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One-third of mobile users receive patchy to no indoor coverage


'The chairman of the national infrastructure commission, Lord Adonis, recently called mobile phone coverage in Blighty "deplorable". His recent report into the UK's infrastructure found we are "behind other countries in its 4G mobile coverage, and it needs a plan to become a world leader in 5G and ultrafast broadband".

Gone are the days when this country will be a world leader in anything. The Bean Counters dictate things these days, and until we get rid of them we will never be a world leader in anything!

Virgin Media mulls ditching 1 in 3 UK facilities, starts £20m spend audit


If the staff are still needed but the building isn't, shouldn't a MEDIA company try letting its staff work from home. Surely it would be cheap enough to equip their homes with a phone line/broadband and computer to link to an office and carry out their job. Or does Virgin Media suffer from that peculiarly British management mindset of not trusting its staff! There's enough research that proves staff actually do more work when they work from home.

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