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Do Xpect Custard Creams? DXC buys cosy New Jersey data centre, moves in with Credit Suisse

Paul 33


So many questions...…

I was under the impression DXC were on a Data Centre closure and consolidation path, not an acquisition path. So, that's interesting.

I was also under the impression that DXC wanted to move into the Digital Transformation space, not the Tin Hosting space. So, that is also interesting.

Ahhh, well, what do I care, I binned that place a couple of years ago, still love reading articles on them on El Reg though :)


DXC Technology bids $2bn for Swiss big cheese Luxoft

Paul 33

Timer started....

"Dmitry Loschinin will continue to run the business" for as long as is stated in the purchase agreement. After that he will gladly walk out the door citing "new opportunities", whilst rueing the day he listened to Mike's bullshit and chose to work for such a toxic person.

Macs to Linux fans: Stop right there, Penguinista scum, that's not macOS. Go on, git outta here

Paul 33

Re: RE: onefang

Can't believe nobody picked up on this but, Wolverine's claws came out from between his knuckles and were not nails.

Sabretooth on the other hand, his claws were nails.

</comic geek mode>

Happy 10th birthday, Evernote: You have survived Google and Microsoft. For your next challenge...

Paul 33

Re: Oh shit!

Whoa, spooky, are you me?

I went through exactly the same process with Evernote. Finally canned it in favour of OneNote late last year.

Now I find out MS are Nerfing OneNote.....*sigh*...looks like I'm going to have to buy back in again.

Nadella tells worried GitHub devs: Judge us by our actions

Paul 33

Re: Opportunities

"Houston, we have an opportunity!"

Mobe reception grief turns LTE Apple Watch 3 into – er, a dull watch

Paul 33

1oz Gold = 967 GBP.

iPhone X = 6oz.

Give it a couple of years and new iPhones will be worth their weight in gold.

Sacre bleu! Apple's high price, marginal gain iPhone strategy leaves it stuck in the mud

Paul 33

Re: Leave your password everywhere, or just tattoo it on your face

That only works because the Xbox Kinect Sensor is positioned at the focal point of the room.

You mobile is lay flat on the desk or counter looking up. Unless it's touched by the AllSpark and grows limbs to enable it to stand up and look around, nobody is going to want to walk up to the charge point and look down at the phone to register their presence.

systemd'oh! DNS lib underscore bug bites everyone's favorite init tool, blanks Netflix

Paul 33

Re: underscore illegal dns character

As someone considering a move to BSD away from Arch, can you elaborate on what you don't like about the BSD userland stuff?

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