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Keep your hands on the f*cking wheel! New Tesla update like being taught to drive by your dad


In the original video - the leading vehicle appears to have left it extremely late to change lanes, thus setting up the following vehicle to purposely fail.

If there had been no room to change lanes earlier than it did, then the leading vehicle 'should' have been braking (which it didn't do at all).

It was set up to fail - and it did.

Oldest flying 747 finally grounded, 47 years after first flight


"The plane even flew with five engines"

We 'emigrated' from UK to Australia in June 72 & traveled from Frankfurt to Hong Kong with a 5th engine tucked under one wing as a spare for another 747.

Now here's a novel idea: Digitising Victorian-era stamp duty machines


I have a ' 1d Penny Red ' physical stamp overwritten with the Registrars signature on my Birth Certificate from 1948.

Virgin Trains dodges smack from ICO: CCTV pics of Corbyn were OK


Looking at the picture I would say that most of the seats were already occupied by a person - although some don't appear to have a head actually partially visible.

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