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Daytime debut for UK Xbox 360 Elite?


Doesnt elite mean something like best of the best? So wheres WIFI and the HD Drive?

I currently have the origial 360 bought as the core so later had to pay £65 for the 20 Gig Hard drive, which is nonsense, but heh thats M$ for you

Yes it has the HDMI port and a bigger Hard disk but where is built in WIFI, dam you M$, How bloody hard is it to sort implement a wifi chip into the board, maybe you should go ask Sony or better still Nintendo as the Wii is a little cracker.

And if its the elite wheres the HD drive?? Ok maybe they mean elite as in Games console and yes it would hike the price up but wouldnt you want the all singing and dancing version after it is "elite"

I cant wait for the next dashboard update either, wonder how many "elite" systems will be bricked.

Well its comforting knowing that the xbox is made at a a lose.



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