids" e.g. GPS, while driving, including touching it. Probabationary drivers (i.e. for the first 3 years of independent driving), cannot use a smartphone at all, (mounted or in hand), including as a GPS. But they can use dedicated GPS units.

Cambridge Analytica's administrators misled judge, High Court told


Lawyers 10, Rest of the World 0.

Oh, what a tangled web we weave

When first we practise to deceive!

-- Walter Scott, "Marmion" (1808)

Fortnite 'fesses up: New female character's jiggly bits 'unintended' and 'embarrassing'


Storm in a B cup

That is all.

Trapped under ice with no oxygen for months, goldfish turn to booze. And can you blame 'em?


Tanks for the memories...

"For those of you reading this after a boozy night on the town be warned – putting your goldfish in the freezer and then sucking it isn't going to get you more drunk, so don’t try it."

But it won't remember, if you do try?

Oh that's right, I forgot goldfish do have more than a 3 second memory. I have the memory of a goldfish. What was the question? Where's my coat?

A sarcasm detector bot? That sounds absolutely brilliant. Definitely


Re: At least you can see them to complain.

I'd argue you're not missing much, but it sounds like a software issue. Colour me extremely surprised that your screen reader doesn't substitute the unicode symbol name followed or preceeded by "emoji", such as for U+1F573, "Hole Emoji". Then again, not sure how other punctuation is handled.

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