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Leicester City councillors eye up iPad to save £90k a year

Andy G

For a technology site...

...you guys sure are sniffy whenever anyone tries to make use of technology!

'Health and safety killjoys' kill cheese-rolling race

Andy G

Never refer to a newspaper headline...

It's not written by the author of the article, and at any rate this week we've seen just how inaccurate Daily Mail headlines are.

Drought effect on rainforests is negligible

Andy G


You pick out the soft science flaw in the impacts section rather than a flaw in the actual climate change science section: http://www.realclimate.org/index.php/archives/2010/03/ippc-sealevel-gate/

I wonder why that is!

Global warming may be normal at this point in glacial cycle

Andy G

Quotes, you say?

This isn't your worst denial story (at least it's got "may" in it), but your quoting missed this bit of the article:

"Certainly the MIS 5e/5d transition cannot be viewed as a direct analogue of current climate developments. On the other hand, recently observed global warming proceeding under strong anthropogenic impact on the atmosphere could either reinforce or disguise the natural trends."

So they're really not trying to compare with the current situation or say anything about it, they're just pointing out why their work might be useful. You're trying too hard to make this into something it's not.

Apple MacBook Late 2009

Andy G

No apple remote...

Does this even have the sensor for the apple remote? I heard it doesn't

Apple iPhone closing in on BlackBerry market share

Andy G


That apple is catching RIM up rather than taking any of their market share

Microsoft names the day for iPhone come-back punch

Andy G

@Dave 145

yet even with all those holes, iPhones have had no viruses! Weird! it's almost like you're excluding the iphone from your statement because including it undermines your argument!

iPods get digicam rumor upgrade

Andy G

@Jonathan Hogg

Don't be silly, the Amiga was usable by humans!

Street View prowls the Emerald Isle

Andy G
Thumb Down

What this article needs

Know what this article needs? More page breaks!

Boffins: Atlantic temperature ruled by dust, not CO2

Andy G

Oh reg

Like anonymous coward said, you're good at IT,but not so much at seeing the larger scientific picture and every time you try and prove climate change doesn't exist by citing just one paper (and quite badly, to be honest) you seem just a little cheaper and a little more desperate.

iPod Nano revamp to see widescreen display?

Andy G

Half the surface area or half the front?

Because half the surface area could imply it's all screen on one side!


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