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Alphabet takes Euro antitrust fine in stride, spooks investors with rising Google ad costs

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Beware of advertisers wearing search clothes...

I do not see any ads from anyone not on a whitelist, and that list is blank. When ad slingers stop being the rude shitasses that they are, I will stop blocking them. Then I woke up...

I have said this before and I will say it again. A product that is worth having does not need an annoying ad to sell it. Actually, the ad causes the opposite effect, all but guaranteeing a boycott of said product.

If I was a marketer, the first thing I would want to know is how many actual human eyeballs gandered at my wares. The second thing I would be interested in is how many of those folks bought said product as a result of the ad being viewed by them.

I would not be shocked to know that most of my hard work was being blocked because some asshat in the production squad thought it might generate brisk sales if they pestered the absolute shit out of all who saw the ad, resulting in sales tanking.

A case in point: An ad for Hershey's chocolate is five to ten seconds long, about the average attention span of a brain dead failbuckian on a fondleslab. The product enjoys record sales every year.

An ad for that power stepping shoe insert is at least five minutes long, if it is not on one of those hour long infomercial crap shows. The product is a scam, though. It's makers are slick enough to get around the regs.

Do you see a pattern? If it looks like a turd, smells like a turd, etc., it really is a turd. Believe it and quit fooling yourself. It ain't free, and the shipping charges are hidden. Turn the damn thing off already and go do something productive with your life.

Browser trust test: Would you let Chrome block ads? Or Firefox share and encrypt files?

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No trust given.

I do not trust Google to block ads since they are an ad slinger and any blocking they do is censorship based on monopolistic behavior by a corporate monster who is not a friend to anyone.

I do not trust FF to send and share files in a cloud space. It is just too easy to hijack that type of connection when it is active, allowing a middle man attack without detection until it is too late.

I will not turn off my security because ad slingers insist on being the most annoying and repugnant jerks they can be. When advertisers and their agencies are willing to respect my privacy, online time, and cost of operation, I will be glad to share my machine with them.

However, as long as they think their content is more important than what I actually want to see, and keep jamming my world uninvited and unwanted, not to mention selling me out while doing so, they will have no place on my screen. Yes, it is really my gear. I determine what is displayed.

If I choose to block ads, it is because the folks who made or sell them do not consider that they might be pissing off folks a little. When they see the blocks, they should take a hint and fix things. But then, that would mean the raises planned for the nephew in the back would be on hold...

Google, Mozilla both say they sped up the web today. One by blocking ads. One with ads

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Re: Paradox. Everyone hates ads. Everyone wants stuff for "free".

Offer subscriptions for those who do not want to see ads. If the subs cannot cover the cost, find other ways to fund other than pestering and annoying the crap out of all who use said site.

Google tracks what you spend offline to prove its online ads work. And privacy folks are furious

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Avoid being sold out.

Take all the steps you can to stop marketers from monetizing your use of technology. Avoid social media and stop tracking in your browser. Block scripts. Harden your PC and your mobe. Do not expect anything out there to be free. Run away instead. Be careful who you interact with in cyberspace. Know what you are doing.

Marketers are counting on the fact that you will do none of the above while happily enjoying that failbuckian flash mob game. Pokes, anyone? If you must do business online, make sure it is private and not being monetized or hijacked.

Know that marketers are not your friend. If anything, they are your worst nightmare. A product that is worthy of having will have brisk sales without ads since word of mouth will suffice based on reputation and user experience.

Firefox doesn't need to be No 1 – and that's OK, 'cos it's falling off a cliff

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Chrome is a marketing tool for Google. If you do not mind selling out and becoming a product, use that. Edge blatantly sucks. We won't go into why, there is not enough space to elaborate here. Firefox could be great, but it is getting stale in it's old age. Waterfox takes the Mozilla code and compiles it for 64 bits. Then, the bad things are taken out. What we are left with is a beautiful browser that is lightning fast and will not sell you out. It takes all the Firefox plugs. It can be completely customized. There is a rich feature set that is sure to be enough to please the most die hard alternative users out there. It is the most stable fork of Mozilla going and as long as Microsoft code runs my machines, Waterfox will be my default browser. After 2020, when the boxen move to Linus Mint, that will probably change unless Waterfox gets ported to Linux...

Slow Dog

Waterfox - the future is now

I have been using Waterfox on my workstations for a time now. the alternatives pale in comparison. Having tried them all, Waterfox gives me what I need and nothing I do not. Although I keep many browsers around for proofing and such, Waterfox is king. It does everything Firefox can do, and it has not gotten in bed with marketers to do it.

Google gets away with slurping because folks generally do not care. Caring is hard work. It takes them from their failbuckian existance. They are herd animals and happy to be so. Not me. I am not for sale. It's my machine. I control it. Marketers can piss right off until they learn that their world is not what is important enough to be rude without giving a damn.

There are other forks of Mozilla, including Pail Moon, Cybermoon, Seamonkey, etc.. I looked at all of them long and hard while searching for an IE replacement as the default browser right after adopting Windows 7 Pro x64 while upgrading from XP Pro x86. Waterfox was the only browser that fulfilled all that should be what a good browser is. If you are thinking about the browser while surfing the web, you are using the wrong browser...

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