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Yeah, Autonomy's ex-chief financial officer is still up for wire fraud

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Re: That wasn't it......

> from an accountancy viewpoint you can't book it till the period in question

Under US GAAP standard or UK / International IFRS standards ? Also, under which year of standards? Revenue recognition in particular has been / is undergoing major changes in recent years - it is still (as far as I know) based on when the work is done (for service contracts) rather than when/if you get paid.

At the end of the day HP and/or the accountancy firm that did the due diligence didn't realise a UK-based UK-listed company didn't use US GAAP standards, well duh. There's always the possibility that Autonomy cooked the books by UK standards/law too, but SFO has closed that investigation due to finding insufficient evidence.


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why you delete my account?

Re: do not enter the hypen!

> credit card fields have EXACTLY 16 spaces in them. Not 15 nor 17.

AMEX card numbers (for just one example) are 15 digits. Not exactly 16...

If only someone (like ISO) had created a standard for card numbers so people didn't have to make up the spec and get it wrong every time.

> Sometimes, you just can't fix stupid.

Sometimes you can fix "didn't bother to read the standards", but mostly it just comes under stupid.



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