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Some Skypers get reconnected, but most still offline


Who cares?

I use Skype as a local phone number for a satellite office. I don't care the network went down. I can still do business with cell phones or landlines. I wouldn't use VOIP as a primary phone - yet. As far as telecommunications in general, I see the future as VOIP over wi-fi or wimax. When I can use a cell phone or other wireless device to access any other phone without paying the exorbitant fees that telcos traditionally like to charge, I will switch completely. Peer to peer just makes sense when you consider the fact that telcos have always used monopoly power to financially abuse customers. This outage by Skype is a minor glitch on the way to the future. Not nearly as catastrophic as a space ship blowing up, but something repairable. Telecommunications are a utility and should be owned by the public, not abusive private sectors. Who cares that the service is out for a few days?


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