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Photobucket says photo-f**k-it, starts off-site image shakedown


well ill tell you one thing it doesnt take an html guru to find their photo url on ANY site that allows photo sharing. and what is photobucket but a site based off browsing "other peoples photos"? what im getting at is basically photobucket is generating revenue already from peoples shared photos. ( because other peoples photos is what brings users. ) they are benefitting from ads and running a pay for no ads service to every user and then now want to turn around and further benefit from your photos by charging you to share you own photo. they are benefiting more than the user is benefiting if you ask me. and frankly it will cause them to lose what they had eventually. they might burn bright for a little while but it will last only until people start figuring out they can host and post the urls from the other free sites available to them. im no fortune telling seer but it doesnt take a seer to see that photobucket will crumble to dust sooner than later for it.

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