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Google accused of selling free clicks

unsung rob

Shock Horror

Ad broker tries every tactic possible to milk advertisers?!!?!?

My god, i better sit down.

Hastings junkie hotspots pop up on Google Maps

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when I step out of the station I shouldn't turn down Cambridge Gardens?

Kentucky commandeers world's most popular gambling sites

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Unilateral Intervention

So any nation or state wanting to curtail their citizens internet activities has to block the info at its borders (china, pakistan). Except the good old USA who are allowed to thieve any domains they don't like. Sound about like the rest of world affairs?

Boris Johnson bans boozing on London transport

unsung rob
Paris Hilton

@Dan Hancock

..could he ban people dealing crack on the top deck of the No. 38?

Isn't the 38 a bendy bus (no top deck)?

So whats the bet that half a dozen youfs in hoods and hats talking loudly in their daft slang constitutes anti-social behaviour but 6 horah-Henrys obnoxious guffawing is just Friday night fun?

You could start by cleaning up the blatant white and brown industry in every public space in the west end/soho after 8pm but that involves that dreaded police work.

Paris knows where to hide her bottle of babycham.

Tiscali executes stealth LLU migrations

unsung rob

@ get what you pay for

i signed up to Nildram before they started 'shaping' the traffic. Now they've been sold to the worst ISP in town. I still pay for a package that was reasonable (when it capped but not throttled nntp access) but now is laughable.

So no i pay through the roof for a service thats been sold and downgraded twice over in a year.

Wikipedia COO was convicted felon

unsung rob

erm, she killed someone right?

"In the summer of 2005, Doran went to prison for a DUI hit and run with a fatality, and when she was released in January of 2006, she was put on probation."

For a start WTF? you get 6 months for a fatal hit and run!?!?!?

Second anyone who does hit and run should not be trusted with a spoon let alone a cheque book.

Sellers price up 8GB Eee PC

unsung rob

Re: Upgradable Drive

According to some recent posts on eeeuser.com the mini-pcie slot is meant for replacement SSDs. There aren't any mini-pcie ssds out at the moment though...

Re:AC - the screen is 800x480, i find it fine tbh.

Inventor offers London Congestion Charge GPS gizmo

unsung rob

@ London Drivers

You live in London, you don't need to drive! (unless you're bone idle or impotent).

If you live outside London and drive in... fucking cretin.

Boffins uncover ginger gene in neanderthal DNA

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I'd love to see the same 'light hearted jokes' about other skews of hair colour and melanin. Ejits.

Only Sky can save digital TV

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Poor Show El Reg

Yes the article is biased crap. My question is why is it on the Reg? It tarnishes their reputation. Please fire this astroturf blogger and sort it out.

Enraged bee bursts Taiwanese woman's breast implant

unsung rob

@ those saying D-cup

I think you're missing the best bit.

That B refers to the original term (tea) the breasts (B-cup) and the insect in question (Bee). Makes it into a great pun instead of a good pun.

Gunplay fingered for internet slowdown

unsung rob

Erm Aqua Teen?

" "...What's the chances that the department of homeland insecurity slaps these morons with domestic terrorism charges?..."

Somewhere between 'Zero' and 'None.' Idjiits being idjiits isn't terrorism, and never has been - Not even the DHS would try that one on. "

Did they not bring Boston (and elsewhere) to a stand still on the fear of terrorism because someone used flashing lights in a promotional device that did no (and could not) damage to anything?

PETA slams 'sickening' Hamas cat-torture vid

unsung rob


"Cats kill wildlife."

And vermin. If your street doesn't have a cat and the surrounding area does, get ready for free All-Bran.

" "PS a gun is not an answer to every thing so I dont want to her yank bashing coments"

Too late, you wanker. "


The SPAG critique was great.

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