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Ailing BT division snuggles up with AWS to flog cloudy services


Do Global Services currently create road traffic chaos as they dig up roads outside the UK to sort out cabling?

Netgear confirms: Intel's wobbly Puma 6 in fast broadband modems is super-easy to choke out


CVE - Recognised Cyber Security Vulnerability


The Intel Puma 5, 6, and 7 chips, as used on Virgin Media branded Arris TG2492 devices, allow remote attackers to cause a denial of service (performance degradation) by sending a moderate volume of small packets to many TCP or UDP ports, a related issue to CVE-2017-15064. NOTE: Intel has advised that they are only a hardware manufacturer in this instance; they do NOT own the mitigation distribution channel for these chips. Any details about mitigations would need to come from Virgin Media.


Virgin Media shameful Super Hub 3 policy

Given the issues of the Puma 6 chipset. Why isn't there coverage on Virgin Media's shameful policy of forcing users to use the Super Hub 3. (If BT had a dodgy Homehub this site would be gleefully taking them to task on a daily basis)

Plenty of people on the official forums are being stonewalled and the problems obfuscated.

Acronis adds automated ransomware protection to latest Backup version


Wow... the 2017 installation weighs in at 500MB but still has less features than the 2014 version.

There are plenty of alternatives that are faster, leaner, and cheaper out there.

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