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Indiegogo to ailing ZX Spectrum reboot firm: End of May... or we call the debt collector


They can't file for administration

Well technically they can, but if they do their accounts will have to be handed over, it will then be revealed they've been trading while insolvent and then the directors will become personally liable for all the debts. So really, they can't, they're stuck between a rock and a hard place.

BT hikes prices for third time in 18 months


What’s that Virgin Media? You think you might as well follow suit in the next few months? Even though you only just raised them at the start of the month? Sure, why not? Allow me to bend over and present myself.

Virgin Media mulls ditching 1 in 3 UK facilities, starts £20m spend audit


Re: Hmm

So I assume these closures will lead to either an increase in service, or a reduction in price? I think not. :-)


In my experience this is the normal course of events when you work for a company bought by the Merkins. My advice to anyone working for a company bought by the Septics, is run for the hills as soon as you can.

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