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After outrage over Chrome ad-block block plan, Google backs away from crippling web advert, content filters

Black Helicopters

Re: pi-hole

That's why apps such as DNS66 (available on F-droid) are a good solution, without resorting to root or something more convoluted.

Not cool, man: Dixons spanked over discount on luxury 'smart' fridge with wildly fluctuating price


Re: 4k for a fridge?


Wanted – have you seen this MAC address: f8:e0:79:af:57:eb? German cops appeal for logs in bomb probe


Re: Amateur Amateurs!!

They NEED 4 keyboards to navigate their UNIX-esque GUI. Have you seen any of those guys using a mouse, any time?


Re: Amateurs!!

You calling those documentaries a joke? Next thing you're gonna tell me is the moon landing wasn't a fake, directed by Kubrick!!

New side-channel leak: Boffins bash operating system page caches until they spill secrets


Re: I'm curious...

This doesn't excuse Microsoft from being the evil lizard people form the center of the Earth. This just tell you they are more dumb than evil, given the lousy development/programming ethics they embrace. Half their vulnerabilities rise from outdated IDEs, outdated/vulnerable libraries, non-corrected programming issues and other stuff.

Amazon’s Snowball snowballs as Google's clone gets real and IBM's comes to Europe


Re: Plus shipping = outrage

Back in the day we finished a Windows PlateSpin migration with ~20 thumbdrives and one (large at the time) 240GB carry disk HDD. They were shipped in a single box via UPS from Atlanta to Rochester because the white collars didn't want to pay the extra cash for a decent network link.

When one of the folks went to the DC door to pick them up and got up to our war room, we all heard he dropped something as he crossed the door. A good ~45 seconds of silence followed, until he picked up the power source for the arcane external disk enclosure and said "Now I'm worth 16 million dollars, eh?" as that was the price of the migration/hosting contract.

Hipster horror! Slack has gone TITSUP: Total inability to support user procrastination


Re: Nothing to see here

Here, your comment has been replied. That'll get you through the rest of the day.

Facebook insists device data door differs from dodgy dev data deal


Are we really going to take anything coming from a guy whose last name is "Archibong" seriously?

'Facebook takes data from my phone – but I don't have an account!'


Re: adb is Your Friend.

That doesn't remove the app, it just disables it for the user 0, or main user.


Re: Anyone ever test-drive these:

I have been using dns66 for over a year now. Works great, and you can customize the block/exclusion list, or even add your own DNS servers. The only thing missing from it it's secure connection to DNS servers over HTTPS/TLS. Last time I checked there were a few folks on Github asking the developer to implement it.

Fermi famously asked: 'Where is everybody?' Probably dead, says renewed Drake equation


Re: I visit from time to time

Not enough towels for you, or too high of a probability to be in an interstellar highway's path?

Remember those holy tech wars we used to have? Heh, good times


Re: Floyd reference

Yup. Putting Barry Manilow in charge instead of Gilmour might had a much positive impact in those already dark times for the band.


Re: @Daytona955

This. These younglings fixing Mac these days would die in less than 10 seconds what faced with AIX or Solaris.

Argentina eyes up laser death cannon testbed warship


Re: It is surprising they have anything at all...

Argentinian here. This move on the US ship isn't so much about empowering the military as it is about paying an obscene amount of money for something the Yankees do not need anymore. Rest assured some local official will get a succulent chop of the deal for "facilitating" it.

Also, the Cuban infiltration stuff is nonsensical. The actual government is using the police and other Homeland security forces to try to stop the manifestations demanding to know the whereabouts of those who got disappeared by the police and those other Homeland security forces.

Yo, patch that because scum still wanna exploit WannaCrypt-linked vuln


Metasploit isnt a pen-testing sofware

...it's an exploit framework. It's like calling those DoS-for-hire scumbags "network stressers".

Robot lands a 737 by hand, on a dare from DARPA


I feel truly deceived by this post.

I call clickbait! I came to this post expecting a shot from Airplane! and found a stupid robot arm sitting by a human.

This is how the notice should have been illustrated:


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