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Apple store besieged by protesters in Paris 'die-in' over tax avoidance


"Frnech goivernment"?

What on earth is "the Frnech goivernment"?

UK ICO, USCourts.gov... Thousands of websites hijacked by hidden crypto-mining code after popular plugin pwned



To paraphrase something in the current edition of The Econimist, in an article about Elon Musk's SpaceX and Tesla companies):

"There will always be complexity. You can choose to have that complexity outside your business, where you have little or no control over it, or you can bring that complexity in-house, where you can see it, measure it and control it."

OK, Google: Why does Chromecast clobber Wi-Fi connections?


Re: Sounds like it is caching all the requests while it is sleeping

If you rarely use it, you probably pull the USB power supply from the socket. That's what I do.

Intel finds critical holes in secret Management Engine hidden in tons of desktop, server chipsets


Did intel know about this back in July 2016?

The tool supplied by Intel has a PDF "user's guide".

The PDF's title field has a value of "Kaby Lake Platform Message of the Week WW30, 2016".

This makes me think that either the people at Intel are just bad at creating PDF documents, or else Intel knew about this and prepared the tool in the final week of July 2016. And then sat on it until it felt forced to come clean(ish).

ATM fees shake-up may push Britain towards cashless society


Re: My partner hates me..

"went for a pub lunch a while ago (a place a few of us often visit) and phone line was down so they could not do cards, because I had cash I could pay for mine and (card only) friends meals & drinks."

What's the rule in the UK, nowadays, when a technical problem means that a merchant cannot accept payment by card? It could happen that I only have about a tenner (give or take a fiver) on me and a couple of cards. A group of four people could easily run up a bill of a hundred quid over a few drinks and a bite to eat.

I imagine that if the phone line was down before you order, the person in charge should warn you and if you order knowing that you don't have enough to pay cash, you'd be guilty of something like "obtaining by deception". But if the line goes down after ordering, then what?

European Court of Justice lays down the law on Kodipocalypse


Kodi is not only for cheapskates who want the Premier League for free...

The extract of the ECJ ruling quoted in the article: "the main attraction of that player for potential purchasers is the pre-installation of the [streaming] add-ons".

I put together a Kodi player for myself: a Raspberry Pi 3, and case and a power supply and about an hour of my time assembling, downloading, installing, connecting up the cables.

And why? Well I'm not interested in watching streamed Premier League matches or stuff like that.

I have a big collection of films on DVD, but I often find that the dialogue is too quiet and the sound effects too loud, so whenever I buy a DVD I rip it to my NAS and at the same time compress the dynamic range of the soundtrack a little. This also means no searching through shelves of discs and fiddling with silly jewel cases that get dropped and cracked, or with discs being left out and getting scratched.

But the big problem with having my films on a NAS? About 18 months after buying my TV set I found out that Samsung had crippled the media playback software: the player stops after about one hour and fifty minutes... I discovered this when watching Bridge over the river Kwai: it's a 2h 41min film. And I can't just stop the film before the software bombs out, then restart from that point. The software is simply incapable of reading beyond about 1h 50mins into a film.

Wikipedia tells us that "in 2009, Samsung sold around 31 million flat-panel televisions", so has probably sold hundreds of millions of devices with this crippled software, and I'm almost certainly not alone in having turned to Kodi to fix Samsungs failing; the ECJ claims that "the main attraction of that player for potential purchasers is the pre-installation of the [streaming] add-ons", but for many the main attraction of Kodi is that it is much easier to use that commercial software, and it even *gets the job done*, unlike the commercial alternative built into the Samsung set.

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