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Scare-bnb: Family finds creeper cams hidden in their weekend rental by scanning Wi-Fi


Republic of Ireland common law

It's been a while since I did anything related to my legal degree but last I checked (since we are a common law jurisdiction):

In Ireland you have 'a reasonable expectation of privacy' only within:

The company of your solicitor (different from your lawyer)

Your bathroom or bedroom

While in cinsultation with your doctor.

That's it.

Everywhere else is fair game according to Irish law.

Post GDPR ymmv.

Terror law expert to UK.gov: Why backdoors when there's so much other data to slurp?


Re: 'What Government officials fear more'

And that's without touching on the subject of the Special Criminal Court, "alleged" bugging of GSOC, and Superintendents having the authority to sign warrants for entry and communications interception.

Ps. Have an upvote

US spies hacked our phones over the air, claim pipeline protesters


Even if the various arms of the US govt felt the need to monitor the protesters' device I doubt they'd have bothered to do so at more than arms length given what Tiger Swan is alleged to have done. (I think this is touched on somewhere in the article.)

Check out Alleen Brown, Alice Speri, Will Parrish's articles on the subject, if you feel so inclined

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