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Fine, we'll do it the Huawei, says Uncle Sam: CFO charged with fraud, faces extradition to US over Iran trade claims

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Re: Smoke and Mirrors

P.S. Not many people get weekend access to a Nearly-100-PetaFLOPS supercomputer (i.e. 25x the power and 10x the storage of SFU's "Cedar") all-to-themselves for their own personal CFD/CPD/FEA pet projects, so a little short-term multi-socket CPU/GPU PCB design work and systems programming in exchange is more than a fair trade!


P.S.2. Hmmmm.....I do wish though, that I had a few weekends of access to my friend's REALLY GARGANTUAN 60 GHz GaAs monster-machine..... that one puts "Summit" quite to shame.......



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Re: Smoke and Mirrors

We've already DONE that work and YES general purpose CPU/GPU's CAN be used for SDR (Software Defined Radio) and also be used as DIRECT digital waveform synthesizers in an interleaved configuration.

The MAJOR issues were keeping STATIC and STABLE the number of picoseconds or nanoseconds each CPU/GPU is offset from the next AND stabilizing the time it takes to SWITCH between the CPU's so that individual waveform timeslices can be concatenated and antialiased properly to create an up-to-100 GHz signal for direct output to an antennae system. Again, this is not the first time we have created such an SDR system and MANY of our products are SPACE-RATED and RAD-HARDENED so they work in some of the most extreme environments imaginable. AND with proper shielding (i.e. Sheet Tungsten surrounding ceramic enclosures!) you CAN send a 16-socket EPYC motherboard into space and NOT have it totally fried and /or have all it's data storage bit-flipped by solar rays and other high-intensity radiation!


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Re: Smoke and Mirrors

I've got multiple custom-PCB 16-Socket versions (YES! Sixteen CPU Sockets!) of AMD Ryzen 2700u, 16-socet Threadripper-2, ...AND... 16 socket AMD EPYC motherboards sitting on my workbench NOW! It took me less than three months to design, print and test ALL THREE!

We were the ones who developed and printed ALL the PCB's at our facility. (we use these boards for Aerospace-oriented synthetic vision system and various grid-processing tasks) And you are correct in that the EPYC architecture DOES NOT ALLOW for the direct connect of four CPU's like the old Opteron AbuDhabi's did. So we basically made 8 separate EPYC server boards onto ONE very large PCB and interconnected then with an onboard 100 gigabit switching network (i.e. single mode glass fibre). We did the SAME for the Threadripper-2 and Ryzen-2700u's making them independent micro-motherboards but printed onto a single PCB all interconnected with an onboard 10 Gigabit switching network. For multiprocessing, we've got our ULTRA-POWERFUL grid-processing software which automatically load-balances all the available CPU's!

Software-wise, we basically run a grid-based Linux OS on each set of processors, but if you want, you can also directly run Windows 2010, Ubuntu or Mint or Windows 2016/2019 Server as if they were regular separate motherboards. We actually did this multi-CPU on single PCBs since the days of 80286's, 80386's, MC68040's, i860's, SuperSparcs, MIPS, Pentiums, AMD Opteron AbuDhabi's, and now we do it with Ryzen- 2700u, Threadripper-2 and EPYC chips for cost reasons.

We've done this multi-CPU-on-a-single-PCB method FOR DECADES NOW !!!

You have to remember, the parent company has ENORMOUS technological personnel and engineering resources behind them! They can AFFORD to do this type of completely custom work! This company has LITERALLY TONNES OF RACKS of these 16-socket boards in the main warehouse! AND this company also does supercomputing-oriented design and manufacture of combined CPU/GPU chips for 128-bits wide Array processors for advanced bitwise and higher-level Fixed Point, Floating Point and Integer math operations and digital signal processing. These chips are printed on GaN and GaAs and run at 60 GHz clock speeds so this company has better technology processes and systems than Apple, IBM, Intel, AMD and ARM ALL-COMBINED !!!

This company is on par with the super-secretive "Black Budget" divisions of Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Raytheon, Northrup, etc.

I would say they literally have "Alien Technology" that is WAAAAAAAAY BEYOND what you can get on the open market!



AND...it kinda helps i'm personal friends with "The Boss" since the early days....so I get a lot of FREE access and use of high technology that very few others get to ever see and use in exchange for some friendly as-a-personal-favour custom PCB design and low-level systems programming work! I would say THAT'S NOT TOO BAD for a guy who merely has a Television Production and VideoGraphics Diploma from SAIT!


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Re: Smoke and Mirrors

In terms of 5G licencing, the relevant patents are from Qualcomm, Intel, NPR, Blackberry, Nokia and Ericsson who have NO PROBLEM with letting their tech go for $25 US each! (i.e. 2.5% Royalty per patent holder) which means out the $5000 per 1000 simultaneous user router box I could charge, only $750 of that goes to licencing fees, $2000 for manufacturing and $2250 is pure profit!

In terms of an Antenna system, I can put multiple surface printed Fractal Antennae on a 50 cm by 50 cm planar board that is tuned to specific bands for high end signal gain capability.

The REASON no-one has challenged the market before is that NO-ONE ELSE has thought of using multiple 4 GHz+ CPU/GPU chips as the main signal processor. Everyone else designs CUSTOM HARDWARE circuits for the low end 500 MHZ to 6 GHz bands and specialty GaN/GaAs high-speed monolithic circuits (i.e. EXPENSIVE!) for the 24-to-86 GHz bands used in 5G. For the high frequency bands, you can use a software/hardware combination technique called waveform construction/deconstruction interleaving which I have done before for TWO TERAHERTZ+ signals processing.

You just offset the timing of the waveform processing for EACH cpu/gpu by X-number of pico-and-nanoseconds and sample a portion of the waveform at the speed of the processor and then mix each time slice together to get an accurate timeslice of a high-speed signal which can be interpolated/smoothed (Antialiased) and output to an antenna on send or have the sampled signal put into the proper array index location upon receive!

The CPU ITSELF can be used as a direct digital signal synthesizer by interleaving and switching between CPU/GPU chips offset by mere nano-or-pico-seconds. The clock jitter for an average AMD Ryzen DOES ALLOW for me to offset signal processing interleave that would support even up to 100 GHz signals! An off-board RF switch allows me to concatenate the synthesized waveform slices to ensure that a valid 5G signal for even the 84 GHz bands are created and/or read properly!

This is mostly a software problem and a hardware-based interleave-time-slice-scheduling issue which is actually solved for the up-to 10 GHz signal ranges and still doable at up 100 GHz if you interleave enough CPU/GPU chips together. It's NOT a new technique and I was introduced to it in the mid 1990's.

Again, for 10,000 simultaneous users using a muxed data packet format (i.e. where packets for multiple users are combined into a continuous signal burst), it would take about 2 to 8 CPU/GPU chips (less than $5000 U.S. total) to do the 6 GHz 5G bands and around 24 to 32 to do at the 84 GHz 5G bands (less than $20,000 U.S. total)

Why pay $500,000+ for a router when you can synthesize ANY type of signal up to 100 GHz using time-slice offset and interleaving using COMMON general purpose CPU/GPU chips and a decent multi-frequency capable fractal antenna?

P.S. These specifications are now open source and freely licenced under the GNU GPL-3 licencing terms as of January 1, 2019 for hardware and software designs and systems development!



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Re: Smoke and Mirrors

What LEAD in 5G?

If you want a decent 5G router that can broadcast/receive tens of thousands of channels in a multiplexed configuration, all I need to do it take at least TWO $400 AMD Ryzen 2700u chips running at 4 GHz and INTERLEAVE them to emulate a common signal generator and signals processor using software defined radio (SDR) techniques to digitally recreate the waveforms of the 600 MHz to 6 GHz frequencies used by modern 5G gear. SEND out that digital waveform to a decent DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter) and RECEIVE 5G signals via a decent ADC (Analog-to-digital) converter and let the embedded AMD Ryzen GPU's do the muxing and demuxing of the waveforms into the proper incoming digital data streams and outgoing waveform signals! Ya just need a decent multi-frequency tuned antenna system to make SDR work spectacularly using common CPU/GPU processors!

That box would cost me less than $2000 to build and handle 1000+ channels instead of buying a $500,000 to $1.5 Million Huaweii, Nokia or Ericsson 5G switch/router! Use multiple AMD Ryzens and I can create a box that can handle 10,000 or more simultaneous users! WHY they are not doing this SDR I will never know but AMD Ryzens are CHEAP and PLENTIFUL and DEFINITELY EASY to program when you put a FREE OPEN SOURCE real-time mission-critical Linux OS distro on it!


I've done enough DSP coding work and have enough PCB building experience that I KNOW this doesn't NEED to cost $500,000! $2000 to $5000 is the max price that it should be!



By gum(stick): Samsung speeds up 970 EVO Plus drive

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"Nobody's generating data that needs be written constantly at 3Gbit/s onto one of these...."


Are you kidding me? 1200 TB i literally read AND write that every HOUR! Our Video file libraries are now into the EXABYTES of data! Just ONE video project at 60 fps 8192 by 4320 pixels at 16 bits per RGBA channel is (16 986 931 200 bytes PER SECOND or 16 Gigabytes per second or 61 Terabytes per HOUR!

I use 20 to 30 of those clips at a time at which 1.8 Petabytes per one hour project! AND we have like 20 projects on the go so we are doing 50 Petabytes PER DAY just in our department! This Drive would literally LAST ONE SINGLE HOUR in our facility!


Tech sector meekly waves arms in another bid to get Oz to amend its crypto-busting laws

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Re: Straya...

If you want encryption, you will get it and there a DIP ALL Australia can do about! So Piss Off!

The people will GET ENCRYPTION AS THEY SEE FIT !!! And I will MAKE SURE they get it!

some anti-Quantum Computing, fully Shor's Algorithm Resistant tech you will get FOR FREE !!!!!

Ooh, my machine is SO much faster than yours... Oh, wait, that might be a bit of a problem...

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"....That is often the case, the developers and support get high end machines and the users get stuck on low-end stuff...."


This I fully understand to the Nth Degree! I recent exercise I did for a "relative" and their small business, I forced the company to install two 72 inch racks and had them install ten of the AsRock Gaming Motherboards with the 10 Gigabit network connector on it (i.e. Asrock Fatility mobos at $300 CAN each!) and with each mounted on a thick nylon kitchen cutting board that I bought at a local kitchen supply store.

Since each board already is 10 Gbits networking AND can take up to a 32 core/64 thread AMD threadripper-2 chip in it we can upgrade the systems ANYTIME. Each board gets an 8-core 16 thread CPU (AMD Ryzen 1900x in TR4 socket at $350 CAN), a Vega-64 8-gig GPU card ($525 CAN), 32 gigs of system RAM ($370 CAN) and a one terabyte SSD Sata-3 ($270 CAN) drive and one 4 terabyte 7200 RPM storage drive ($150 CAN) which is more than enough for daily use and finally everyone got two LG Freesync 27 inch displays for $400 CAN each ($800 for both), a KVM box for keyboard/mouse/video connections to their desks and Windows 10 Enterprise bulk pricing.

In bulk wholesale pricing, total cost was around $3000 per workstation-class computer and these are being use for daily CAD/CAM and ERP/SALES use with no network issues at all. Server is a TWO-CPU sever motherboard (Tyan) also racked on a simple cutting board running AMD EPYC 7251 16-Core 2.1GHz CPU's on Windows 2016 server doing NOTHING but Active Directory, DHCP/DNS, and Email services and daily backup/antivirus/anti-malware against all clients between midnight and 6 am. NOTHING ELSE gets done on those servers so they are lightly loaded!

Everything else gets done at the client level since they have so many usable cores that I can assign TWO CPU cores FOR JUST background tasks as end-user widgets, client-machine midday and 6 pm daily backups of Email/Documents/CAD/Cam/Image files folder and a scheduled 1 pm and 7 pm email/anti-malware/anti-virus memory/user files scan. On these machines, everything takes only between 30 minutes to one hour on the backups and scans and the users never know because those tasks are running only in the background on specified and RESERVED cores. The user still has six cores/12 threads to play with in their CAD/CAM/ERP/Sales systems.

They use Sonicwall firewall appliances and a single managed 10 GB switch so speed of data transfer is a non-issue and they CAP everyone's client internet and network access at 400 megabits per second so NO SINGLE USER chokes the entire network (i.e. user Quotas on Network Bandwidth). The other bandwidth left over is reserved for outside sales on VPN and for all scheduled daily backups and anti-virus/malware network scans.

EVERYONE is now happy with this new scheme and I can simply add another 10 boards into two more racks and add another managed switch/router with a bridge in-between creating a sub-net which won't interfere with current users. In terms of maintenance, they are NOT reliant on a SINGLE server box running blade clients which could take down the ENTIRE operation! Everyone gets their OWN client motherboard and if one machine needs maintenance, a user can have their roaming user profile activated on one of the spare boards!

Additions and changes are a BREEZE and easy to do without harming ANY OTHER user!

So far I've been given "Two Thumbs Up" for a small scale network system that works for Workstation-class machines usage rather well!

While it's a rather expensive option if you want to scale beyond 25 users, I would have no personal issue with using nothing but racked gamer motherboards and multiple subnets on 10 Gbit bridges between managed switches/routers. I estimated my system could EASILY be scaled to over 1000 motherboards/users before costs get truly outlandish and I probably have to call IBM in for a Z-series Mainframe price quote!

I've heard of systems using TEN THOUSAND+ such racked motherboard setups using multiple sub-nets for scale-up and scale-out purposes!

If I could turn back time, I'd tell you to keep that old Radarange at home

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Re: Heartwarming?

I would have to add an immaculate if degenerate addition of extra blood vessels where they don't belong making your microwave oven a sight for sore eyes!


Nobody in China wants Apple's eye-wateringly priced iPhones, sighs CEO Tim Cook

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Re: There's disposable income then there's

YES! You actually CAN BUY that EXACT phone for about $17000 CAN (13 000 Euros) since it TRULY IS milspec and fully ruggedized! You literally CAN run over it with a Leopard (63 tonnes) and M1-Abrams tank (73 tonnes) and it will still work! (we've tested it with those!)

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Re: There's disposable income then there's

Most modern phones are UTTER BILGE CRAP !!!

A REAL phone is IP-68 and Mil-Spec 810-G ruggedized and made out of CNC-milled block Titanium.

It comes with a REMOVABLE 25,000 mAh Thin Film Lithium-Ion battery that runs an AMD Ryzen 2500u or 2700u Laptops-quality processor with INTEGRATED Radeon Vega-8/9 GPU that UTTERLY BLOWS AWAY any Apple or Android product!

A REAL smartphone has an SDR (Software Defined Radio) modem and dsp chip and high-end multi-spectral Fractal antenna that has Edge/2G/3G/4G/5G/RF Shortwave/AM/FM/Iridium Satellite/Wifi frequency handling AND has 64 Gigabytes of SYSTEM RAM and a built-in 4 TB SSD drive PLUS two USB-3.1 ports and TWO Displayport connections in addition to two 512 Gigabyte SD card slots and two SIM card slots AND TWO 3.5mm audio jacks!

It also has a 2x Optical zoom DCI 8k (8192x4320) pixel 2/3rds inch 16-bits per RGB channel HDR image sensor with 30 fps 8k and 60 fps 4K RAW and Interframe compressed video capture and a DCI 4K (4096x2160) pixel HDR display running at 120 Hz refresh rate for BEST QUALITY VR and GAMING experiences.

THAT is a REAL SMARTPHONE and NOT these pussyfoot Apple and Android fashionista phones!

I want the FULL-RUGGED Mil-Spec Deal for MY Phone! Not some 20-something's Avocado Toast phone!


Hacker cyber-gang: Give us cyber-cash for cyber-cache of 18,000 stolen Sept 11th insurance docs

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I should have noted that YES the engineers DID do the calculations of a fully loaded 707 but since this was the Early 1970's during the design phase, it's engineering was GOOD for that time period! Again, I APPLAUD the original designers and engineers on JUST HOW WELL they stood up to a faster and heavier Boeing 767 when by all accounts the whole top could have been sheered off or the entire building TOPPLED OVER in a cheaper or less-well-built building!

There is NO conspiracy here! Pancaking WILL occur doing any building collapses due to the type of outer-shell cross-member-style construction used in the World Trade Centre towers. The designers WANTED to maximize space so they use the outer shell cross-beam design. Again, the building stayed up amazing well AND for a long time so that the death toll was kept to around 3500 rather than 75,000 people!


The BIG CONSPIRACY HERE is that the MAJORITY of the hijackers were FROM SAUDI ARABIA who were educated in Madrassas (i.e. religious schools) financed by wealthy SAUDI ARABIAN patrons, Saudi government agencies AND even Saudi Royals!

In fact, the WRONG COUNTRY WAS INVADED !!! It SHOULD HAVE BEEN SAUDI ARABIA who was invaded by U.S. Forces instead or Afghanistan and then Iraq. It SHOULD HAVE BEEN THOSE SAUDI ARABIAN financiers, government agencies and royal family enablers who did and still do espouse radical religious views and extremism who SHOULD BE BROUGHT to AMERICAN JUSTICE for LONG PRISON TERMS if not actual capital punishment sentences !!!


OK U.S. Lawyers! You KNOW who the REAL enablers are...so START LITIGATING and START those discoveries and depositions on WHO FINANCED the Madrassas that radicalized the 9/11 hijackers! They NEED TO PAY FOR THEIR CRIMES IN THE U.S. LEGAL SYSTEM !!!!!

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Re: Ok .... Move On, Please. Nothing to See There.

One OTHER thing that people forget as to WHY very few videos/photos are there of the Pentagon plane, is that the 500+ KMH speed of the incoming place is FASTER than the capture speed of normal video cameras (30 fps) and common security cameras (4 to 10 frames per second) So ONLY ONE security camera was able to capture a few frames of the actual aircraft coming over the parking lot of the Pentagon!

It was NOT a missile! It DEFINITELY was a large airliner hitting the Pentagon! There IS video and eyewitness proof of that!


And AGAIN, this stooopid Dark Overload man-child, has NO CLUE about insurance law and the issues regarding policy subrogation AND assignment of 3rd Party Liability AND the required amounts of discoveries, interrogatories, depositions, document search and production, lay-witness and expert witness testimony and reports from same, and twenty other factors that come into play when a large insurance claim is made and the claimants and payees are at odds of WHO IS GOING TO PAY! It is a WASTE of time to show these documents since they actually SUPPORT the conclusion that no government agency or shadow-entity-led conspiracy has actually occurred.

The ONLY THING that has occurred is that $50 Million+ U.S. (40 Million Euros+) has been spent AT THE VERY LEAST in order to find out that, in my opinion, the airline companies (i.e. AA) themselves and the manufacturers (Boeing and others) SHOULD HAVE FORESEEN from the numerous hijack events of the 1970's and 1980's that STRENGTHENED and LOCKABLE DOORS should have already been installed on the airplanes AND that the Airlines SHOULD have put in hidden Wide Field of View cameras and cockpit monitors for pilots to see the rest of the cabin AND that written and trained-for procedures SHOULD HAVE been put in place for the continuous locking of cockpit cabin doors AND the IMMEDIATE LANDING of the aircraft during a hostage situation!

I am betting that the Lloyds Syndicates who provide the capital to pay out the Billion Dollar+ insurance claim on the World Trade Centre towers will be able to recover about $250 million to maybe $500 million U.S. from the airlines AND the airplane manufacturers themselves, because I DO SEE some culpability here in terms of the lack of aircraft cockpit security procedures plus the lack of installation of strengthened and secured cockpit doors that SHOULD HAVE been put in place waaaay before September 11, 2001!


Sooooo, anyways....since Dark Overlord has ALSO seen fit to brag he has evidence of Aliens and UFO's, then PLEASE DO SHOW US THAT DATA and STOP feeding us more BORING insurance litigation documents that show ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT ANYTHING when it comes to a Vaaaast Government Conspiracy!

Again, Where's The Beef?



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AND NOW this ....Stooopid... Dark Overlord has released ANOTHER set of USELESS files:

Checkpoint-2 is MORE useless crap about Insurance Subrogation litigation and high-priced lawyers placing blame on other barely-involved entities! All that is disclosed here are a bunch of security procedures that could OR SHOULD HAVE been followed such as enhanced security screening, extra aircraft security, and fancy building and property safety/security plus special federal disaster and policing response in times of crisis.

There IS NOTHING CONSPIRATORIAL HERE at all other than a bunch of middle managers and executives trying to cover their derrieres as to what response protocols coulda, woulda and shoulda been available and/or implemented on, before and after September 11, 2001!

This is Completely BOOOORING crappola !!!


Don't give us more of this UTTER BILGE of 9/11 documents that I can get from public court records or by otherwise paying to stuff some mildly expensive alcohol and steak down some executive's bulging gullet! GIVE US THE REAL DEAL on Warp-capable UFO Engines! How about Bob Lazar Photos in his Labs (I Got Those!) and Edgar or J-Rod The Alien chained to a chair 29 stories below the surface of Area 51? How about Plasmadynamically Efficient Containment Vessel plans for a Portable Cold or Hot Fusion reactor? How about that fancy backpack lightning bolt machine tested on some Oregon beach at 4:00 am in the 1980's!? Do some digging dirt on that lunkhead who used one of the FIRST Quantum Entanglement Modems to delete portions of imagery that had PROOF of alien dwellings and hardware on Mars? Where's the current locations of the secret USAF Space Stations and the USN's Gargantuan-sized Flying Propane Tanks? Where is the 360 page report on the 250 Billion+ strong Verdant species who want to take over Earth through vicarious if not nefarious low-key and SEVERELY HIDDEN MEANS? Who was the cameraman filming President Harry Truman with that custom 22mm film camera taken of Truman surveying a bunch of alien beings lain dead on some airfield warehouse taxiway? And damnit! WHERE ARE THE NEAREST Dyson Spheres and HOW can I get to them to partake in all things intergalactically insidious and ignoble?


Give us what we REALLY WANT !


P.S. actually the World Trade Centre towers were SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED to take a full-on, full speed 600 KMH plus hit from a Boeing 707 jetliner! I was actually SURPRISED they stayed upright as long as they did! THAT shows just how GOOD the original design and engineering actually WERE on those towers! What they COULD NOT TAKE though is a full on heat from the much heavier and higher inertia-level of a B767! And TRUE the fireproofing insulation unfortunately was NOT up to par and did simply blow off contributing to the eventual pancake collapse!


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When I have a large shot or two of that ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL Made-in-Germany Asbach Uralt Brandy, ONLY THEN will I feel much better at the start of this year 2019. Being only a few days old, it's ALREADY been crazy! Not to mention me being ALREADY highly exasperated by all the flakes, weirdos, plain old crazies and simple nutcases that pass for the overly-somnolent, dystopia-loving, wretched examples of porcine fecal matter we call educated people these days!

So how do I feel? I feel that maybe that one should look thyself in thy navel so as to figure out how many inches (or cm!) one must dig to remove all the decades-old lint thou hast collecteth in this ignomious example of an ill-mastered life! I suggest you drink ten straight shots of Jamaican Rum and Call it a Day after you send me a cheque for 999,999 Euros so that I may waste it in its entirety on all that possibly illegal, likely immoral AND the most definitely and lusciously fattening !!!

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What is this Utter Bilge of Supposed 9/11 Conspiracy Documents ??? These leaks documents PROVE NOTHING AT ALL !!!!

The documents released by Dark Overlord have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do at all with a vaaaaaaaast Left Wing or Right Wing Conspiracy! These released/leaked documents are nothing more than details on simple 3rd Party Liability and Insurance Policy Subrogation Litigation on the World Trade Centre buildings. Basically, Lloyds of London has investors and guarantors who have UNLIMITED LIABILITY and are REQUIRED to pay out the Billion Dollar+ policy limits for the building and property damaged by the September 9/11 events in New York! These policy guarantors are called "Syndicates" because they are usually groups of individual insurance policy investors or groups of companies who have decided to spread the risk of insurance coverage amongst themselves (i.e. Re-Insurance) so that they MIGHT get income from insurance premiums OR payouts from OTHER insurers that they have bought re-insurance from (i.e. a HEDGE against any claims!)

Of course they don't want to pay the insurance claim AT ALL, or at least, pay only the MINIMUM AMOUNT LEGALLY POSSIBLE. So how do they do that? They hire a bunch of lawyers for around 50 million US dollars and get THEM to determine if ANY other 3rd party can be found at fault via their inadequate procedures, products or services that COULD HAVE, on a legal basis, be legally determined to be a contributory factor in preventing or mitigating the events of September 11, 2001. These lawyers are PAID to find out who ELSE can be blamed (i.e. Boston Logan Airport, the airline, plane manufacturers, screeners, security firms, even door padlock makers!)

Basically, these lawyers will find data to support their assertion about spreading the blame and LEGAL LIABILITY around so it is covered by OTHER companies and persons. The courts can then use the lawyer data to determine the percentage amounts of 3rd Party Liability Insurance Subrogation and any Re-Insurance options and issues. By spending 50 million US, Lloyds MAY be able to assign blame and insurance coverage to another party and AVOID having to pay ALL or SOME of the Billion Dollars it's Policy Guarantors would be legally obligated to pay the Claimant!

Insurance Policy Subrogation and 3rd Party Liability --- THAT'S IT! That's ALL these documents are about! Some lawyers are being PAID to find proof of procedural and/or product/service inadequacy so that they can convince a judge to assign insurance liability to SOME OTHER COMPANY OR ENTITY other than Lloyds of London and its Syndicate investors and Policy Guarantors! It's a Mere Typical Day in the Life of a higher level Insurance Claims Lawyer!

There IS NO CONSPIRACY HERE !!! The word "Syndicates" is a legal term for Lloyds of London Insurance Policy Investors and Guarantors and DOES NOT REFER to some secret MAFIA or government agency who supposedly caused 9/11. What CAUSED 9/11 is the AIRLINE THEMSELVES, who after all the aircraft hijaakings in the 1970's and 1980's, SHOULD HAVE LEGALLY FORESEEN that an aircraft cockpit could be violently entered or invaded by nefarious persons! Ergo, they SHOULD HAVE HAD BY THE YEAR 2000 PROPER LOCKS installed on the Cockpit Cabin doors, built-in wide field of view video monitors AND have the doors themselves fully strengthened against violent intrusion!

It wasn't the AIRPORT'S fault! Americans LIKE freedom of movement! WHY should they be unnecessarily inconvenienced by excessive and intrusive screening when it's the AIRLINE's JOB and the AIRPLANE MANUFACTURER'S JOB to first make a lockable aircraft door that's opens ONLY from the inside AND has a video screen monitoring ability AND THEN have the Airline company employees (i.e. the Pilots!) have it as PART OF THEIR JOB to actually LOCK the damn doors!

When you drive in a bad part of town, don't you at least LOCK your car doors? And Don't you EXPECT that those car doors WOULD be lockable?

Same thing with these documents...THEY are working papers indicating the procedures and details that will HELP assign blame to legally responsible parties so that Lloyds Insurance does NOT have to pay the full insurance policy amount all by itself!


Soooo....these leaked files are total B.S. !!! It's all about Insurance Subrogation (look it up!) and assigning 3rd Party Liability!

AND....I can tell Dark Overlord has NO IDEA AT ALL about the legal system in the USA because he/they DO NOT EVEN UNDERSTAND what these documents are talking about AT ALL !!!


So.....WHERE ARE the UFO documents! And don't show me 20 to 30 year old images of "The Green Lady" or SR-75 Two-Stage-to-Orbit Spaceplane System -- I already have those! And anyways, that tech is OLD SCHOOL BORING! Show me some PROOF of Electro-Magneto-Hydrodynamic Field Effects Engines that Warp Space and Time.

AND...when you have some secret documents regarding the 250+ Billion Strong Verdant Alien species trying to take over this part of the galaxy AND/OR have more information about the 3D-XYZ Space Coordinates of the nearest visually-stealthed Dyson Spheres THEN CALL ME! Otherwise, this release is nothing but a truck load of Horse Hockey Pucks! (aka Manure!)

What are you? 19 years old still living in Momma's Basement? Give us the good stuff and not this boring insurance litigation scheisse! Capiche?

Staff sacked after security sees 'suspect surfer' script of shame

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Re: The mistake was to use them for blackmailing intead of simply blocking the domains

I did notice at one of the "companies I once had an affiliation with decades ago", that a LOT of extra 30x15x30 cm clear acrylic blocks were being ordered for the 5-axis CNC systems along with LOTS of the super-fine polishing grit for the enclosed surface finisher machines which are like polishing-oriented sandblasters which can make plastic or glass PERFECTLY smooth!

I had heard on the grapevine that one of the junior-to-me "egghead" CAD/CAM specialists was rumoured to have made a financial killing off of the many young and old ladies and certain men in said company after it was found that production runs of certain objects of coital enhancement were made in-between the overnight client CNC runs.

In those days you had to use MULTIPLE FLOPPY DISKS (yes! real 1.2 megabyte floppy disks!) to upload a 3D model (pretty high resolution too!) to the internal memory of a CNC machine which then drives the acrylic-specific carving bits on the CNC machine. Someone then had to unload the finished blocks, use a bandsaw to cut off the base of the carving and glue the finished product to another plastic base for fine polishing in the sandlbaster-like polishing enclosure.

Since the machinery couldn't be be turned off for whatever mechanical reason since the factory was a 24/7/365 operation, in-between the client CNC machining runs, staff tended to run off their own projects in-between the custom client object CNC runs. They were supposed-to use the normally recycled material cut-offs but staff were allowed to do their own projects so as to "increase" their CAD/CAM/CNC experience for the company benefit.

Evidently, some staff took this project freedom to new lengths by making custom 3D-modelled body-extremis objects which I was told came directly from a 3D scan (which was EXPENSIVE to do in those days!) of a rather well-known and very much objectified-by-the-ladies staff member who was said to resemble Adonis.

The CAD/CAM/CNC expert was able to make enough money over a few years that he bought a NEW Land Rover Defender! He left the company after almost a decade to open his own CAD/CAM/CNC shop and senior staff were never the wiser (or they chose to turn a deliberate blind eye to the shenanigans!) I had already left by then on other contracts but I did hear through further anecdotes that the said egghead was well regarded for his CAD/CAM/CNC modelling/carving expertise! I always did wonder if the ORIGINAL 3D model was ever properly compensated (i.e. financially or otherwise!) for the 3D reproduction of his well-known "wares"!


StargateSg7 Bronze badge

Re: And that's why...

This is why I like to use my OWN encryption to my multiple outside servers so even IF they use a Man-in-the-Middle server, all they see is a destination server which changes every few seconds AND has encrypted-packet-within-a-packet infrastructure I developed myself. Works like a charm!

All they see is encrypted data inside each packet which contains my PERSONALLY-DESIGNED IP-V7 designed packet structure which changes encrypt codes literally every few seconds and reroutes my packets to the appropriate destination! It also helps to have a custom developed web browser which can support such advanced proxy surfing and packet-within-a-packet infrastructure!

Suunto settles scary scuba screwup for $50m: 'Faulty' dive computer hardware and software put explorers in peril

StargateSg7 Bronze badge

AND just for your sake I would say one of the BEST dive computers out there is the:

Petrel-2 from Shearwater:

base version:


Petrel 2 with Fischer connection system:


The Petrel 2 with or without the Fischer connection system for rebreather integration. You're looking at about $1075 CAD (650 Euros) for the base Petrel-2 model and going past $1500 CAD (1200 Euros) for all the added options. They are a Richmond, British Columbia, Canada company (30 minute away from my home!) so they ABSOLUTELY KNOW ALL ABOUT cold-water and deep-water diving for recreational and technical/commercial/rebreather applications!

AND if you REALLY want to have some diving fun, go up into the British Columbia Coast Mountain Ranges and do high altitude Glacier Lake diving to see the very interesting rock and ice formations...Some of these lakes are as much as 350 feet deep! (110 m), SO DO REMEMBER to take your altitude into account on your dive plan decompression stops. The waters are UTTERLY CRYSTAL CLEAR and you can dive right into ice caves and find some old Woolly Mammoth or Sabre-took tiger bones still preserved after 20,000 years or find these weird glowing rocks all about you making it look like a Christmas lights display!

Try these deep glacier and mountain fed lakes in British Columbia.


The underwater rock formations are utterly spectacular and the water is ESPECIALLY CRYSTAL CLEAR in Winter! Get a good Dry Suit though!

AND for normal coastal saltwater diving try these:

Top 5 cold water diving locations near Campbell River BC:


You do NEED to be prepared for these waters! They are CLEAR but VERY COLD -- Dry Suits are pretty much a MUST and In my opinion Fall/Winter from October to Marh to is BEST time of the year to go diving!

StargateSg7 Bronze badge

Re: True

I've learned with number three, that red and green glowsticks are a Godsend! I always carry a few strapped to my pony bottles and some strapped to my BCD --- bend and shake and you've got light.

You usually get them in Green, but bright white and Xenon Blue are available now!

If you're in a wreck or a cave you can also buy 2cm diameter weighted clear plastic balls which contain a single blinking white LED and some watch-style batteries which can last up to 12 hours even at depths past 230 feet (70m). They usually have a loop with some string and a largish clip which you can put on some coral, kelp or hull to keep in place along with it's weight.

On the way back out you pick them back up to ensure your safe passage the way you came in!

StargateSg7 Bronze badge

Re: Its not just dive computers

One thing I've notice nowadays, is these super-fancy, All-carbon composite pony bottles which can give you up to a full 6000 PSI or even MORE! You get a few extra minutes if your rebreather conks out to get you to your dive buddy or to your previous safety tank drop-off station when you're diving in confined spaces like caves or in big wrecks.

My pony bottles aren't 6000+ psi, but with one on each of my lower legs, I feel safer knowing I have enough air to get to my dive buddy.

StargateSg7 Bronze badge

Re: Isn't that what the watches with the numbered bezels are for?

Bingo! Our PADI instructor was ADAMANT that even IF you have a computer, you use your slate with the decompression times/levels and a geographic dive plan with bottom stops to check your location with your dive buddies. I did notice he wore those fancy but fully waterproof analog watches on ALL his dives along with his computer and THAT was in the early 1990's!

Another instructor would have one of those plastic see-through inserts on the left-forearm of his dry-suit so he could ALWAYS SEE his dive plan and stop/check times which he had laser printed on some plastic film. You just slide the film-printed plan into the insert and even if he lost his slate, he still had a backup dive plan.

I noticed as a 220 foot+ deep diver he had TWO analog watches!

In the cold winter waters of British Columbia, Canada you DEFINITELY NEED two or three backups for everything! Our local waters ARE DANGEROUS as heck! Here, an unprepared diver is a dead diver even at 60 feet! Add in the extra technical difficulties of Nitrox, Trimix or Heliox and multi-level decompression stations, having MULTIPLE BACKUPS is and SHOULD be automatic!

Wow, what a lovely early Christmas present for Australians: A crypto-busting super-snoop law passes just in time

StargateSg7 Bronze badge

Re: I promised I'd keep doing this...

I'm TELLING the autralian govrnment RIGHT NOW ....TO PISS OFF !!!


Arrest them, put them on trial, convict them and put these mofos IN JAIL FOR TREASON against the people of Australia !!!!! RISE UP AUSTRALIANS It's time to wake the hell up and TAKE BACK CONTROL


StargateSg7 Bronze badge

"....Why all this whinging about Australian software? If they can get this designed, coded, tested, and up and running on all the multitude of different systems and have that all in place well before this Christmas, Australian software must be by far the best in the world. No other country could even begin to do anything so complex in that timescale...."


Done and Finished! You can NOW HAVE Quantum Computing resistant communications (Lattice/Invariate/One-time PAD) PLUS CAAST-256 x 3 (768 bits) that is BOTH peer-to-peer AND runs on top of AND outside of Facebook, Google/Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, Skype and any web browser app to encrypt your communications.

Nothing ANYONE can do about it as it is ALL Open Source and Completely FREE --- Only GNU GPL3 copyrights are imposed.

StargateSg7 Bronze badge

Re: Just watch...

Anybody in Australia want my encryption software? It works ON TOP OF and OUTSIDE of Facebook, Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook and any other major email instant messaging system that uses a browser or JAVA. With Lattice, One-time-pad and Invariate quantum computing resistant encryption algorithms built-in, and IN ADDITION we have CAAST-256 x 3 = 768 bits. Completely open source under GNU3 Open Source licence and compiled for multiple platforms.

AND FULLY PEER-to-PEER encrypted communications if you need it!


with all functions and functionality completely self-written!

Very easy-to-read code for easy modification, VALIDATION AND VERIFICATION!

They ain't getting ANYTHING!

I'll put it up this next week in various places!

Funnily enough, China fuming, senator cheering after Huawei CFO cuffed by Canadian cops at Uncle Sam's request

StargateSg7 Bronze badge

Re: Export Control

"....If your company sells any (proscribed) tech, that has passed through American hands at any point in its development, to a customer with links to a country on us.gov's "Banned!" list, then you are going to get a can of Uncle Sam's Legal Whoop-Ass opened up for you...."


I get that too, soooo as a Canadian, I write software and design all sorts of hardware that USES NO U.S. Components at all !!!! While that has more to do with me being Anal Retentive in wanting to do ALL the writing, designing and building MYSELF for personal satisfaction and quality control reasons, I also do that so as to AVOID ANY ISSUE of Non-Canadian sourced components and software.

So I can make my own satellites, spaceplanes, autonomous robots, A.I software, encryption software and open source it FOR EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE .... and there is NOT A DAMN THING THE USA can do about it since It was "ME!" who was the one who ENTIRELY built and designed it, right down to machining my own nuts and bolts on my custom self-built CNC/3D printers and even making custom resistors, capacitors, power supplies, DSP's/CPU's/GPU's fully MADE IN CANADA FROM CANADIAN MATERIALS AND EQUIPMENT ... Even the assemblers, compilers and OS'es and Design Software are made in Canada! I know that's more than just a bit crazy...but that's just my Squeezed Sphincters talking because I HAPPEN TO LIKE doing things all by myself with ALMOST NO HELP from anyone else!

Not many people have that sort of time, talent and resources available to do that, BUT since I do...well...I DO THAT! MOSTLY FOR FUN TOO !!!

StargateSg7 Bronze badge

Technically, if they sold products FROM THE USA, containing components MADE or COMMISSIONED WITHIN the USA to a restricted party in Iran! Sooooo, on a technical/legal basis the company DID in fact break US law! The KEY ISSUE is she SHE the CFO know about it and INTENTIONALLY SIGNED OFF on those transactions! If she did, then she get 20 years per count!

If she PERSONALLY had no knowledge of the transactions committed by underlings (who may have acted on their own!), then she merely gets a big fine and loses any position held within the US operations.

StargateSg7 Bronze badge

Re: @Spazturtle - You're trying to tell us

"....the CFO of a US company is liable for breaking Chinese laws and he should be arrested no matter where outside Chinese territory ? Is this what you want to imply ? I'm afraid in this case high ranking executives from Google, Facebook and others should be very afraid when going outside US territory...."


Actually that IS VERY TRUE!!! If a U.S. Company such as Google has it's Chinese operations commit an equivalent Felony in China, then GOOGLE's US executive personnel ARE ABLE TO BE ARRESTED and extradited to China to face Chinese Law for crimes committed IN China! Executive are responsible for the behaviour of their employees and those executives have a FIDUCIARY DUTY to keep and abide by the laws of the countries they operate in!

Ergo, YES I do see Google, GM and OTHER American company executives VERY SOON NOW being ARRESTED and detained/imprisoned for VERY LONG PERIODS of time IN CHINA for "Crimes" allegedly committed on Chinese soil and/or territories!

Ecuador says 'yes' to Assange 'freedom' deal, but Julian says 'nyet'

StargateSg7 Bronze badge

"....Senior Americans have called for entire nations to be killed. Phrases like 'bomb them back to the stone age' and 'turn their deserts to glass' have upon occasion been bandied around. But perhaps none of that actually matters, since for the most part you can see those selfsame senior Americans in church on a Sunday praising the Prince of Peace and turning the other cheek just as their pastor reminds them to do. Well, except for those pastors who don't...."


Well,,,maybe it's time to give them a taste of their own medicine....if they THREATEN to kill others...then it's time to TAKE THEM SERIOUSLY and threaten them back and when appropriate, if "THEY" are a true danger to others, take them out for real !!! NEVER underestimate a threat! Hit back harder and ALWAYS TAKE THEM OUT before they take YOU out!

It's all a matter of time: Super-chill atomic clock could sniff gravitational waves, dark matter

StargateSg7 Bronze badge

Re: AND...

".....Ah BOB Stargate, why do you even have separate accounts if you're going to be so easily recognised? ...."


Because I am NOT Bombastic Bob! I am StargateSG7, a user based in Vancouver, Canada. Bombastic Bob, I think is based in Southeast England. We for SOME REASON have the same writing style using that OPPOSING caps style. I also think we probably came from the same pressure-cooker background of 1980'era MiniComputer/Mainframe computing and Large Data Systems management which probably EXPLAINS WHY we are so hyperactive and well.....BOMBASTIC....!!!!

I do machine vision systems and video processing research for various entities of which I have a stake in. Bombastic Bob I believe is a SysOps/DevOps person.

I AM NOT BOMBASTIC BOB !!!! Ya Got The Wrong Guy!


Now back to the main subject at hand!

QAM bandwidth is governed by the number of symbols which are in fact a series of radio waves of a specific amplitude and phase that are SUPPOSED to appear in a Specific Quadrant when those signals are displayed on a Vectorscope (which is a type of Oscilloscope -- i.e. do note the word Quadrature!).

When you divide up a vectorscope into quadrants and place TARGET-points within those qradrants, ANY incoming signal of a specific frequency that has it's amplitude HITTING those target points is considered a signal that signifies the digital signal symbol that represents that target point (i.e. example the binary digit 15 or 1111 in bitwise notation for any RF signal that say....hits the quadrature target at XY-Point X:200, Y:-200 +/- 0.2% of graph size)

Signals that DO NOT hit those target points on the scope are rejected as NOT being part of any symbol set.

Now the problem is that RF signals have multipathing and reflect, diffract, refract and otherwise mis-time themselves. If only one or two waveforms do that, then we can easily have circuitry that REJECTS those signals as NOT being part of a QAM modulation schema.

BUT if MORE THAN ONE set of waveforms has the same general amount of multipath and distortion behaviour, then the circuits MUST ASSUME that it is the SIGNAL ENVIRONMENT itself that is causing the problems and thus attempt to recover those distorted signals by creating a PLUS/MINUS DIFFERENCE-based error correction scheme that ACCOUNTS for those distortions.

So the circuits look for IDEAL SIGNAL ECC/Correction-specific RF Frames or Packets every few seconds or even microseconds that are of a format that are considered IDEAL signals. When the RECEIVED IDEAL signals are compared against the internal-to-phone's or wireless router's IDEAL SIGNAL reference waveform, then we can figure out how much time and phase distortion is occurring and then apply THAT distortion difference calculation to ALL OTHER incoming signals so we can determine if the incoming digital RF signals hit the QAM signal quadrature placement points which indicates they are a VALID QAM symbol!

Today, it's usually QAM-64 (16 points per quadrature) or QAM-256 (64 points per quadrature) that represents up to 64 symbols or 256 symbols per modulation set. NOW as of 2018 QAM-1024 and QAM-4096 are coming out within specialty systems (usually video and mobile voice phone oriented) because a few "dropped" symbols doesn't mean all that much to understanding a voice of video stream. You would hear static or see macro-blocks. That is NOT too big of a deal for the average user/consumer!

BUT with DIGITAL DATA where every bit counts, we still use OLDER QAM because we can more reliably recover digital data from an RF signal. However, the data rate is much LOWER!

Soooooo, with much more precise clocks, we can BETTER place the QAM symbols with the QAM quadratures so they can be recovered more effectively within even a heavily distorted, time-delayed and out-of-phase RF signals environment.

The MORE IDEAL reference signals are sent closer together, the more accurately I can MEASURE time and phase distortions to BETTER recover actual digital data! Ergo, i get MUCH HIGHER bandwidth into the Terabits-per-Second range!

And with QAM-128-Kilo or QAM-ONE-Mega we can have 128 Thousand or One Million symbols per RF digital modulation signal set which means ENORMOUS full-duplex download AND upload bandwidth per user!

which equals Tottenham Football Match Watch-on-the-London-Tube Heaven! (or here in Canada, it means I can watch the Vancouver Canucks hockey team PROBABLY actually make it to the playoffs AND maybe even WIN the Stanley Cup in the 2019 playoffs all the WHILE watching from my tablet whilst seated lazily on my boat anchored in English Bay listening to the Seagulls float by and having two pints at a time!)

Is THAT not a good enough reason to get QAM-ONE-Mega up and running sooner rather than later?

StargateSg7 Bronze badge

Re: AND...

You actually hinted at HOW the actual gain over current atmospheric and multi-path distortions will occur, because by adding in EXTRA signal "ECC frames/packets" that are used as REFERENCES, they could be compared to an saved-internal-to-phone IDEAL ECC frame/packst signal and those HIGHLY accurate time and phase difference between the IDEAL reference signal and the one stored in the phone could tell you how much general distortion and multi-path is taking place within your current signal environment.

That ALLOWS you to figure out how much the QAM "place-points" are distorted from what should be ideal locations. You're STILL going to get an ENORMOUS bandwidth increase because the distortions are compensated for. An RF researcher in the 1970's from Simon Fraser University in Canada PIONEERED the use of PRE-DISTORTION to figure out how irregular signals were actually distorted from an ideal signal and how such signals could be compensated-for at the reception side.


ALL modern mobile devices use his pioneering 1970's era research AND with a better, more accurate clock your digital signal pre-distortion and UNdistortion system is able to more effectively figure out HOW to compensate for time and phase distortions allowing QAM symbols to be spaced closer together and allowing MORE symbols within the QAM schema which give you much greater bandwidth.

AND YES I ran it through with one of our RF engineers and he sat me down to tell me this is "Old News" and that QAM symbology recognition techniques in current development WILL allow for OVER one million symbols per RF digital modulation set with higher resolution clocks. And it seems MUCH RESEARCH has ALREADY been done in this area on using more accurate clocks, which is WHY Wifi 802.99x and 6G will be on the order of TERABITS per second bandwidths!

StargateSg7 Bronze badge

AND.....in case anyone is wondering what USE this type of technology has for the real world, I can tell that IF these time pieces were put in for GPS (Global Positioning Sytem aka Galileo, GLONASS, Beidou, etc), then our positioning accuracy would go from the current unaugmented 30 metres (96 feet) or 10 metres augmented (30 feet) downto SUB-MILLIMETRE-scale accuracy. That make GPS-based self-driving automobiles, lorries (Semi-Trucks), planes, ships, delivery drones a lot more viable!


The data bandwidth of mobile phones could be increased a hundred-fold by using a super-precise TIME-AND-PHASE-based QAM (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation) so that instead of the current maximum of 64 to 4096 symbols represented per signal-set within the QAM-64 to QAM-4096 communications digital modulation schema, we could have QAM-192K or even QAM-ONE-MEG because we can MORE PRECISELY delineate where a QAM-symbol boundary starts and stops within the QAM digital modulation scheme.

See background:


If we were able to move even to a 128K QAM, actual mobile phone data downloads AND uploads would be TRULY symmetrical at about 682 Megabits per second with ECC (Error Correction) and with One-Mega-QAM, we could get 5.4 Gigabits per second upload AND download Full Duplex PER USER!

Sooooooo......from a COMMERCIAL point-of-view, PRECISE clocks make a BIG DIFFERENCE in GPS accuracy AND wireless data bandwidth !!!!!

Australia to build a pirate-proof fence: Brace yourselves, Google

StargateSg7 Bronze badge

The Australian legislature are IDIOTS PERIOD !!! I could just BLOW THROUGH THIS BLOCKAGE in three seconds with encrypted peer-to-peer and DISTRIBUTED search engines(of my design of course!)

I can actually REPLACE Google and create a non-single-location search engine that can index EVERY site in the world without restrictions on search results! AND NO government could stop the technology since I can even do it wirelessly at the mobile phone BASEBAND level of communications without ANY filtering from the main Operating System using distributed mesh-based communications!

Gigabit? More like, you can gigabet the US will fall behind on super-fast broadband access

StargateSg7 Bronze badge

Re: A variation of the early computer model then...

".....We needed more than analog modem speeds because our content consumption got richer - from text to GIF to MP3 to video, but now that we've got HD/4K video there's no richer sensory input remaining to create demand for the next big jump in connection speed....."


I beg to differ on those case points. For a Proper Meet-Human-Resolution-Limits media experience, we need 16k Video (16384 by 8640 pixels) at 1000 frames per second at 16-bits per channel RGBA pixel depths which means at RAW UNCOMPRESSED data rates, that would be 1 132 462 080 bytes per frame or about 67 947 724 800 000 bytes per second (67.947 Terabytes Per Second or 543.567 Terabits per second) of data bandwidth! At modern interframe video compression ratios of 25:1, we are STILL looking at around 22 Terabits per second which can be done using Dense Wave Multiplexing over glass fibre technologies!

Ergo, we STILL have a ways to go until we hit maximum human physical limits for resolution and required bandwidth to match! So there is ALWAYS ROOM to expand bandwidth at prices to match until PetaBYTES per Second Quantum Entanglement communications becomes common place and outsize 128k by 68k video at 10000 fps real-as-real-can-be imagery becomes common for broadcasting!

StargateSg7 Bronze badge

Re: Well it seems that fiber optics companies are going to make a killing in offshore revenue

"....so they will be able to upgrade their networks so everyone in the country can access super fast 20Mb interwebs, ...."


20 Megabits per second? WOW !!! That is SLOOOOWWWWW.....My home connection is already 300 megabits per second with Telus (Vancouver, Canada) and the work connections have had 10-Gigabit Direct to Telco Ethernet for a while now at a reasonable price rather than the incredibly expensive leased OT-768 lines of old. We're actually looking at Terabit Ethernet-over-Fibre and it's STILL RELATIVELY CHEAP! If you live in Downtown Vancouver in one of the highrise Apartments, you've had Gigabit Ethernet for more than TEN YEARS NOW!

I feel sorry for the USA with their super-slow internet! My only telecom gripe with Telus is that we only get 10 Gigabytes a month data plans at 22 megabits download on our mobile phones and even THAT costs $80 Canadian per month (about 55 Euros).

Laptop search unravels scheme to fake death for insurance cash

StargateSg7 Bronze badge

Re: "nice prosumer Canon camera."

".....Which happens to be an EOS, not a IOS - AFAIK Apple didn't buy Canon yet.... anyway, they didn't look to spend much on cameras despite the millions stolen <G>...."


Actually, the INTERNAL APPLE rumour mill has the Apple Board and CEO Tim Cook looking at BUYING BOTH Canon (for their MASSIVE chip-making and optics patent portfolio) and TI (Texas Instruments) for their massive ARM CHIP production capacity and DSP (Digital Signal Processor) patent portfolio.

From my VERY GOOD SECRET SOURCES, Apple's offer for Canon MAY be on the order of nearly $60 Billion US and TI shareholders will be offered $25 Billion which are pretty hefty stock premiums....BUT.... I personally think because of BOTH companies' patent portfolios AND their internal chip-making capacities, this would make sense for Apple to do. Apple can afford to buy BOTH companies AND still have tons of cash left over.

I do know from some of the HIGHEST LEVEL SOURCES, that Apple is AGGRESSIVELY buying out entire patent portfolios for CPU, GPU and IMAGE SENSOR chip-making patents, quantum dot and chip-LED displays, 5G and newly-extended 6G wireless technologies, Sapphire-on-Polycarbonate screen coverings and A.I. systems software.

Don't be surprised to see Canon and/or Texas Instruments in Apple's hands by the of next year or by 2020!

Canon and TI are GREAT targets to go after!

Tech sector unites in attempt to avoid Oz's anti-crypto push, again

StargateSg7 Bronze badge

If Australians want Encrypted Text Chat, Encrypted Videophone, Encrypted Email and Encrypted File Transfer then I already have a solution and WILL GIVE IT AWAY UTTERLY FOR FREE for you to download workable on ANY Tablet, Smartphone and Desktop that has HTML-5 enabled browser OR a Java-enabled scripting system. I use Shor's Algorithm Resistant encryption (i.e. Lattice-based anti-quantum computing encryption) AND TRIPLE AES-256 (768 bits) so you can keep your data files, media and personal communications completely ENCRYPTED using either or both PEER-to-PEER and Client/Server connections! We are in final product testing mode, so within 45 days you can keep your privacy intact from prying eyes. (aka The Five Eyes aka Echelon System).

We were going to introduce this technology anyways at the 45 day time window, but this announcement from Australia simply ticked us off to no end, so we added some further teaks to INCREASE privacy AND it works as a second invisible layer ON TOP of you using your normal Web-based email and messaging systems (Outlook, GMail, Skype, Hotmail, Yahoo, Facebook, etc) so EVEN IF the idiots have server and network-based tools and court orders to access data at the service provider, your data and communications are STILL ENCRYPTED at the local machine and peer level BYPASSING EVERYTHING they do at the back end! And me doing OPEN SOURCE FREE software means they can do dip diddley all!

The Australian guy is A TECHNOLOGICAL KNOW-NOTHING AND A SIMPLE IDIOT ....AND...I just bypassed his ENTIRE LEGISLATIVE BILL by me being CANADIAN and making ENCRYPTED COMMUNICATIONS SOFTWARE available for you Australians (And anyone else for that matter!) that can be downloaded for UTTERLY FREE !!!

TalkTalk hackhack duoduo thrownthrown in the coolercooler: 'Talented' pair sentenced for ransacking ISP

StargateSg7 Bronze badge

Re: "individuals of extraordinary talent."

"......"script kiddie" is, using things written by others like any miscreant would, in essence having NO real knowledge of computers, or networks, or security, but having those "toolz" so he can look like a 1337 h4x0r to his script-kiddie buddies and online "friends"....."


TRUE...A Real Hacker knows how to bypass the OS and go right to the modifying the BIOS of the Drive Controller firmware, can inject a cutom JMP/RET/RETN/RETF assembler instruction set into the memory allocation handler, the USB Stick's onboard micro-OS, the BASEBAND OS of the cell phone communications chip (Modem), the graphics card BIOS/firmware and the network card BIOS so we can slurp IP address and DNS requests at the firmware level and BEFORE the AES-256 packet encryption, slurp and save the data into pre-reserved sectors of storage media and into unused portions of IP4/IP6 packet headers and Ethernet/ATM/SONET Frames. We can screenshot the desktop and/or use IRQ's to record the keyboard scan-codes and touchscreen and/or mouse coordinates to get a direct recording of what you did during your online or offline session!

OH YEAH! A .....REAL....HACKER......would put in a pressurized tap into a gas-enveloped fibre optic cables and put in a pure optical switch to slurp and inject NEW photon pulses at just the right frequencies at the right times for ALL channels so the spooks CANNOT use reflectivity/reflectometry to figure out where line delays occur in their fibre optic lines!

KABOOM !!!! A real hacker can secretly put in a micro thermal emissions and surface wave acoustic sensor ONTO the CPU/GPU chip itself so I can directly record what memory cells, circuit paths and pins are being activated at ANY given time and record them as a virtualized/emulated CPU/GPU instruction set which I can playback and slow down to my heart's delight on a hardware emulator!

AAAAAAAHHHHH !!!! A REAL HACKER takes your fingerprints from an acoustic scan of your ENTIRE finger prints along with thermal, pressure and olfactory data so I can make a 3D printed silicon glove version of your hand that will have the right temperature, pressure gradients, proper sweat chemicals and proper physical texture to fool even the NEWEST smartphones and high-security-banking fingerprint scanning systems. That 10 Million Euro SWIFT bank transfer is NOW MINE !!!!

HOT DAMN!!! AM I EVER GOOD !!!!!! I know this scheisse INSIDE and Out from the EARLIEST days of global networking! How many people even KNOW what Interrupt 0x13 and 0x21 are? I DO !!! DO YOU?

Using a free VPN? Why not skip the middleman and just send your data to President Xi?

StargateSg7 Bronze badge

Good thing I don't have to worry about VPN's since I can appear to be from ANY country I want since our company has Carrier Class Routing and Edge-Server capabilities AND I can use the 10 megabit satellite connection ANYWHERE in the world with the Satcom modem on my laptop. This means I can be in Egypt but look like I'm in New Zealand!

Thank You to my filthy rich, utterly techo-tastic "employer" who has either IN-HOUSE DESIGNED/BUILT or BOUGHT every major computing system and communications gadget known to human kind!

P.S. Sorry for blittering your $35,000 lens into the Blarney Stone...I promise I will TRY to not wreck the next lens until at least 2020!

Trump in Spaaaaaaace: Washington DC battles over who gets to decide the rules of trillion-dollar new industry

StargateSg7 Bronze badge

Re: Is it the battle of the bots?

OMG !!! You and the AmFm guy are two peas in a pod!

There are NO ET shenanigans! They are mostly utterly indifferent to us and those that have ANY interest here are beyond normal technology, basically of celestial/angelic origin. Bloody hell !!!....Go pull up your knickers and see that the stupid humans here HAVE NO CLUE at all! -- Technically, neither do you...but then again, you don't have a BFF from Tau Ceti IV I've known for a few decades to give me the low-down on who's naughty and who's nice in this part of the galaxy!

ANYWAYS, again the USA has NO jurisdiction on WHO can goto space! They can't even manage to catch a bunch of flying propane tanks much less keep some Canadians from busting their space-chops!

StargateSg7 Bronze badge

Re: Re Commanding Space Controllers

"....Are you saying that is THE GOOD OLE USA and it is worth defending and supporting?..."


OK Mr. Parkov,

As a supremely Canadian Mr. Top Hat , I have been supporting my dumb-as-a-brick but gargantuan brother down south for DECADES now! He's an overgrown gorilla with the brains of a worm, but he's still my lovable brother. That said I still don't TRUST him either, sooooo I've built my own secret Vibranium and Adamantium Man system which means I'm the biggest, baddest brick-smasher on the block now. Bro has no clue what I am and can do now AND he can no longer take a swing at me anymore because NOW, I have the actual size and strength, to break his arms and legs in two as I see fit if he gets pissy with me!

I grew up to a much larger size and greater power level now. He just doesn't see or know it yet!

Bro is Spiderman....BUT.... I'm The Hulk, Dr. Strange, Thor AND Iron Man all in One! I win!

StargateSg7 Bronze badge

Re: The FCC - who controls space?

"....The power to control "space" goes no further than a bureaucrat's keyboard. ..."

NO...The power to control space goes to a country that has a SEVEN HUNDRED BILLION DOLLAR defence budget, a 60 BILLION DOLLAR BLACK BUDGET for Super-Secret Research and Development, owns 10 of one-hundred-thousand-tonne aircraft carriers, has 3000 active-duty MIRV'ed nuclear missiles with warheads that go between 275 Kilotons to 5 Megatons with another 12,000 nuclear missiles HELD IN RESERVE, ....AND.....having 13,000 aircraft, 3200 battle tanks, secret aircraft that include ten two-stage-to-orbit spaceplanes, 18 hypersonic 135,000 feet flight level reconn aricraft, 22 active-duty stealth bombers, 160 still-secret tactical stealth bombers AND TO a country where SDI (Strategic Defence Initiative aka Star Wars) NEVER actually went away but all that money eventually resulted in us helping deliver hypersonic kinetic energy and directed energy anti-ICBM and anti-cruise missile systems to a working and DEPLOYED state!

To put it MILDLY, the ONLY COUNTRY that matters is THE GOOD OLE USA (hoooo yaaaaa !!!!) and the Freedom Fries we so eloquently DEFEND upon your cushy tush'es behalf!


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Re: How could you POSSIBLY accuse me of being recalcitrant towards our mother tongue?

Tsk Tsk...while I only PARTIALLY understand the use of it's (it is) and its (possessive) form, I do must say you might enchant yourself in keeping your bobbles in your knickers and sending your contractions to the knackers whilst figuring out how many crumbs of crumpet fit elegantly upon the head of a pin!

Do comment more on how Trump and the FCC desire to dump their legal lumps upon the world's spatial rump!

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Re: @StargateSg7 -- StargateSg7?

"....I'd suggest more likely related to amanfromMars1, given your issues with English syntax. ..."

--- Whaaaaat? Bloody Hell! I do speak The Queen's English with more than a modicum of efficacy! How could you POSSIBLY accuse me of being recalcitrant towards the dignity of the Crown and it's use of our mother tongue?

And, please do enlighten me upon the machinations of "amanfromMars1" whom I have so little knowledge of. What manner of linguistic or work-related transgressions has this poor man been accused of?

AND NO! I am NOT BombasticBob ..... A hex upon ye who mistake ME for HIM or HER!


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Re: Commercial?

"....."I'll have some of what that guy is smokin'!"

From the look of it, he's probably smokin' motherboards......"


Actually, I've indeed smoked A LOT OF MOTHERBOARDS! And since I am from the VAX-780 era, I have smoked more than a few of those too at $75,000 CAN a pop during the day! I am well experienced in otherwise destroying, discombobulating and sending MOBO's to Never-Never-Land!

Add in my OTHER destructive tendencies and that makes me an expensive proposition.

In fact, a few hours ago I just accidentally blittered a $35,000 lens into the Blarney Stone itself. Oh Well...another year's wages for the intern gone down the tubes....!!!! My only saving grace is that I am PROBABLY one of the BEST synthetic vision system, vector-based object recognition and audio/video CODEC programmers out there!

Which is WHY a tiny little spacecraft gets to go into low and high orbits, deploy their cargo AND safely return to Earth all by themselves WITHOUT human intervention! Which is ALSO WHY my CORPORATE CEO and OWNER friend is giving me enormous amounts of stock/equity which will EVENTUALLY vest so I can add to the Bell 429 collection! This time I will go for a Mi-28 Hind or an Sukhoi SU-29 as my daily driver.

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Re: "Trump in Spaaaaaaaace"

"...Does Trump have Any Greater Assets than are Melania and Ivanka and Tiffany?...."

Actually THOSE ARE HIS BEST ASSETS....and in terms of Ivanka...that SMOKIN' HOTTIE is good enough in my books! You should have seen her mother (Ivana) at her age...they are nearly identical!

Not to be too insulting, but I'm not sure Tiffany has Ivanka's business brains and education level. Tiff should keep out of the limelight and let big sister handle the heavy stuff, since Ivanka at least inherited her dad's balls and gall...Ivanka can actually play the big boys' games!!!

Now for Melania....when I first heard of her I did a double take...since she looks almost identical to Stana Katic, the former star who played "Detective Kate Beckett" in the hit TV show "Castle". I was thinking this was all a big joke of a publicity stunt with Stana Katic PLAYING a part in a "Reality Show". Holy Smoke was I surprised it was someone else (aka Melania) and Trump really WAS going for the presidency!

After doing some research into BOTH of their backgrounds (Stana AND Melania), I found out they just might possibly and actually BE GENETICALLY RELATED since their parents are from and/or have relatives coming from that same general area in Eastern Europe.

I do must commend Melania though on being her stoic and behind-the-scenes self. She's at least NOT drawing too much negative attention and is acting more behind-the-scenes and out-of-the-public eye where she can probably do more good with subtlety rather than becoming an overt brash camera-hog.

In my opinion, all Melania has to do is keep doing what she is doing now and just keep "Turning the shoulders attached to the head so they point in the correct direction". If you get that colloquialism then you are smart!

Anyways though, Trump's best asset IS actually Ivanka and it really does HELP when your best asset has both beauty AND brains!

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Re: StargateSg7?

I would NOT be surprised if Bombastic Bob and I were in fact related....OR....maybe we have the same psycho-social DSM-V described UPPERCASE/lowercase keyboarding disorders arising from our dysfunctional youth.The KEY difference being that i work for (cough cough technically I consult for) a MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR+ corporate entity that actually DOES HAVE both the financial AND the human resources capability to actually DO the above said described work!

To put it mildly, this entity is ON PAR WITH Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Northrup, EADS, BAE, etc in terms of technical capability AND resources! So if they SAY they're going to do it. THEN THEY ACTUALLY ARE DOING IT !!!!!!!!!!

It also kinda helps that the OWNER/CEO is a personal friend from since teenager--hood. The cruel irony is that I'm NOT actually being PAID right now to perform said computer science/video system work but there IS SOME MILD PROMISE of a rather large (i.e. make that gargantuan!) stock/equity-based compensation eventually to come!

With Great Risk comes Great Reward!

And yes it was half-a-Register-oriented-com-science-blabber-fest AND a commercial!

Coming soon in 2021!

AND YES! 2.5 to 10 megabits doesn't sound like much BUT that's the limit due to various ground-to-Earth technical reasons. and HELL NO !!!!.... the FCC has dip-doodley-ZERO-jurisdiction in OUR FULLY CANADIAN aerospace activities!

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The FCC has NO FORCE AT ALL in outer space! It can control and specify directions ONLY to it's OWN CITIZENS and to companies that operate WITHIN the United States! It has absolutely NO DIRECTION towards or legal force against Canadians, Brits, Germans, French, Russians, etc. who act WITHIN their own borders or within international areas!

For example, for the last eight years, one of our related corporate divisions has been designing and building FULLY ITAR-FREE satellite systems (i.e. NOT subject to ANY U.S. Export Law!) that go not only into low-Earth orbit but also into Geosynchronous AND into what is called outer-Earth-orbit trajectories.

Every CPU/GPU microchip, CAD/CAM/Circuit design hardware and software, all operations software, all development platforms, assemblers and compilers, every nut, bolt, glue and construction material, AND all in-house and external personnel and even the ENTIRE launch platforms are fully Canadian-sourced systems and materials from fully Canadian-owned entities built so the USA can do dip-doodley-all !!!

So when we get to launch our 512 satellite swarm that handles multi-spectral SDR (Software-Defined Radio) communications from 5 MHZ up to 60 GHz on an open-platform basis from a sea-launch platform within international waters, then there IS NOTHING the USA can do about it at all !!!!

EACH satellite has full-duplex transceiver and MESH network capabilities WITH MULTIPLE on-board DCI 4k (4096x2160) IR, UV and Optical cameras on-board for panoramic and telephoto still photo groups taken every few seconds.

The extendable and flexible antennae sub-systems were specially designed for WIDE BANDWIDTH multi-band SDR (Software Defined radio) operations! The POWER source and power conditioning circuits were all RAD-hardened and are being TESTED NOW for actual 10 year operations. (we'll know in 2 more years how the circuits did under ultra harsh space test temperature, vacuum and RF/Multi-EM/XRAY/GAMMA radiation conditions!)

Since RAD-hardening was THE KEY issue, it has already taken eight years and will take another two more to fully finish the systems and then launch into space. These 50 cm by 50 cm by 50 cm cube micro-satellites pack a lot of CPU processing horsepower and image store-and-forward space within a very small package. Each satellite can last, based upon our radiation-studies and past solar flare activity charts, up to 10 years with an orbit boost required every 2.5 years (i.e. 4 boosts in 10 years to keep them in stable lower and upper orbits)

Satellite internet feeds Uploads/downloads will be COMPLETELY AUTO-MANAGED ONBOARD the satellites themselves requiring NO ground operator intervention, and bandwidth will be on the order of 2.5 to 10 megabits per second (or more!) with SOME of the communications channels being FULLY FREE AND OPEN SOURCE USE to non-commercial and commercial users!

Eight megapixel+ single photos, 400 megapixel swaths and one to 5 minute 30 fps videos will be downloaded every few minutes fully unencrypted for ANYONE to use as they see fit under GNU GPL-3 licencing terms! There IS a global TEXT MESSAGE-based and STILL IMAGE-based EMERGENCY broadcast and weather forecast system and master time-clock system BUILT-IN with minute-by-minute updates! And since we have a re-useable two-stage-to-orbit micro-launch system that we built ourselves, we can launch TWO satellites PER DAY in one ship at a space launch cost of only $500 000 CAN (335 000 Euros!) per launch. The satellites are extremely small and very lightweight so our launch costs are very minimal compared to Ariane-space or NASA or ESA or Boeing, etc. 256 launches in two years to get the system fully up and running has ALREADY BEEN FULLY FUNDED and is ready to go!

First launch window is set for June 2021.


P.S. As per this disclosure by me (i.e. permission was given!), the parent company is NOT WORRIED by about proprietary business issues since the final purpose for some of the communications channels and photo/video downloads allows much money to be made on a commercial basis.

The other free and open source UPLOAD/DOWNLOAD and MESH NETWORK channels will left full open for use by anyone up to an assigned data limit per user per day. The downloaded still photos are left fully unencrypted using run-length and token-based compression with ECC/CRC data correction at RGB 48-bits per pixel and Greyscale 16-bits per pixel in our open-source imaging formats, and the videos are YCbCr HDR 30 fps 4:4:4 colour sampling at 10 bits per channel (30 bits per pixel)

US China-watcher warns against Middle Kingdom tech dominance

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Re: The Chinese Century

Bloody Hell !!! (All in a Cockney accent!) He's startin' ta sound like me!

ALL BOMBASTIC with too many UPPERCASE and lowercase SENTENCES !!!!

Anyways, China is what China is and WILL DO what it feels like doing WHEN it feels like doing so!

Unless YOUR COUNTRY also has 1.5 billion people graduating 250,000 ENGINEERS PER YEAR then you're going to hafta take it up-da-wazoo since your country is HIGHLY LIKELY to be very dependent upon technology and systems developed in China and IMPORTED into your country!

The BASIC fact of the matter is....that the MAJORITY of your own country's people are TOO LAZY and TOO STOOOOOPID to even HOPE to match the intellectual, financial and manufacturing capability of Chinese industry! To put it mildly BUT TRUTHFULLY, YOU and your fellow countrymen and countrywomen DO NOT HAVE what it takes to be technological powerhouses. You don't have the educated and compliant workforces! You DO NOT HAVE the sheer financial and marketing capital NOR do you have the technological SKILLS to even HOPE TO COMPETE on the world's stage of high technology!

Unless you're Germany, USA, Japan, France, Switzerland or CHINA, your country IS ABSOLUTELY DEPENDENT UPON the world's POWERHOUSES for high technology of ANY SORT !!!!!!!!!!!!

Official: IBM to gobble Red Hat for $34bn – yes, the enterprise Linux biz

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Re: At least is isnt oracle or M$

Damnit BB --- You're STEALING MY lowercase and UPPERCASE musings! How can ANYONE distinguish my writings form yours now??? To illustrate that I not-so-humbly DISAGREE that Microsoft is crappola, I must add in a defence of Microsoft by saying that Active Directory system is the BEST network shag-fest-supportting administration system out there --- BAR NONE !!!!

Being able to EASILY MAKE AND PUSH a single or multiple Group Policies from a SINGLE central server (or from my super-DUPER remote client station acting as the Enterprise Domain Admin) out to EVERY sub-server and client on a global basis, HAS NO EQUAL in Red Hat, SuSE or ANY OTHER FLAVOUR of Linux!!!! Yes! I'm biased because as a geek-head located but two hours drive from MS headquarters, I do prefer dealing with a more local company...BUT... I do see this acquisition of Red Hat by IBM as a tidal wave of destruction coming soon to the smaller shops who use RH for their internal systems, dev-ops and cloud-like servers.

IBM will KILL Red Hat in less than five years if they so much interfere with ANY employee functions and coder happiness...THEY WILL ALL LEAVE and there goes all of Red Hat's value and goodwill! IBM has killed so many companies in the 20 years (Lotus, PWC, etc) that I don't see anything good for current RH employees UNLESS you have stock which you can vest as soon as the deal goes through! I say to them RETIRE RICH WHILE YOU CAN !!!!

The question now, is WHAT COMES AFTER RED HAT?? --- Maybe this is the best news for Microsoft future growth since their own introduction of Active Directory and Azure! It ain't cheap to run an MS server system, but IT SURE IS EASY TO DO SO from an admin's perspective!

The ONLY THING GOOD about IBM's stock play for RH, is that IBM's Power-9 and Power-10 CPU architectures will FINALLY be having a good look over from the DEV-OPS community. Those CPU's ARE MUCH SUPERIOR to INTEL/AMD. If ONLY MS would put Windows 2016/1019 on those CPU's!!!


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