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Web inventor Sir Tim sizes up handcuffs for his creation – and world has 2 weeks to appeal


Re: I don't see a problem.

That is not impossible and everyone knows it: unbreakable DRM is impossible. The real problem here is that under USA laws circumventing DRM (under any circumstance) is illegal.

Current law allows people to use copyrighted works for educational purposes, research, historical reasons, etc. But since it's illegal to circumvent DRM, you can get a lawsuit if you dare to use a clip of a Disney film in an animation class, if you use a clip of CNN news for whatever reason or if you decide to back up any media that you bought. (That is, if Disney, CNN and that media was released with DRM.)

So yes, this is less about protecting copyright holders and more about abolishing Fair Use and people sharing quirky gifs of a movie in Tumblr.

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