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In Space, Still: 20 years since Russia hurled first bit of floating astronaut hostel into orbit


I often see the ISS sweep overhead too.

However many of the interviews 'from the ISS' are green-screened from earth with VR tech because the interior of the ISS is a bit of a pig-stye.

Apple breathes new life into MacBook Air with overhauled 2018 model


Re: Let's compare ...

I did EXACTLY that last time.

Looked at all the USB-free Macs in the Apple Store, admired their Tripwire Power connectors and then walked into the department store next door, selected a nice Lenovo on Easter-Sale pricing and bought that.

The Yoga 2-1 I have was better built than the old Airbook, had 256GB + 8GB, an i7 and was STILL way cheaper than the 2010 spec Airbook, which was my last buyable Apple.

All Apple had to do was upgrade the screen on the Airbook to 1080p and leave the rest alone, I mean how difficult was that? A $Trillion company unable to understand how to fit a USB-A socket and use Magsafe? Has everyone with an IQ in double figures left Apple just to be left with drooling marketroids and brain dead accountants (I'm looking at YOU Tim)?

They sell useless £1000 iPhones, bizarre square watches with 1970s styling and no decent computers, so sad to see a company with so much potential fall. The Apple share-price reflects this failure too, if they stopped their share buybacks if would fall off a cliff.


The Dell XPS pricing used to be below Lenovo, then it shot up, I wonder if it's tied to the euro?

The System76 looks a nice box as it's Linux native, and some Asus and Lenovo look good.

The main Laptop requirements are (in case Timmy Cook is reading, stuff to LEARN here Tim:):

* Runs Linux (Debian or possibly Ubuntu) or Unix (OS/X)

* 11-14" screens at 1920 x 1080

* USB-A x 2 for temporary disks, CDs etc etc etc.

* 8GB memory minimum

* 2-8 core processing (i5+)

* 8 hours + battery

* Reasonably priced, standard and upgradeable SSD

* Repairable construction

The main desktop 'Mini' requirements are:

* Upgradeable CPU

* Upgradeable RAM

* Upgradeable disks (slot for SSD and slot for 2.5" or two)

* Network, USB-A and 'new trendy' sockets

It would also be nice if it had an Intel processor that wasn't crippled with the branch-prediction bugs that came with the last batch, perhaps AMD or ARM would be nice alternates.


Re: Mac mini SSD

So sweet?

But then hordes of people would buy them, my careful study of Apple's computer division over the past few years has indicated that making stuff people want to buy has been off the table for some time.

Want a nice upgradeable computer from Apple? A nice laptop with USB-A ports, magsafe and a decent screen?

No chance. Not while Tim Cook is there, he appears not to have a single tiny clue about the computer market, which is why when I needed a new laptop last time I bought a Lenovo. Better built, featured and priced, just a shame it's Windows and not Linux.


Ah - found it:


I only wanted a decent laptop to run *NIX on. Virtualbox+Debian under Win10 is way too slow compared to native *NIX, so it looks like after waiting for 8 years in hope of an updated Airbook I won't be spending my money at Apple. Hey, it was nice while it lasted.

Plus I can invest the money saved in the local pub economy rather than it sitting in Apple's ledger in some tax haven.

BTW thanks for the thumbs down, I didn't know my opinion was to be graded :D


So Apple have taken their one remaining buyable laptop (magsafe + usable USB sockets) and 'upgraded it' to stupid USB-C ports, no SD port but as compensation we get a decent screen at last.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Should I buy A: the old one with the 2010 screen, or B: the new one with useless ports?

Perhaps I'll go for C: a Dell laptop running Linux instead, as Apple seem to be DETERMINED to ruin their products and make them unbuyable.

That 'Surface will die in 2019' prediction is still a goer, says soothsayer


Re: Is there anything wrong with Windows 10?

It's not fast though is it?

Try running Virtualbox with Debian 8 inside it on a Win10 machine, runs like a dog even on a spangly i7 machine, Debian 8 runs 10x faster on an old i3 under Linux and is fast under OS/X + Parallels on an old i5.

The difference in speed between Virtualbox under Linux or Unix and under Win10 is epic.

Microsoft Windows 10 October update giving HP users BSOD


Re: Cool story bro...

HP's audio driver is another one that sometimes sends your keystrokes to HP.



Re: HP keyboards are special?

The HP drivers are special as the standard windows drivers don't log your keystrokes back to HP.


Now that's a dodgy Giza: Eggheads claim Great Pyramid can focus electromagnetic waves


Re: It was aliens wot did it

Romans used much smaller blocks than the ancient Egyptians.

Your theory of aliens with space lasers is interesting but there is no evidence for that. Also why do you need aliens - the earth is as old as the surrounding planet and solar systems.

There is also no evidence however for the use of copper tools and round stones, the tools we are told were used: there simply wasn't enough time to use them given the number of cuts required and the population.

Now buy a lump of granite and try attacking it with a copper chisel: Go on.


Re: Has The Register been hacked by the Express ?

Actually the pyramids are mentioned exactly NOWHERE in any ancient egyptian writings or carvings.

Your belief of documentation doesn't make it so.


The fact no mummy has ever been found in a pyramid might be one.

Also the total lack of decorations or writing: things that are on both walls and floors of the actual tombs.

Spooky huh?


Re: Batteries not included (or used, ever)

The insides of both the pyramids and tombs would be quite dark, is there evidence of oil torches or candles being used to illuminate the interiors?

It's an interesting problem: eating carrots only gets you so far in the dark, even back then.

Perhaps they captured fireflies in the jars and they are not batteries at all.


Re: "building material with the properties of an ordinary limestone is evenly distributed"

It's described as a burial chamber but there's no evidence that was what it was built for. All the burial chambers discovered before, during and after that period are quite different and none of them are pyramids.

All we really know is that there's a big granite container with a corner missing, the missing corner is again a mystery because it's pretty well protected in the pyramid and rats would hardly be able to gnaw it away.

Guesswork isn't science: we don't know what that room or container was for.


Re: It was aliens wot did it

I don't know about the aliens as I wasn't there, perhaps there were aliens and we are their descendants - how would we know? The Sumerians do appear to refer to some step event and new technology however - should we ignore that?, I don't know, it seems a bit rash to write them off - especially considering that the need for neolithic man to evolve/invent a method to carve and position 100 ton blocks of stone with millimetre precision was somewhat lacking.

As for the pyramids, we still have no idea what they were actually built for, and only vague guesses as to how they were built so we are hardly in possession of enough data to discount 'aliens'.

There is a myth that they are burial chambers but we've discovered the burial chambers made in those eras and they are quite different with many decorations and much writing, the pyramids with their odd electrical contacts, straight shafts and lack of decorations are rather more like an ancient machine.

Intel boss admits chips in short supply, lobs cash into the quagmire


Another reason for rising PC sales may be...

... that today decent (very decent) laptops are cheaper than iPhones, so perhaps a few people are considering buying the cheapest tethering phone and a laptop.

HP Ink should cough up $1.5m for bricking printers using unofficial cartridges – lawsuit


Re: The 'Trust' Factor: Toxic Patches / Firmware Updates

I have a Dell C1765nfw colour and it works like a dream.

It also works on cheap Amazon and eBay refills which is nice, and does scanning and copying like an office one, it's very impressive.

I have an A4 photo picture of my cat from it in a frame and you wouldn't know it was from a laser.


Re: Printer inovation

After my Epsom head dried up and I had to bin a £45 colour ink cartridge + the printer I went to a Dell colour laserjet that wasn't meant for printing photographs but actually does a pretty good job: on any paper and doesn't run if it gets wet. I'll never go back to inkjet now.

HP is not popular for other reasons too: http://stophp.uk/

The type of firm that bricks your printer for daring to by cheaper consumables doesn't seem to have any morals. I don't buy HP anymore.

TV Licensing admits: We directed 25,000 people to send their bank details in the clear


Re: Imprisonment would be fair, I think

As long as you never let them in, withdraw their implied right of access and never sign anything they can't make you pay.

The LAST thing they should be doing is coming into your house.

Youtube used to have some good info - probably been censored by now though.

RIP John Young: NASA's longest-serving 'naut explores final frontier


And NASA's lies continue...

Amazing people still believe we went to the moon in 1969.

Wondering nothing at NASA immediately throwing away the SaturnV and re-designing it completely as the shuttle, a less reliable and less powerful lifting solution (without even the dual use of the superior Energia+Buran).

Then today NASA can't even get into orbit, let alone crossing the lethal Van Allen barrier.

We're supposed to believe John Young drove the Lunar Rover around the moon when clearly the lack of bounce, solid grip and need for a winch to launch it shows it was a 1/2 speed film of some sand driving.

This while the US was busy losing their Vietnam war of aggression and desperately needing some good news - and as if by magive we get some grainy 2nd gen video of an actor stepping down in a dimly lit studio that made the moon look smaller than the average back garden.

Hello 'WOS': Windows on Arm now has a price


Intel or ARM, Linux is still way faster then Windows

Microsoft's offerings always seem to be wading through treacle compared to Linux, ARM is better at many power related things but the main issue Windows has is being manacled to Microsoft updates and their hopelessly non-standard office systems: which are designed more to lock you in than to use.

ODF on Linux has always got to be a more efficient choice than running a bloated antiquated predatory OS and programs whose sole purpose is to lock you into monopoly software and suffer endless tedious updates. At least Win10 is fairly stable these days, a point that Linux reached 20+ years ago.

A decent Linux on ARM laptop would be the way forward.

NASA boss insists US returning to the Moon after Peanuts to show for past four decades


Re: PLEEESE go back, just for our sanity.....

A flatard?

No sceptic of the Apollo moon landings thinks the earth is flat, the flat earth movement is a NASA device to destroy discussions about the Apollo landings, nothing more.

The real problem sceptics have is the amazing time scales, the incredible luck of everything working, the immunity to radiation, the dud SaturnV being so great but dumped straight after, the dodgy photos without bracketing exposure, out of focus shots, the invisible stars, the bizarre LRV behaving like it was on earth and their inability to jump, the re-used backdrops and the weird early 'pool of light' photos.

Then there's NASA, 'losing' the telemetry tapes and failing to make simple uncut videos and films of Apollo launches and docking available on their website.

Then there are the astronauts, the Apollo 11 crew sullen and miserable at the press conference, resigning soon after and living in obscurity.

The naive are free to believe in these fantastical stories from NASA, but don't insult the majority who doesn't believe everything their government tells them, especially after the Iraq and Syria lies.


Re: Where's the money?

The amount of money Project Orion has swallowed over the past 18 years was well in excess if the money required to return to the moon if Apollo was real.

18 years later project Orion is still afraid of the Van Allen belt and has just figured how to pack a parachute in their bizarre Apollo-lookalike conical craft - and has YET to even put a man into Low Earth Orbit.

The Apollo story may have fooled enough people at the time but today it only fools the naive and gullible while making manned space research very difficult. Look at what NASA have built: A manned space rover that looks like an egg with no idea how to get it to the moon.

Voting machine maker claims vote machine hack-fests a 'green light' for foreign hackers


Voter ID checks and paper ballots, I mean how difficult is it really?

Too difficult for americans apparently - much like staying out of Syria etc, they just can't do it.

Chap asks Facebook for data on his web activity, Facebook says no, now watchdog's on the case


Stopping facebook spying on your web activity

More useful would be a list of IP addresses that facebook use to spy in a user.

This is my working list for my host file. Please add any that are missing: www.facebook.com connect.facebook.net staticxx.facebook.com 5-edge-chat.facebook.com s-static.ak.facebook.com fb.me

As far as I know this is the only way to escape their reach, but all suggestions welcome!

Ah - from another post on here: a far better list to block!!


Should be in the ARTICLE itself.

Google keeps tracking you even when you specifically tell it not to: Maps, Search won't take no for an answer


Re: Stuff Like This Should Be Illegal

Very true, but of course in the middle of Vietnam, the cold war and civil rights marches NASA told us the exact truth about Apollo.

Because even though the moon missions remain heavily classified today we can be sure that Langley would never lie to us. Oh no.

Now where did I put that Iraq dossier..

Reckon you deserve a Wikipedia entry? Try getting this bot's notice


Wikipedia's huge income stream

Wikipedia is great for knowing the official narrative on any subject, or getting deleted/restored should you dare to change anything on there.

But it's also sometimes a begging site, begging for money because the poor starving orphans who run it are doomed to shut it all down tomorrow should you fail to donate to them...

...despite rolling in money for merely pushing the official line to people on their rather ordinary website as noted here: https://www.theregister.co.uk/2014/12/01/penniless_and_desperate_wikipedia_sits_on_60m_cash/

So I rarely use it.

Chip flinger TSMC warns 'WannaCry' outbreak will sting biz for $250m


Re: so installing critical security patches

Some of the computers that run these fabs are stuck on obsolete versions of Windows NT etc., on companies that need to get stuff out of the door it's common for them not so kill off their tools and scripts that do the work by installing the latest version of Windows every time M$ comes out with a new one.

A windows upgrade might stop your favourite game from working until an update but these guys stand to lose business and $millions when the new version stops the fab.

This is an example of why toy operating systems from Microsoft should never be used for anything critical.

Sorry, Neil Armstrong. Boffins say you may not have been first life-form to set foot on the Moon


Buzz also says they didn't go to the moon.

An interesting proof of my simple observation that obviously NASA made it all up and they didn't go, Buzz Aldrin now also says that they didn't go:


Enjoy. Sometimes governments and defence departments lie about classified missions.

(NASA is a DOD organisation and Apollo is still classified).


Re: Arthur C Clarke and 'The Sentinel'

Planetary atmospheres are formed from outgassing from the surface. On the earth subsequent biological processes have modified surface outgassing to modify the atmosphere too.

The key to atmosphere is to capture the gasses from the surface, for that you need a global magnetic field strong enough to divert the solar wind, which causes the atmosphere to form and also forms a double stage radiation shield which encourages life.

So if the moon ever had a decent global magnetic field - which it almost certainly did at one point early on - it would have had an atmosphere, the same with Mars. Venus has a decent magnetic field and therefore has an atmosphere, but the heat means that it's quite unlike earth's: it's too near the sun for it to be benign which is why heavy gasses like CO2 dominate.


Re: But NASA still haant found....

The A11 story/journal says that they took off and went into a stable earth orbit "the orbital period is 1 hour, 28 minutes, 16 seconds" according to the journal.

They then did a burn that took them nearly 6 hours to get from 1000 miles to 6000 miles away from earth, past the belts.

You and your lovely diagram claim that they could accelerate from a 90 minute orbit out to 6000 miles and miss the belts entirely like a helicopter, but the Apollo boosters simply didn't have the power to leave the earth in under 90 minutes (< 1 orbit) as the diagram suggests: it took nearly 6 hours according to NASA, which would entail a spiralling orbit as the journal describes in detail.

Of course as the distance increased the orbit would slow like a ballet dancer opening her arms, but it would happen gradually so I'd still expect around 4 decent orbits - orbits that are impossible to dodge the belts from.

Therefore they must have spent a considerable amount of time in the middle of both belts according to the NASA journals, which frankly trump your diagram.


Re: Bacteria are not space aliens

You are a triumph of belief over science, and your emotions are showing.

The evidence clearly points to a sound stage on earth, have you tried actually looking at the NASA pictures??

There are AS15 or AS16 pictures with orange juice stains on the reticule of the camera that appears after they stop for a film change on the lunar surface. As their suits leaked orange juice I'd suggest that wearing one was roughly equivalent of not wearing one at all, even with the fictional cooling systems they had which clearly didn't stand a chance of working either.

You'll also notice that none of them ever jump properly high and they always waste 20 minutes winching the lunar rover down - which on the moon should only weigh < 40kg and is therefore an easy lift.

Then there's the cornering of the lunar rover - smooth tyres on dust (sand) with 1/6th the downforce on earth yet going around corners like it's on rails. Scientifically impossible - it would be like driving on ice.

Use your brain, not your emotion and belief.


Re: But NASA still haant found....

LOL at the thumbs down - what's up with you people????

In the post I have simply stated a series of verifiable facts that you can directly check at NASA, if you do you will find that my post is 100% correct.

Have you read the A11 flight journals at NASA? They are on their website.

Have you read about the project Orion test flight 1? It's on their website.

Your belief system is so solid mere facts with NASA proof are not enough to sway it, amazing. I can only point out the information for you, it's ridiculous that you are scared of data from your own beloved NASA.

NASA also publish the landing accuracy of the splashdowns: Apollo 13 was 1 NM to target. Amazing for a crew who were worried they may entirely miss the earth. Try thinking, not simply believing like good little sheep.


Re: "..one small step..."

It's ALL lost though.

If you go to the NASA websites about Apollo there is no 'best' or 'official' video, it's all weird videos from Joe Public.

There's not even one continuous video of the A11 takeoff from launch to 2nd stage ignition.

Not one!!! The popular ones of the stage separation are fakes: the 2nd stage burns yellow in those but the SaturnV 2nd stage was hydrogen/LOX = a pale blue flame.

Try it yourself, go to NASA, try to find the videos of the takeoff and mission that should have been the most important expedition of mankind: they appear to be remarkably careless with both data and presentation.


Re: "..one small step..."

"The Reg is not usually first port of call for the anti-science brigade."

The cabin had atmosphere, they were not suited. The roar of the descent engine would have been huge.


Re: But NASA still haant found....

They still have the A11 flight journal.

You can read it on the NASA websites although they move it around a lot. Use Google.

It gives distances from earth too, with timestamps.

When you read it you'll notice that they spend around 11 hours (there + back) in the Van Allen distances of earth. With a 90 minute (IIRC) orbit that's impossible to miss the belts, so they'd be fried.

The project Orion's one (unmanned) flight into a slice of Van Allen belt was done with the cabin camera switched off 'to protect it from radiation'.

So how did Apollo do it? How did they not get sick? How did the film not fog? Because they didn't go.


Re: "..one small step..."

Perhaps true, but the fakery is not convincing at all.

Travelling there would require far more R&D than they had or did. It would required a decent rocket (so not the Saturn V with it's hugely inefficient F1 motors) and a CM with enough space for the gear, astronauts and parachutes (it's too small).

It would also have to do something about the aluminium shell converting hard radiation to neutron and hard X ray showers which would not only kill the occupants but also fog the film. Spot any film fogging? Me neither.

The first photos are faked so badly they have no ground area, the LM is always about 30 feet from a convenient cliff (in the Mare they landed... duh!). But this is the same from all angles - duh!

Later photos are taken in the US desert and so completely different, yet we are told they visited the same moon. The fakery is terrible - so of course it was much easier than going, which was (and is) impossible. Duh.

Look at Project orion: 18 years in and they just got around to landing with parachutes. You think they did it in 2-3 years in the late 1960s while shooting MLK and losing in Vietnam? Really??


Downvote away, I'm sure it's a good substitute for proof or discussion, neither of which you appear able to provide.

There is no proof for Apollo. None.


Re: Bacteria are not space aliens

"The Reg is not usually first port of call for the anti-science brigade."

It is when it comes to the fictional story of Apollo and a few other government myths.

The Apollo story is anti-science. It's proof and evidence free, it's simply a belief like religion.


Atmospheres come from the rocks and surface, the Moon is continuously generating an atmosphere but it simply gets blown away by the solar winds.

Mars is similar but has residual magnetic fields that preserve some of the emitted atmosphere so you see wind events there.

Atmosphere is simply down to having a global magnetic field, create one for the moon and the atmosphere will stop being swept away and collect just like on earth.

As for water, probably buried under the surface, some as ice. Space has loads of water so it would be shocking if the moon had none.


Re: "..one small step..."

Other 'cretins' will marvel at the almost totally silent retro engine which after all is only a powerful rocket motor bolted onto the rigid LM.

The missing noise speaks volumes louder than the recorded ones.


Mankind hasn't visited the moon yet, much less some psyop from Langley.

NASA provides zero proof of the trip, just their 'word', some bizarre photos and videos and improbable lumps of hardware.

Even the article's photo is ridiculous, look past the lander: where's the ground gone?'. In all photos there is a maximum of around 30 feet of ground past the lander. This is because they are shot in the Borehamwood 2001 and UFO lunar surface sound stages that are of limited size. This is true from all angles.

Later 'mission' photos were shot in the US desert and you can see the difference with the ground not being chopped off, but A11 photos all look silly, pool of light low surface area shots.

NASA may have struggled into LEO with gemini but all the capsules from Apollo were pushed out of the back of a transport plane (the reason they all landed about 1 mile from the press boat each time - even the 'notepad' Apollo 13 one). The chances of Apollo 13 landing even in the Atlantic? Zero. Simple maths.


Re: "..one small step..."

Because that giant leap was a giant leap of faith for mankind as one man stepped onto a sound stage in MGM Borehamwood a giant 250,000 miles away from the moon.

Neil refused to speak of it later, sulked at the press conference and resign to live in obscurity shortly after.

The whole story is bunk.

UK 'fake news' inquiry calls for end to tech middleman excuses, election law overhaul


"Surely the best solution to people being lied to is to educate them to recognise the lies."

There are chemical weapons in Douma, we need to bomb Syria.

Russia poisoned the Skripals.

Seriously, do think the government want's a nation of people able to spot lies??

The biggest lies come from government. Look at mossad's 9/11 (Ref. Christopher Bollyn's videos) - blamed on Saudis so we attack Afghanistan (a war still continuing today), then we attack Iraq for their WMDs Blair and Straw lied about . Then we attack Syria and sanction Iran - countries who have been fighting ISIS for 5+ years and when they clear their land and all the remaining ISIS people are in US/Israeli occupied land we bomb them for fake news about chemical weapons plants that the OPCW already told us were not there and failed to find any trace of later.

Lies are the way our government works, they will NEVER educate people to spot them.


"This should include a Code of Ethics to establish "what is and what is not acceptable by users on social media", which should be "the backbone" of their development work."

George Orwell's Animal farm was not supposed to be a guide.

We were told the Protocols of the Elders of Zion were fake.

Looks like our leaders are following both. Facebook dished out thousands of bans when people merely observed that the Pulse nightclub victims were being carried back toward the club in the videos of the aftermath (you can see the Pulse's sign, and that there were no ambulances or medical staff, just lines of police cars).

I suppose they are now banning people confused by novichok, the super deadly gel-smeared-on-doorknobs - super deadly but not usually fatal, has a 4 hour delay in effect for people with a Skrip in the surname and is at the same time a liquid in a bottle missed by thousands of britain's finest forensic police that acts instantly too. Also anyone who survives is never seen again, weird huh?

I miss the old days like the Gulf of Tonkin and the moon stories - at least they tried to make it look convincing. Today these fake narratives are so bad they need to censor all discussion of them.

Any social media accounts to declare? US wants travelers to tell


Re: Why are they even asking?

They've only got 17+ security agencies paid billions to hoover up all our data, so obviously we need to donate our information to immigration on arrival to help them make our lives difficult for 'impure thoughts'.

Hopefully the TSA will like reading it too, they've cost a lot of money, caused a lot of problems and caught exactly 0 terrorists.


"Reason: to reduce the risk of terrorism by keeping out the wackos."

All of the 'wackos' are part of carefully planned false flag events.

No tinfoil hat is required to see the gaping holes in all the attacks in the US, only people ignorance of Operation Gladio (a NATO terrorist program in europe) would think terror comes from the population.


It's OK for the US Government to arm known terrorists in Syria.

To have waged a War Of Agression against Iraq and Libya with no evidence.

To threaten NK for having the temerity to want to defend themselves.

The sanction Iran because their pharisee friends in Israel demand it.

But messages on social media pointing this out might result in us being refused entry to the land they stole from the native American Indians?

Well, that's one way to kill tourism and business I guess. Bye bye America, I liked you better before you became a military police state with places like Guantanamo Bay, outside of even US law.

If 20 years ago someone had told me I'd feel safer today visiting Russia than America I'd have laughed in their face, but that day arrived some time ago.

SpaceX has a good day: Successful launch and FCC satellite approval


Funny, the US is still struggling to catch up to what we were told they could do in 1969.

Let's go to Mars, dude: Euro space parachute passes maiden test


Re: If I could..

What Elon Musk never mentions about either the moon or mars is the constant hard radiation.

It makes the very ground and dust radioactive, aluminium moderates it to become X-rays and neutron showers and you can't escape because even away from the sun you have galactic and cosmic ray particles.

All caused by the lack of a proper magnetic field, which also allows the atmosphere to be blown away into space by the solar wind, only the odd weak magnetic loop allows some to linger for a while.

The 'answer' is to live in deep caves, rather easier to do on earth, so mars is impossible and totally pointless to visit. The R&D makes an excellent cover for developing rocket powered missiles for war though.


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