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Pro tip: You can log into macOS High Sierra as root with no password


and this is why...

we advise people NOT to update to the latest and greatest version of macOS until all these problems have been fixed.. and yes, that may mean we keep our customers on 10.12.6 for up to 6 months post release, but this and all the other issue with 10.13 are making look a lot like 10.7 (shudder).

Better to have a working, stable, supportable release for a production machine, than jumping on the bleeding edge..

The good kind of data sharing: Reg empties its storage news warehouse



It was handy back in the day (and also very expensive) when Macs used AFP, but things move on.. like using a capital Z at the end of a product name.. (its not 1990 anymore more)

macOS is SMB3 by default... supports DFS out the box..

Next you'll be telling us about ADmit-Mac .../shudder/

As always.. Keep it simple (stupid)

Apple gives world ... umm ... not much new actually

Big Brother

another year..another...meh..

its been the same thing for many a year now, as I have vested interest in this, running a Mac support / consultancy co, I long for the innovation (and the SJ reality distortion field..taken with a pinch of LSD / too many Apples) of yesteryear..

But those days are gone, I highly doubt we'd be seeing Buzz Lightyear watch faces and a 'return of the leather iPad case' if SJ was on the stage.

My customers would really like a truly pro Mac, I'd like a proper pro Mac, but an iMac Pro is not that, thats a very niche Mac for those with deep pockets and no need for a properly calibrated display.

There were rumours about a new Pro Mac, that was modular... and what do we hear.. that the iMac Pro will have 'no user upgradeable memory'... so you have to budget at purchase for your potential needs in 2-5 years.. all very silly and all very not 'Pro'. Still, I'm sure people will want them and buy them and I'll do my best to provide my clients with the right Mac for their needs (unlike some).. but we wait for another year.. with the hope they take the guts of the iMac Pro and put it back in a normal box.... or will it be another meh?

and then they come out with some speaker thing....

High Sierra is nice though.. :)

Blighty bloke: PC World lost my Mac Mini – and trolled my blog!


Troll 2

Troll 2 is currently available on Netflix (other streaming systems are available) so bad.. its good!

@Dan55 .. Yes, Quad Mac Mini + 16GB + SSD makes for a great ESXi system :)

Oh.. on topic.. PC World.. thats where you go in.. fiddle.. and leave.. or are asked too..


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