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Trump's Supreme Court pick will decide critical tech issues for decades – so what are the views of the contenders?

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The article is about the USA. Neither democracy or freedom have a home there.

Google’s Android Emulator gains AMD and Hyper-V support

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"Things are more straightforward for AMD users – they’ve been invited to the party for the first time! Welcome in, both of you."

Fuck you Simon, fuck you.

Fitness app Polar even better at revealing secrets than Strava

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people at scale aren't paying close attention to how their data leaks

That would be because people, at scale or otherwise, are idiots. Generally speaking.

Cancelled in Crawley? At least your train has free Wi-Fi now, right?

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The project kicked off in December 2016

Pretty sure I was using WiFi on west coast main line trains over 10 years ago. Did the government only just catch up or is this story about southern train networks only?

'Toxic' Whitehall power culture fingered for GDS's fall from grace

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Bracken, what an ass

"Hire 50 people under 30 who know what an API is."

For a start that is age discrimination but lets put that aside. When hiring for the Treasury the last thing we need is a bunch of millennial fuckwits who think an API can solve the country's problems. What the Treasury needs is to hire people who understand economics and taxation.

Bill Clinton's cyber-attack novel: The airport haxploit-blockbuster you knew it would be

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Re: Can anyone shed light on how the recommendation soundbites are obtained

Some of them are probably quotes about other Patterson books and some of them will be cleverly edited from a negative review. For example Harlen Coben may have said "I read it in one gulp, you will too. It's that bad!" and Lee Child may have said "Delivers big time yawns, not the political thriller of the decade." but by careful omission those quotes can be made to sound positive.

Google Chrome update to label HTTP-only sites insecure within WEEKS

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If your ISP is injecting ads into the content of sites it is your problem and your responsibility to change ISP, nothing to do with the websites you visit. Perhaps try paying a decent sum for your internet access instead of going with the cheapest bargain basement option.

If your TV went on fire would you expect someone from the BBC to come fix it?

'Coding' cockup blamed for NHS cough-up of confidential info against patients' wishes

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SystmOne software

They can't even spell, why would you buy medical software from these people?

Not API: Third parties scrape your Gmail for marketing insights

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And those sites are banned from my browser, computer, phone, etc. If your site won't work without 150+ trackers from advertising companies then I don't want it anywhere near my computing equipment.

New Android P beta is 'very close', 'near-final' but also just 'early'

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Meh why bother

"those tests are worth running because Android P restricts access to some interfaces not supported in the Android SDK"

Except no user will have P for at least 6 months after it is "released" by Google. If I couldn't test & fix any issues within 6 months I'd give up programming and go busk or sweep the streets or something.

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Re: Wonder what it'll break ? @Avatar of They

Some Win98 apps might not work in Win8 but the vast majority will. I've even been able to get DOS games from 20+ years ago to work in Win10.

Dr Symantec offers quick and painless checkup for VPNFilter menace on routers

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And how else would you expect a web page to be able to run any check? Using just HTML or CSS?

When Google's robots give your business the death sentence – who you gonna call?

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"destruction of the businesses code and data"

"We would have lost everything – years of work"

So the only copy of the code was on the live servers in Google's cloud? I find that hard to believe but if it isn't just hyperbole then they deserved to have their code & data deleted to teach them about backups.

Apple fanbois ride to the aid of iGiant in patent spat with Qualcomm

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In what way would having a better working relationship fix the fact that Intel make chips that infringe Qualcomm's patents and Apple put them in their phones? Intel would still be infringing and Apple would still be using these chips and no one would be paying the license fee they are supposed to pay.

Google leaps on the platform formerly known as Firefox with $22m splurge for KaiOS

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"KaiOS is unashamedly a feature phone platform"

"Google will invest in KaiOS Inc to ensure search, YouTube and Maps come to KaiOS devices"

"KaiOS is only just rolling out app stores for developers. Coders write in HTML5 and CSS."

I don't think Google or KaiOS understand the meaning of the words "feature phone", a not very smart smartphone is not the same thing.

Google Cloud CEO admits: Yeah, we wanted GitHub too. Whatevs

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It's probably an unpopular opinion but I think MS buying GitHub is more likely to make me store code there and it definitely would make my current and past employers more likely to do the same. Changing the name so it doesn't sound like a hangout for old codgers might help too.

Google kills AdWords!

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Re: Google Hardware

So you've never heard of Chromecast, Google Glass or Google whatever they call that awful looking VR headset? I'm sure I could think of more if I spent more than 30s on it.

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Re: The important question is:

@monty75 Mine too! :D

GitLab's move off Azure to Google cloud totally unrelated to Microsoft's GitHub acquisition. Yep

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Learn to Read!

GitLab != GitHub

MS are buying GitHub, not GitLab. They are not moving GitHub's back end away from Azure to Google, that is GitLab. I have no idea what back end GitHub uses.

Sorry to spoil your blind MS bashing party.

Intel finds a cure for its software security pain: Window Snyder

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Re: Security products and future OSes?

Her name is Window, not Windows. Presumably she feels a strong, spiritual connection to panes of glass?

The Splunk that got sunk: Log-lover ends support for mobile apps

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Reading the original announcement it could be nothing more than a new mobile app, much like the old mobile app but new and with more features. (And no doubt some fad hipster douchebag language / backend used in its creation.)

SUSE Linux Enterprise turns 15: Look, Ma! A common code base

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"SUSE was asked not to use these numbers by partners and customers alike."

What kind of idiot is contacting their OS vendor and asking them not to use certain numbers? The juxtaposition of modern IT with moronic ancient superstition is mind boggling.

UK taxman has amassed voice profiles of 5.1 million taxpayers

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Re: opt-out

Nice. I was wondering what would happen if I just play some Motorhead down the phone at it.

HTC U12+: You said we should wait and review the retail product. Hate to break it to you, but...

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The translucent red colour looks really cool but no audio jack and crappy buttons = no thanks HTC.

GDPR forgive us, it's been one month since you were enforced…

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Re: I don't think many of the opt-in/out menus are legal

Most of these systems I see are not legal because they are opt-out, call the link to the opt-in/out screen "more information", label Google Analytics cookies as "required" and don't offer an option to disable them or just plain don't allow you to opt-out at all.

My current favourite is www.cycleworld.com (a motorcycle website). They have gone to the trouble of implementing CookieBot which is normally a compliant solution but they have deliberately hidden the button that allows only necessary cookies, wilfully breaking the law. They even illegally state:

"To continue enjoying the free content made available to you on this website, you must indicate that you understand and accept Bonnier Corp.’s use of cookies by selecting the "Allow all cookies" button below."

Of course the idiot's have hidden the button using CSS so you can just use browser dev tools to enable it again.

I think it would be quicker to make a list of websites that are actually compliant with GDPR than one of illegal sites.

Facebook sends lowly minions to placate Euro law makers over data-slurp scandal

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Re: I've said it before, I'll say it again. @Barrie Shepherd

"but you are hurting the innocent users"

There are no innocent users of Facebook. They are all complicit in helping to build the mass surveillance network they think of as helping to connect them with their friends and family.

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"you cannot avoid Facebook easily."

Nonsense. I have never been a member of FB and have never used any of their services. I do not have to do anything out of the ordinary for that. Sites that use FB login usually also provide other options such as Google and MS, if they only provide FB then I wouldn't want to use their garbage site anyway.

If you meant its almost impossible to avoid them building a shadow profile on you from your idiot friends' contact lists and photos, beacons and like buttons on 3rd party website, etc then I agree but that is not what you said.

Cops: Autonomous Uber driver may have been streaming The Voice before death crash

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Re: Lets...

LIDAR does not need light to see. The car had no problems spotting the poor victim well before it hit her.

Google-free Android kit tipped to sell buckets

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Play Store is two words numpty!

This HTC U12+ review page is left intentionally blank

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Re: Review it.

What is the point in reviewing something that may not ship to the public? If they fix the issues before any sales then a review that mentions them will be wrong. If you ignore the issues based on the promise of a fix and they don't fix them then that review will be wrong. Better to wait and see what actually ships to customers.

IoT CloudPets in the doghouse after damning security audit: Now Amazon bans sales

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follow through with their pocketbooks?

Pocketbooks? How old is this Ashley person, 94? I could understand wallet, purse or even card but this isn't the 1930s.

Schadenfreude for UK mobile networks over the tumult at Carphone

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Good riddance

I'll be glad to see the back of Carphone Warehouse. I have refused to use them and advise other people not to use them ever since I tried to buy a phone from them but ended up the victim of identity theft perpetrated by Carphone Warehouse that they then tried to blame on me. Disreputable, despicable and untrustworthy at best, hopefully the company will fold sooner rather than later.

'Tesco probably knows more about me than GCHQ': Infosec boffins on surveillance capitalism

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"getting people off Facebook isn't a terribly good idea because not being able to volunteer a social media profile can make someone the subject of suspicion in countries such as the US"

So the correct thing to do is reinforce that behaviour? No, the correct thing is to encourage these morons to stop thinking of Facebook as something everyone should and does use.

* I do have a vested interest here as someone who has never had a FB account.

Facebook stockholders tell Zuck to reform voting rules as data scandal branded 'human rights violation'

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the assembled group applauded his entrance and exit

Idiots. If you want to enact change you need to make Zuck feel disliked. You should have booed him on and off the stage. Only once he realises being CEO of Facebook doesn't automatically make everyone in the world his friend will he even consider change.

The glorious uncertainty: Backup world is having a GDPR moment

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'But GDPR hasn't really considered it in terms of practical solutions.'

Except it has. If you are required to keep a piece of data for legal reasons then you are allowed to keep it even in the face of a deletion request.

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Re: At some point....

Because your non-problem has via Facebook and CA contributed to Brexit, Trump and god knows what else. Because we never gave these people consent to record our personal information, track and profile us or the purpose of showing adverts. Because given free rein the ethically challenged, Randian CEOs running most big IT firms will exploit you as far as they can just to gain an extra dollar. I could go on.

You may not have recognised the problem but that does not mean there was no problem.

Activists hate them! One weird trick Facebook uses to fool people into accepting GDPR terms

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Re: Being honest about data-collection isn't an option anymore is it ?

I've visited several websites in the last week who asked if I wanted to allow required cookies, personalisation cookies, tracking cookies or advertising cookies using a simple dialog. These sites made it easy to select my preferences and (assuming they actually act on my choices) complied with GDPR simply and effectively. They actually make me want to visit those sites again, unlike Dell or WD with their huge lists of companies they set cookies for whom I have never heard of that lost them business when I closed the tab in disgust.

Facebook caught up in court battle with Amazon and pals over 'ageist job ads' that targeted young

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Re: Slam dunk

40+ bloke isn't allowed to have a teenaged daughter?

Leaked pics: Motorola to add 'unpatriotic' 5G to 4G phones with magnets

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Re: I dont really understand why i need 5g at all (Lee D)

30Mbps down 4G might be enough for your household needs but it most definitely isn't enough for mine and what of a house with several teenage children?

That said I don't need even that on my phone, most of my bandwidth is used by other devices.

Chief EU negotiator tells UK to let souped-up data adequacy dream die

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Re: The more I listen to the EU...

Err no. In what candy coloured fantasy universe of unicorns and rainbows would it be acceptable to quit something and still be a part of it? If you quit a club you can't still take advantage of member benefits. This is just another example of the UK government sticking its head in the sand and singing "lalala I can't hear you" to itself while the adults look on in bemusement.

Welcome to your sci-fi dystopia: Sonic firewalls to crumble inaudible ad-tracking phone cookies

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" if actual permission granularity was provided in the phone OS by default"

If you actually knew how to use your phone you would find it is. Doesn't even matter which OS you prefer, both have had individual permissions for apps for a couple of years now and you can even continue to use most apps with a less than complete set of the permissions they request.

Mobile app devs have, oh, about 9 hours left to decide whether to stay on Google's ad platform

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Re: Elephant in the room

IP address is defined as personally identifiable information under GDPR so no they can't collect that.

Finally: Historic Eudora email code goes open source

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UK.gov's use of black box algorithms to decide stuff needs watching

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Re: What planet?

Particularly when it comes to NHS data this could be dangerous. Imagine people not going to the doctor because they don't want their health details shared with Google, Facebook, Experian, etc. If such behaviour catches on it could help turn a small virus outbreak into a national pandemic!

GDPR for everyone, cries Microsoft: We'll extend Europe's privacy rights worldwide

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privacy training

Lesson #1 - Don't open a Facebook account.

Lesson #2 - Don't open an Instagram account.

Lesson #3 - Don't open a WhatsApp account.

Lesson #4 - Don't open a SnapChat account.

Lesson #5 - Don't open...

You get the idea.

About to install the Windows 10 April 2018 Update? You might want to wait a little bit longer

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Not Avast Me Hearties!

I updated last week while running Avast and after the requisite 35 minutes or so everything was working fine and has been since. So it is unlikely that Avast is to blame.

Presto chango, crypto buyo: You're travelling like El Reg's gang of nerds

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You can shove it where the sun don't shine

"All it takes are some Lumens – which can you can purchase via quick credit card or PayPal transaction from SatoshiPay – and a SatoshiPay wallet that is generated for you, on the fly."

Errr... NO!

Not only have I never heard of this particular scamcoin but I wouldn't buy them if I had. Plus there's apparently a Facebook requirement?!? WTF? Do you read your own articles? I do not now, nor have I ever had an account on Facebook and any product or website that requires it is banned in my house.

'Facebook takes data from my phone – but I don't have an account!'

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Try harder

All three are disabled on my phone, as is the pre-installed Instagram app. Your 'reader' needs to try harder.

(I used standard Android features to disable these apps and remove them from the launcher, no 3rd party software or root access needed.)

Slurp up patient data for algos that will detect cancer early, says UK PM

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England and Wales?

I take it this is NHS England and Wales despite the mention of the UK PM? As usual Register articles on the NHS fail to mention who it actually affects. The NHS in Scotland is separate to England and Wales.

Xiaomi the way: Hyped Chinese giant begins its battle for Britain

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Re: Won't work in the UK...

In the south of England maybe. Clearly you've never heard of the sterotypical tight Scotsman or Yorkshireman.


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