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Former DXC Technology veep accuses 'toxic' CEO Lawrie of bullying staff in lawsuit


This will be why DXC is going to shit.

Expect the shareholders to get involved soon.

Straight outta Blighty: Readers, if you were a tech billionaire, what would you do?


Why would a billionaire move his business outside of the UK?

Probably because he's sick of paying tens of millions of pounds in tax to a government which grants India £1.4b in foreign aid every year - INDIA HAS A SPACE PROGRAM AND NUCLEAR SUBMARINES.

Perhaps if we had a sensible tax policy, where we don't punish inventive, creative conscientious people then perhaps more companies would want to do business here.

Socialism is literally a cancer which eats the country from the inside out, we could become the next Venezuela if Corbyn and his common room lunatic colleagues get anywhere near power.

UK-EU infosec data sharing may not be KO'd by Brexit, reckons ENISA bod


Re: Remember the vote!

You're "baffled" by how elections and referendums work?

If such a simple concept as basic democracy confuses you perhaps you should leave the complexities of international politics to others.

NHS England digital boss in hot water over 'puff piece' written about her future employer


Socialised heath care, like all socialism is inherently evil.

Sure it'll give your old mum a new hip but you probably paid 10x the actual cost of the procedure through taxation of your entire family.

It's like idiots who claim in false insurance claims, immediate benefit now but everyone (including you) pays for it for the rest of their working lives.

EU will have agreed a tech tax by March, says French finance minister


"The European Commission had suggested a 3 per cent levy on firms with a global annual turnover of €750m and annual EU revenue of at least €50m – but the measures were branded fundamentally flawed by some nations"

Those nations need to read the fine print. Your opinion is worthless. You have no voice, there is no democracy within the EU. Just lobbyists and politicians with large expense accounts which need servicing.

€32,000 a month for Jean Claude Junker. A MONTH.

Big Red's big pay gap: $13,000 gulf between male and female Oracle staffers – reports


More radical feminism, well if California wants to bang the drum for this nonsense they should be the first to be devoured.

HSBC suggests it might have found a... use for blockchain?


My god there are some bloody idiots posting on this article, here's a tip - if you don't know what you are talking about SHUT THE F*CK UP.


xHamster reports spike in UK users getting their five-knuckle shuffle on before pr0n age checks


You think this is about smut? You think the powers that be give a flying turd about what people masturbate to? You think this is about protecting children?

Remember these same people filled our towns and cities with people who raped and abused THOUSANDS vulnerable children and then labelled anyone brave enough to speak up as racists. They do not care about you, your children or anything of the sort. This is 100% about control of the internet, the powers that be want to be able to put you behind a China style firewall and limit the information you are allowed to consume. This is authoritarian and totalitarian and is just the next step into turning you into the free ranges slaves that they want.

Just wait, the microchipping is literally around the corner, it'll start as a "technological advancement" , why carry a credit card when you can have a chip? But the real reason is they want to own you, own your children and own your grandchildren. You'll be monitored and tracked, 24/7, a slave in a cage he can't see, touch, smell or taste. The worse thing is that you'll welcome it with open arms, some of you idiots will queue for it. You'll deserve everything that's coming.

Hacker cyber-gang: Give us cyber-cash for cyber-cache of 18,000 stolen Sept 11th insurance docs


Re: Conspiracy Idiocy


Fully explained?


US elections watchdog says it's OK to spend surplus campaign cash on cybersecurity gear


Re: Another Investment Opportunity for Congress

You do realise this is EXACTLY how politics works within the European Union, don't you?

Naked women cleaning biz smashes patriarchy by introducing naked bloke gardening service


You're gonna be surprised when Brenda a 52 year old mother of 4 divorcee rings your doorbell in the buff to come and do your ironing.

Talk in Trump's tweets tells whether tale is true: Code can mostly spot Prez lies from wording


Shortstuff - you're absolutely right.

Can you imagine Trump negotiating Brexit? We'd have the best of both worlds. Instead we have Cruella DeVill who bent over and asked Juncker to lube the dildo before he had his way.

Lefties hate Trump because he doesn't bow down to their ultra politically correct line, he gets the job done and he doesn't care who he upsets to do it. This helped him to become a self made billionaire and his now helping him to become the greatest President in living memory.


Lefties are hilarious!

They accuse any none NPC of being brainwashed by Fox News but they are literally regurgitating what they hear or read on the BBC/CNN/NYT or the Guardian.

"Orange man bad, Orange man bad, Orange man bad"

Regardless of what you think or say the stats show he's a million miles better as a President than Barack "no change at all is coming" Obama.

Let's just take a second to remind you all of Obama's legacy......

Record numbers on food stamps, record low GDP growth, record number of drone assassinations, destablisation of the middle east and creation of the European migrant crisis, record number of privacy reducing bills passed, the CIA and MI5 using each other to bypass the constitution and British law recording and logging everything every man woman and child does in the UK and US do and on and on and on and on............


Yet more anti Trump drivel masquerading as journalism.

Have a day off, seriously.

I was once one of you, F1 star Lewis Hamilton tells delighted IT bods


Lewis Hamilton is easily the most unlikable British sportsman/tax avoiders/evaders.

Nobody likes him and F1 has to be one of the most boring "sports" to exist, i'd literally rather watch golf.

WIPO 'temporarily suspends' whistleblower CIO amid allegations of misconduct


The UN, FIFA, the EU. All of these organisations are the most corrupt, self serving worst of humanity groups of individuals that exist. Large unregulated, pseudo government organisations are always and without fail inherently evil.

They could all disappear tomorrow and the world would be a much better place. And there would be a lot of expensive Swiss real estate up for grabs.

Angry Googlers demand bosses pull the wings off 'Dragonfly' censored Chinese search engine


The hypocrisy is mind blowing.

Here we have a company, that fired an engineer for daring to state scientific fact about the difference between men and women. Proving that freedom is something Google wholeheartedly doesn't believe in. And these clowns are now signing a letter asking the leadership to stop a multi billion dollar project because "we object to technologies that aid the powerful in oppressing the vulnerable, wherever they may be."

No, you object to technologies that aid the powerful in oppressing the vulnerable when you aren't the powerful, don't control the powerful and have no say in what they do. But when the raving loony radical leftist at Google hold all the power and do all the oppressing, well then, that's absolutely fine.

Episode #102856356 of leftist hypocrisy, laid bare for all to see.....

DXC axes Americas boss amid latest deck chair musical


This is how DXC's model essentially works.

Company A is considering outsourcing technical talent to save money, DXC send in their A team, technically excellent, astute on service requirements and knowing every buzzword from here to Timbuktu.

Once the contract is agreed and the ink is dry, DXC's A team is off to another customers to bamboozle them with the fantastic offerings leaving what can only be described as the Indian PFY to come in and run the show.

The service you get once you've signed is slow, ponderous and incredibly expensive.

I can't imagine the hell of what working for that company must be like.

UKIP flogs latex love gloves: Because Brexit means Brexit



Trump shouldn't criticise the news media, says Amazon's Jeff Bezos


How anyone from or within the mainstream media can talk is unbelievable.

Remember all the Fake News you've ran about Trump? Need a reminder?

First he was a comedy act that couldn't win a primary

Then he was a bully that couldn't win a primary

The he won a primary

Then he was a racist who couldn't be president

Then he was a sex attacker who couldn't be president

Then he was a sexist who couldn't be president

Then he was a bigot who couldn't be president

Then he became president

Then he was an incompetent president

Then he was a colluding president

Then he was about to be an impeached president


Fake new is a joke and the mainstream media is dying on its arse. The sooner it kicks its final bucket the better.

UK.gov finally adds Galileo and Copernicus to the Brexit divorce bill



Can you explain how we get unfucked when we give Scotland unlimited re-runs on their independence which inevitably leads to the break up of the United Kingdom and we end up as a single nation (England) just a poor insignificant slave nation to Germany and France?

No I didn't think you could.

The United Kingdom has been through far, far worse things than a no deal Brexit and it only made us stronger, true then we wen't filled with limp writsed, soy boy wimps like you in those times but I'm confident our feminists can take your place.

Article 13 pits Big Tech and bots against European creatives


Re: takedowns

"Would be fine, if done correctly"

Just like communism, fascism and every other ill thought out idea in history.


This has absolutely nothing to do with YouTube or copyright infringement. This is about globalist control over content of the internet.

The globalists took a kicking on the internet with Brexit and Trump, now they want only globalist approved content to be allowed through faceless EU internet filters. Make no mistake this is a baby step toward tyranny, which of course was always the ultimate destination of the EU.

$200bn? Make that $467bn: Trump threatens to balloon proposed bonus China tech tariffs


Have to love all the freelance economic experts commenting here, remind me again which billion dollar empires do you run?

Clown shoes.


You see that's where you're kiddo. Very wrong.

I don't expect you to understand, if you think Obamacare was positive you literally have no idea what you are talking about.

Expanding Right To Be Forgotten slippery slope to global censorship, warn free speech fans


Ah Google.

"we support free speech when it suits us but we're actively censoring the search algorithms to push our political agenda"

We either have full unadulterated free speech for all supported by the tech giants or we have none at all, you don't get to have your cake and eat it.

Golden State passes gold-standard net neutrality bill by 58-17


But these clowns can't clean the literal metric ton of human feces from the streets of San Francisco. The liberal mindset shown for the useless pile of sludge it is.

AI sucks at stopping online trolls spewing toxic comments


Ze Gestapo have deemed your comment as hate speech, we will be murdering your family and burning down your house in due course.

If you tolerate this your children will be next.

Let's get ethical, says Salesforce as revenues rocket 27% – thanks in part to US Border Patrol


"Salesforce is launching an office for "ethical and humane" tech less than a week after it was heavily criticised for supplying software to the US Border Patrol, which is itself overseeing an abusive immigration policy"

Or, upholding the law as people who are not FAKE NEWS would call it.

Facebook admits it was 'too slow' to ban Myanmar regime


But the Saudi regime which is actively committing war crimes in Yemen is free to use the platform to its desire.

Welcome to another big slice of liberal elitist hypocrisy.

Android data slurping measured and monitored


You mean Google know about my dwarf porn fetish?

It was just a little tommy tank

Tax the tech giants and ISPs until the bits squeak – Corbyn


What a sad state of affairs we have in British politics.

Labour: ran by a communist from 1974, a man who clearly missed the fall of the soviet union, who is openly anti British and who's economic policies consist of printing money and giving it away until the country goes bankrupt. If this clown ever gets into Downing street we'll be queuing for bread handed out by the military just like in Venezuela (a country Corbyn called 'a shining example of socialism').

Conservative: ran by a liberal democrat Cruella DeVill look-a-like with the charisma of used toilet paper. A women who seems hell bent on getting the worse possible Brexit deal for the country and who is devoid of any creative individual thought. Make no mistake, May was a total disaster as home secretary and now she is a total disaster as Prime Minister.

UKIP pretty much disappeared after the Brexit vote , the Lib Dems were slaughtered by Nick Clegg and the Greens have never had anything close to any reasonable and thought out policies.

It's a national and international embarrassment for the country. Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right. Here I am stuck in the middle with you.

A third of London boroughs 'fess to running unsupported server software


How many business do you think genuinely are not running unsupported software?

I'll got for less than 1% and of those that are "clean" 100% of them will be start ups.

Facebook brings banhammer down on over 650 pro-Iranian 'fake news' accounts


This must be Trump's fault surely? Somehow? Someway? C,mon media - do you job and link it to Trump.

Butcher by name, Butcher by nature? Capita finds new CFO


Crapita - haha see what I did there? Crapita hahaha.

Microsoft: We busted Russian Fancy Bear disinfo websites


If the Russians are so keen on Trump winning why are they creating more anti trump - pro democrat websites and accounts?

Why was Bill Clinton paid $500k for a half an hour talk in Moscow?

Why did Russia make $140m in donations to the Clinton Foundation?

Why the the Clinton led state department authorise the sale of 20% of all of the Uranium the US owned?

Google risks mega-fine in EU over location 'stalking'


will regulators act on this globalised prowling?

Does the Globalist EU want to prohibit its media arm from collecting data to brainwash millions of Europeans?

Hmmm, I'm gonna guess not. See Apple and Ireland, how much tax has Apple actually paid? Not a dime.

Rights group launches legal challenge over London cops' use of facial recognition tech


The police aren't looking for traditional criminals, murderers, rapists or child molesters. They're looking for people who post tweets or facebook updates which dare to question the far leftist ideology of the modern globalist establishment.

Did you know the metropolitan police has a rule whereby it has to attend a reported hate crime within an hour? Get burgled and they almost certainly won't bother, get robbed at knife point and all you'll get is a crime number. This is the modern day British police force, no resources to police the streets but quite literally millions and millions to waste on policing facebook, twitter and the thousands of falsely reported "hate" crimes.

BBC websites down tools and head outside into the sun for a while


End the License Fee and axe the TV tax.

We put single mothers living in poverty in jail for not contributing to Gary Lineker's £1.7m salary.

We take mothers away from their children for not paying the massively over inflated salaries of bourgeoisie.

This is socialism, this is communism.

The BBC wants to find away to fund itself and if it wants to continue pushing its ultra left wing propaganda on the nation.

UK spies broke law for 15 years, but what can you do? shrugs judge


Freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength. This is 1984 just as Orwell predicted it.

Microsoft: The Kremlin's hackers are already sniffing, probing around America's 2018 elections


**puts on Troy Mcclure voice**

Hi it's the CIA here, you might remember me from such hits as "Iraqi WMDs and the chemical laiden scuds which can be launched in 12 minutes" or "I have absolutely no idea how all this cocaine got here" or finally "Look, it's the Russians"

If you believe this total and utter bullsh1t then you'll literally believe anything, anything at all.

Bonkers Azure bookings give Microsoft a record-breaking $110bn year


Nearly every organisation in the world is reliant on Microsoft technology, this gives them the perfect 'in' for pushing their cloud services, offers like extending support for SQL for free if the workloads are moved to Azure will only give Microsoft even more market share.

Samsung’s new phone-as-desktop is slick, fast and ready for splash-down ... somewhere


Why couldn't it eventually replace a laptop?

What do I use my laptop for at work? Email, Ms Office, Adobe, Broswer. I already have a docking station with a gazillion cables coming out of it but how much easier is it to carry a phone in my pocket than a heavy back filled with crap?

Sub-Prime: Amazon's big day marred by server crashes, staff strikes


As if the richest men in the world would allow the common muck to know their names let alone the size of their wealth.

An $18m supercomputer to simulate brains of mice in the land of Swiss cheese. How apt, HPE


The system is already as intelligent as your average socialist.

JURI's out, Euro copyright votes in: Whoa, did the EU just 'break the internet'?


Think about it.

The globalists took a pasting in the Brexit and 2016 US elections, the lost because they could not control the narrative on the internet. This is the way they take control back, this is another slow drip on the way to global slavery.

Globalism is corporatism wrapped up in soft socialism, you think these parasites want whats best of the normal everyday people of Europe? They only care about their slaves being obedient in future.

Pro Europeans are turkey's voting for Christmas, most of them are too wrapped up in the emotional narrative of collectivism.

Citation needed: Europe claims Kaspersky wares 'confirmed as malicious'


Another siren from the globalist elites who seek the destablise Russia so they can add to their empire.

The EU is poison, pure and simple.

Tech firms, come to Blighty! Everything is brill! Brexit schmexit, Galileo schmalileo


Here is how you make the UK the number one destination for business. Cut business tax rates to 17.5%.

Cut income tax rates to 20% for everyone and the first £20,000 of everyone earnings are completely tax free.

Dismantle the welfare state entirely and allow private free enterprise to take care of the rest.

If we have a tariff free trade deal with the US and EU we become the best place in the world to do business and companies would flood here from all over the world.

This isn't rocket science, it's simply a total rejection of socialism, marxism and post modernism which are a cancer that eat away at the soft under belly of our nation.

Tesla undecimates its workforce but Elon insists everything's absolutely fine


The media's hardon for Elon Musk continues.

This is normal opperating procedure for just about every company in the world every few years or in some cases every year.

But lets use it as a stick to hammer away at the man who dared call out the 'journalist' profession for the degenerate, lazy lie spreading junk fest it has become.

Korean cryptocoin exchange $30m lighter after hacking attack


Bitcoin hits $10 - its a bubble, its worthless. Sell it now before you lose all your money.

Bitcoin hits $100 - its a bubble, its worthless. Sell it now before you lose all your money.

Bitcoin hits $1000 - its a bubble, its worthless. Sell it now before you lose all your money.

Bitcoin hits $10,000 - its a bubble, its worthless. Sell it now before you lose all your money.

We all know where this is going

Bitcoin hits $100,000.........

There is s finite amount of this asset and its value, year on year only goes up. FIAT currencies are printed at will, backed by nothing but debt.

But its a bubble, its worthless. Sell it now before you lose all your money like a good little boy.


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