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WannaCrypt NHS victim Lanarkshire infected by malware again

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Re: Re What exactly do people go to emergency departments for if not emergencies ?

That would be the English NHS (and Wales presumably). The Scottish NHS is run differently and I can see a GP within 24 hours if I need to.

A blast from the past: Mobile trojans abusing WAP-billing services

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8,000 infections in 82 countries?

And they think that is surprisingly common?

Bombastic boss gave insane instructions to sensible sysadmin, with client on speakerphone

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Re: So he knew how to fix it anyway?

Sounds to me like Craig is a bit of a dick who cared more about scoring points off the people back at base (and the new boss he didn't like in particular) than saving the client's emails. Dianne should not have hailed him as a hero.

Probing the online phish market reveals thriving, profitable underworld

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Re: Judging by the pricing...

If they lived in the West maybe. What do dev jobs pay in Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, China and similar places and how many of them are there?

Pssst... wanna participate in a Google DeepMind AI pilot? Be careful

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DeepMind should not be shunned because of its owner

Actually yes it should. That owner has been proved time and again to slurp any and all data available to it first and worry about the legality of it later. When caught they blame "a rogue engineer who added the code" and other ridiculous excuses. Who owns DeepMind should definitely be a concern for anyone whose most personal data is ultimately being shared with a company that cannot be trusted.

Sysadmins told to update their software or risk killing the internet

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"They could of course figure out a way around it, but that would be a lot of effort for absolutely no good reason."

Really? Changing your DNS settings to another provider is sooooo hard and time consuming.

Adware API sends smartmobe data home to Chinese company

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Re: Malicious software removal

Indeed they can remotely remove apps. I think they have only done it twice before, don't now if they have done it this time because the article doesn't say either way.

Fujitsu looking to flog its smartphones biz – report

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Exactly what I was going to post.

Google's Android 8.0 Oreo has been served

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@Richard 81

You can. That functionality has been present for at least a couple of versions now.

British snoops at GCHQ knew FBI was going to arrest Marcus Hutchins

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Black Helicopters


Rule #1: Never go to the USA.

Rule #2: Never work for GCHQ, NCSC or any other branch of the UK government.

Rule #3: Never do anything to prevent or curtail a malware outbreak, let the users burn.

Nice set of rules you're teaching there guys, I guess you didn't want the help of white-hat security experts.

Voyager antenna operator: 'I was the first human to see images from Neptune'

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Re: Bah!

What do you think all the probes he's communicating with are? I'll give you a clue, there's no people on the Voyagers!

So, Nokia. What makes you think the world wants your phones?

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"The older generations like to feel like millennials at heart"

No we really don't.

Russia's answer to Buckminster Fuller has a buttload of CGI and he's not afraid to use it

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"If you think we've come to mock, we haven't."

Really? You should.

The second and third pictures in the article look suspiciously like the recent elevated bus scam from China: https://arstechnica.com/cars/2017/07/china-elevated-bus-scam/

London council 'failed to test' parking ticket app, exposed personal info

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Re: So yeat another case of "Don't re-check system generated data that's been read back in."

Did you mean to post that comment in relation to some other article? This mistake in this article was failing to configure a web server properly, nothing to do with checking data.

Old Firefox add-ons get 'dead man walking' call

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Poor Terminology

Add-Ons... do they mean Extensions or Plugins? Would be helpful if Mozilla themselves could use the correct terminology.

Also how does this affect the Flash plugin that I need to watch live sports on two sites I pay for?

These changes are clear as mud Mozilla.

No, Apple. A 4G Watch is a really bad idea

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I just don't see the point in wearing a watch as anything other than a fashion accessory if I have my phone with me and smart watches are not attractive so they are useless for that purpose.

Can the last person watching desktop video please turn out the light?

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Well it ain't coming from me

I think the only adverts I've ever seen on Chromecast were on YouTube and I don't watch it much due to the complete lack of interesting content. No adverts on Netflix or iPlayer and on the odd occasion we watch broadcast TV the misses mutes them all.

As for auto playing video adverts on the web, where are they? I don't see this phenomenon on any of the website I frequent, maybe its a Facebook thing. I refuse to be assimilated so I wouldn't know if it was.

'Invisible Man' malware runs keylogger on your Android banking apps

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Re: This was one thing that

Read the fucking article, this has nothing to do with Flash. Idiot.

Strong and stable, my arse. UK wobbles when coping with ransomware

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"Brit organisations who admitted any ransomware problems said they had been hit more than five times during the past year"

Fire your IT dept / outsourced IT company and hire someone who knows what they are doing. I'd also get rid of whichever idiot is clicking on links in dodgy emails but it's probably the CEO.

Confessions of an ebook eater

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Re: Claim to fame..

Yeah Danny was always very friendly on newsgroups, as were all the Borland staff tbh. Good times. I miss Delphi.

Creepy tech tycoons Zuck and Musk clash over AI doomsday

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One of the nicer words I use to describe Zuck himself.

US vending machine firm plans employee chip implant scheme

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Vending machines?

Looking on their website I don't see any vending machines, what I do see are fridges and shelves with a standard POS till next to them. Oh and a lot of fat bastards that need to put down the food and go for a slow walk (anything faster would probably kill them).

Repairable-by-design Fairphone runs out of spare parts

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Android 6.0?!?

"Android 6.0... Delivery is promised by October 31st, 2017"

Seriously? My two year old Samsung is on 7.0, there is no excuse for launching a new phone with a less than current OS. Makes me wonder if they provide OS updates for their existing models.

Adult toy retailer slapped down for 'RES-ERECTI*N' ad over Easter

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Re: 2 Wrongs make a right here I think

Would that be the former colony where we banished the religious fanatics who were too extreme for us? The one where people actually believe the universe is 6,000 years old? Yeah that went really well for you.

Got a Windows Phone 8 mobe? It's now officially obsolete. Here's why...

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Re: Could've been something...

"There are few to no updates for android (unless you use the Google Nexus/ Pixel line)."

Speak for your own brand / carrier. My Samsung on Vodafone gets monthly security updates and a phone that started on Android 5.0 is now on Android 7.0. Whether I'll get 7.1 or 8.0 I don't know but at 2 years old I'm ready to replaceme this phone anyway.

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Re: Could've been something...

"As for the android, I'm tired of google nagging me to review and share photos of every building I enter. The news feed is nice, and there's a million pointless apps for it, but every update I find my privacy settings are all set to wide open."

I don't know what apps you've installed but they are the culprit behind this behaviour, not Android. I've been using Android since Froyo and never once have I seen it nag me to share photos of anything with anyone. I'm not on Facebook, G+, Instagram, etc so where it would share them is a good question. Also updates have never changed my privacy settings even when updating the major OS version and I have them all set firmly closed.

I considered Windows Phone the last time I bought a new phone, I like the UI and felt like a change but the lack of Windows versions of most of the apps I use and the need to buy another copy of the few that were available put me off.

Ubuntu Linux now on Windows Store (for Insiders)

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"But at least it have me bragging rights with my brother - I beat him.."

Clearly they didn't teach you English.

Good luck building a VR PC: Ethereum miners are buying all the GPUs

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Not to worry

The price of Ethereum crashed last week and it is now next to worthless. There will be plenty of slightly used GPUs on the second hand market soon.

Virgin Media admits it 'fell short' in broadband speeds ahead of lashing from BBC's Watchdog

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You get what you pay for

Virgin, Sky, Talk Talk, BT and Plusnet are cheap because so is their service. Pay a bit extra for a decent ISP and you won't experience these issues. The only time I have ever experienced a slow down at peak times is when using someone else's internet that came from one of the so called big 5. I usually get higher speeds than the headline up to speed for my account.

German e-gov protocol carries ancient vulns

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Re: " secure, confidential, and legally-binding transmission over untrusted networks "

1) This issue has nothing to do with Oracle the company or database, it is an attack against a crypto scheme from the "padding oracle" family of attacks.

4) Did you READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE? See below for the lines you missed:

"the problems are in the OSCI-Transport Library version 1.2"

"Germany's public agencies are warned not to use OSCI-Transport until they've upgraded to the latest version of the library."

UK.gov tips £400m into digital investment pot

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Emails grinding to a halt?

With FTTC I can play online games, stream programs on Netflix and download large files from multiple devices at the same time without any issues. If Andrew Jones' emails grind to a halt just because someone is watching GoT he doesn't need FTTP, he needs an ISP that actually gives him what he's paying for. Time he ditched* BT / Virgin / Sky / TalkTalk for a reliable ISP.

* delete as appropriate

Nokia touts future of virtual reality ads... but who's the audience?

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Will gamers be interested...

"Will gamers be interested in things like an Internet-connected thermometer that tracks a baby’s fever?"

I don't have a VR headset myself but as a player of Elite Dangerous I know a lot of people with VR headsets. Given the price of the hardware most of them are 30+ and have families so yes they may well be interested in an Internet-connected thermometer that tracks a baby’s fever but they probably already spent their gadget budget on the VR rig.

A minister for GDS? Don't talk digital pony

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Re: Nope

Provided they have a brain and can think logically I think a non-technical minister is preferable. The last thing we need is a technical (or worse, a supposedly technical) minister spending money to replace systems because they don't use Node.js, Angular or their favourite OS. Better to have someone who can listen to arguments for and against possible solutions and pick the better one rather than the one that uses the framework du jour.

What? What? Which? Former broadband minister Ed Vaizey dismisses report

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a strong and stable government...

Provided your religious extremist pals back you up.

Software glitch led to London Ambulance Service outage – report

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So the problem was a simple Oracle configuration issue and their solution is to employ two new top level bosses? Surely employing one Oracle expert techie would be cheaper and far, far more effective.

Canadian sniper makes kill shot at distance of 3.5 KILOMETRES

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Re: religious tossers with a medieval mind set

You missed the DUP.

We really can't complain about religious tossers with a medieval mind set in other countries now we have our very own in the government.

Homeland Security: Putin’s hackers tried to crack electoral networks in 21 US states

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"cyber manipulation of US election systems intended to change the outcome of a national election would be detected"

Hahahaha keep telling yourselves that.

OnePlus accused of installing cheat codes for benchmarks with new handset

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Re: Galaxy S7

My S6 Edge is exactly the same, up to date on monthly security patches but still 7.0. Not bad for a phone that is 2 years old.

Ad 'urgently' seeks company to build national e-ID system

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Re: Enrolling children

Why would a child that is only a few weeks old need a passport?

France and UK want to make web firms liable for users' content

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Still today YouTube is showing illegal propaganda videos for the Conservative Party, an organisation with proven links to Irish terrorists and homophobic religious zealots the DUP. They don't even try to hide it! Young people might see these videos and be brain washed into voting Conservative.

The sooner the government forces YouTube, Google and Facebook to remove these disgusting propaganda videos for the Conservative Party from the internet the better.

Pizza proffer punctures privacy protection, prompts pals' perfidy

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Garbage tests = garbage results

"reveal a friend's email address, something consumers consider almost as sensitive as social security numbers"

1. Email addresses are nothing like social security numbers. They are more akin to a postal address or telephone number and practically public domain.

2. You aren't testing how they think about privacy because you asked for someone else's email. You should have asked for their own email address.

Ex-MI5 boss: People ask, why didn't you follow all these people ... on your radar?

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Re: Not the Internet?

@Robert Carnegie

The only way you can envisage to produce handbills or an underground newspaper is a computer printer? That wouldn't even be in my first three options.

If the Internet is to blame for creating terrorists then clearly there were no terrorists before about 1990. So no IRA, Hamas, PLO, Mujahadeen, etc? (forgive my awful spelling)

UK PM May's response to London terror attack: Time to 'regulate' internet companies

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conversations that unify the British community

So the political classes won't be involved then?

I personally find it disgusting that someone who backed and plans to carry through Brexit talks of unifying the community.

Android apps punched out by Judy malware

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Re: What were the titles?

The article clearly states that if you're infected you will be bombarded by advertising that you need to click away to reach the home screen. Are you bombarded by advertising that you need to click away to reach the home screen? If not then you are not infected, if you are then you should have realised you have a problem without the article.

How the Facebook money funnel is shaping British elections

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"You have the advantages you get of a TV ad, the emotional engagement of a video..."

So all the usual need to skip / ignore / mute / go make a cuppa, disgust at the stupidity of the actors, advertiser and ad agency involved and the desire never to use / buy that product? On the odd occasion I'm forced to watch TV I always wonder how ad people and their clients make any money.

I'll take the sandtrooper in white: Meet the rebel scum making Star Wars armour sets for a living

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"it's the New Hope stormtrooper that's in demand, mostly by men, mostly aged between 30 and 40."

Yet none of them in that age range saw New Hope in the cinema first time round (or at least they would be to young to remember). I would have expected that age group to be more interested in Empire or Jedi troopers and the New Hope trooper buyers to be 44+.

Windows is now built on Git, but Microsoft has found some bottlenecks

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Re: SourceSafe

> Visual SourceSafe has been discontinued many years ago.

Are you sure of that? There's this little product called Team Foundation Server that is really VSS under the hood. Give me Bazaar, Subversion or if necessary Git over it any day.


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