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Dixons Advent Vega


Aweful Article

I think it's clear that the author of this article is a die hard Apple fanboi who's just furiously trying to pick holes in everyone else's products.

I have a Vega, it has flash support, android market, expandable memory - essentially everything that I want to do that the iPad is incapable of despite it's huge price tag. Apple products have always been rediculously overpriced (don't believe me check the prices for hardware when customising a Mac online). Apple know that their army of fans will buy whatever they put out and formed a whole business model around this; sell something substandard and featureless, let the fans buy it, then release version 2 with everything that should have been in the original knowing that the fans will buy it again. It happens in every "i" product from the iPhone to the iPad

Memo to iPad mimics: No one wants a $799 knockoff


RE: Most critics really don't know what it can do...

"Most critics really don't know what it can do..."

It's not just what it "can" do, it's whether it does what I want it to. I don't care if mty tablet could fly and aeroplane or run diagnostics on the space station. I have a £230 Advent Vega that I use to show clients photos, read ebooks, check email and keep a digital photographic portfolio on. While I appreciate that the iPad will have better grade capacitors and what not, my Vega works very very well. So tell me, why should I pay £600 to do what my £230 tab does?

Jobs Horns

Poorly Made

It's funny to think that Apple continue to release products that require people to "break" them in order to get any useful functionality from them. They are excessively overpriced and really don't do anything. Steve Jobs knows that the army of fanbois will buy what he tells them to, and then buy the same thing 6 months later with half the features that should have been in the first release.

I'm a photographer, I wanted a 10" tab that I could use on location as a stand out viewing device for clients to see work and make selections. The iPad just can't do this without having all sorts of crap hanging out the side. And even if it could, I wouldn't pay such an extortionate price for what is essentially a netbook with the screen snapped off.

I bought an Advent Vega for £230. 10" capacitive multipoint touchscreen on Android. USB port, android market, HD divx support and flash enabled out of the box. And the battery life is great. I use it for client work or laying in bed reading. When I was willing to spend £600, I bought a substantially powered laptop.

Tiscali loses IPTV punters


Shit customer service that's why

Probably because Tiscali are fucking shit. An Italian company based in the UK with Indian call centres... pssh. I'm in the process of the 10-15 day "moving house" process - its been over month and all they have done is reactivated a pipex account on a different disconnected line!

Dutch teen swipes furniture from virtual hotel



Whilst this is stupidly hilarious, the implications are out of this world. With arrests in the real world for virtual crimes (anyone see Ch5's undercover reporter in Second Life after the paedophile cartels?) becoming more apparent, clearly people are failing to distinguish reality from virtuality. Furthermore this becons the question; are our leaders assigning value to things that don't actually exist?

Girls' school head condemns bubblewrapping of kids


Education not retardation

I agree. "Kids" should be taught and educated, not scared into never waking up. Shock tactics don't work. (I actually like them, they make me laugh the twitch on the balloon saving bloke from the anti get wasted advert really sets it off nice).

(Proper) Education, education education!

Brown announces new counter-terror plans



So I heard on the news (and what I thought the title was a reference to), was some idiot telling us how we have "built the shrapnel into our environment already" and proposing new walls and boxes and what not that doesn't shatter into a million pieces of flying debris when it's blown up.

Nice smooth white walls, CCTV with voice boxes, ID cards, 1984, equilibrium.... ffs, no wonder record numbers of people are leaving the country, and don't even get me started on tax, the news and propaganda

Is the world ready for a 1TB iPod?


Overload? Understatement

It amazes me even now the people that complain at the "low" storage of a 2-8Gb, I mean, are there really that many people out there happy to walk around with their entire music collection? Not to mention the amount of people that actually have over 5,200 in their collection!

So these 1TB files floating around the net all the time, I'd love to see them; and the software that load/renders them.

One the plus side, perhaps the increase in storage media will result in lower compression and higher quality media, instead of this idiotic "quantity over quality" culture we now live in.

Software developer sues to muzzle website users


It can only go downhill from here.

Here's a crazy idea; deal with customer issues and aim to provide a quality product!

If they win, this will do nothing but enable every unscrupulous tradesman on the Internet the ability to shut up anyone who badmouths them. Imagine the consequences. Net reviews would be rendered useless, customers would be buying blindly from anyone who had the backing to appear legit. I can see the 419ers rubbing their hands together.

Good businesses develop because of their strong attitude towards customer service and their desire to fulfill customer needs. This leads to customers recommending the product or service and strengthens the company. Bad companies gain bad reps and in doing so lose business - fewer people are getting ripped off.

Typo-squatting grifter faces the slammer


Squatters Should Burn

If you ask me, as a keen web developer, all of these squatters should burn in hell anyway. I've lost count of the times I have gone to register a domain for a legitimate company only to be faced with a squatters ad fuelled search page.

Will Murdoch swap MySpace for Yahoo! stake?


Really given up Myspace?

So Murdoch swaps the whole of MySpace for 1/4 of "Yahoo!" right?

So, Yahoo get MySpace, Murdoch gets 1/4 share of Yahoo.

Then surely that means he retains 1/4 of MySpace? Unless a clause singles out MySpace as not part of the share. And thus, he is only swapping 3/4 of MySpace for a whole 1/4 of Yahoo!

Seems like a classic con to me lol.

UK forces tested, rejected psychic techniques



I, personally, have had a number of successes with remote viewing in the past. And as pointed out already, the CIA spent hue amounts of money on RV during various projects throughout the last few decades. The most prolific of which being MKULTRA.

Personally, I would rather have my money going towards psyops than half the rubbish the government wastes it on at the moment.

Remembering Anna Nicole Smith and her impact on the American Dream



Its just this kind of attitude that resulted in the current situation in the middle east. A trash article and further proof that america is seemingly incapable of learning from its mistakes.

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