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Vlad the blockader: Russia's anti-VPN law comes into effect


He's Putin the boot in.... The Russians are clever they will find a way round it...

One-third of mobile users receive patchy to no indoor coverage


I can confirm that the 3 network in Norwich sucks....

A draft US law to secure election computers that isn't braindead. Well, I'm stunned! I gotta lie down


President Pence ?? ..do you know something we don't ??

Brit spooks 'kept oversight bodies in the dark' over data sharing


If you want your privacy, do not use social media...simples.. Personally, I do not want t know what several million people had for breakfast...

What's your flava? Ooo, tell me what's your flava... of Ubuntu


I want my old Amiga operating system back !!

Google has some sort of plan for not favouring its own shopping service


Typical example of being penalised for running a successful company..

WannaCry-slayer Marcus Hutchins 'built Kronos banking trojan' – FBI



I think he's been framed by the authors of wannacry...... wait I forgot it was the feds own 'stolen' software that led to wannacry..maybe that's what pissed them off....the feds better have their facts right...

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