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DIDO: snake oil or wireless salvation?


Simple, really...

It doesn't look like complete snake oil - by my reading, it requires one AP per device to get full speed! You can do that without "DIDO" if you just put the devices close to their APs and the APs far enough apart.

The supposed magic here is in computing how the signals from multiple APs will sum at the client points; while there are some big hurdles, it's not inconceivable that someone has engineered a reasonable solution (modulo hyperbole).

Anyone who wants to look in more detail at the "immensely complex mathematics" can probably have a geeze at the patent applications:



Next time you go to the loo, bring your locked laptop with you


What parallel with web security?

Jeff - if you look at the actual security risks this sort of attack adds (disregarding physical security), it's primarily drive encryption that can be compromised. And drive encryption requires the key in memory, and somewhere the software can find it.

BIOSes that clear RAM ('full memory test' in POST should do it) would prevent this particular attack.


Dolly Parton's theme park shells out for more silicon


The Germans done it already...

A year or two ago I was in a swim centre/water fun park in Germany, in Bad Tölz I believe, where they had much the same system - waterproof RFID tags which you wear swimming, and carry credits for food, let you rent lockers, pass you out of the centre and so on. Very neat.



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