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UK rail lines blocked by unexpected Windows dialog box


What about node.js interfering at Reading Station?


Manchester man fined £1,440 after neighbours couldn't open windows for stench of dog toffee


Had to think then

I'd never heard of 'dog toffee', and it took 5 minutes for it to click you were on about dog eggs

Atlassian: Look at our ginormous Jira revenues!


Why the hell

... has nobody written a Jira alternative that isn't hot garbage, isn't written in Java, isn't slow, doesn't have a cloud version that's underprovisioned and isn't generally rubbish?

Jira is crap. But unfortunately it's the defacto standard for this. Surely Google could buy them and rewrite the thing?

F5: Don't panic but folks can slip past vulnerable firewall servers, thanks to libssh's credentials-optional 'security'


F5 are awful

Had this situation when Heartbleed came out. Heard about it at 3am, put a ticket in the following morning.

F5 had (have?) a support system where they'll not tell you anything about a fix until it appears. The ticket would be closed a few days later, you'd have to keep opening tickets until they had a fix.

This wasn't helped by them having old versions of everything. I'm specifically on about the VM version of their stuff btw in case they're listening.

Only reason we didn't use HAProxy at the time is it didn't support Elliptic Curve. I have no fucking idea why people pay for their crap now.

UK Home Office admits £200m Emergency Services Network savings 'delayed'


Not unexpected

I worked on a portion of this a couple of years ago. It's the age old tale of crusty old companies trying to enlarge their size of the pie, crap technology and overbearing bureaucracy. TBF when the Home Office are the most sensible and pragmatic bit you know you've got a problem.

Worst thing is I worked on something I was proud of and spent an entire year on which is this current story is correct will not be used for a couple of years. That'll be 4 years then since I built it, at which point it'll likely need to be reengineered. Waste of time and taxpayer money.

Canny Brits are nuking the phone bundle



Years ago people used to refer to the phone+contract deal with the word 'subsidy' - i.e. they were subsidising the cost of the handset.

It's plain that these days that is nowhere near the case. The cost over 24 months is always well over and above the cost of handset + sim only contract. Bear in mind they still get the profit too of the handset itself.

I think my last contract phone was the Note 2, I won't get another one.

UK cyber security boffins dispense Ubuntu 18.04 wisdom


Number of vulns means nothing

The number could be increased by the sheer number of packages Ubuntu supply, or the diligence shown in finding and reporting them. It's really frustrating when even news sites use it as some sort of security quality metric.

Brit comms providers told: You must tell people when their cheap contract's about to end


What about new builds?

I bought a new home 10 months ago which only has Virgin, no BT, doubtless due to consideration paid somewhere. Unlike BT I don't have a choice of provider at all. Which should be fun at renewal time.

2018's Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon laptop is a lovely lappie


Received mine a week ago and it's awesome.

Linux wise - didn't work too well on latest Ubuntu (no touchpad, a few other issues). With the Fedora 28 beta it was fine after adding a line to the kernel boot menu to set the correct touchpad type. Added TLP and an undervolting script and I got over 11 hours with a mix of Firefox / VSCode etc.

The keyboard is the best i've ever used on a Ultrabook btw.

EDIT: One thing I missed is that it doesn't sleep correctly as Linux doesn't properly support the Windows Connected Standby thingy. There is a way of working around this but Lenovo engineers are apparently on the case. I don't care as I rarely sleep the thing anyway.

UK's Dyson to vacuum up 300 staffers for its electric car division


Hell no.

Dyson have an issue at the moment - they're an old school manufacturing outfit (not normally a bad thing) who are trying to do IT.

Long story - they spent a long time trying to get me interviewing for a job doing their cloud stuff. At the time (a year or so ago) it was all .net on windows servers - you've got to be mental if you think that's good value. I'm a Linux guy and they tried to get me in on it.I was contracting down the road at the time when they contacted me.

So I talked to them a bit - they were doing a PoC on Linux (good), wanted me onboard -even better. Couple of problems.

1. I literally worked 5 miles down the road, and could have interviewed at any time after 4.15pm. Not good enough, they needed me there at 2pm or whatever.No offers of swerving into their campus after work were any good - you needed to be there at <x>. Bear in mind they pursued me.

2. It was a perm role and a PoC. I asked what would happen if the PoC didn't work and me, a Linux guy, was still there when they decided to stick with Windows? "Oh, yeah...". Nah. That's a contract, not a perm job, if I don't have anything to do after 6 months.

3. I had one of their recruitment people (who changed every 2 weeks it seems) asking me to organise a meeting at my then current gig with myself in a meeting room so I could interview with them remotely. So, no. I would never take the mick out of my current employer by abusing their meeting rooms and interviewing for the next gig from it.

4. They don't do remote working. They don't even like interviewing in the campus - I know people who've been interviewed in a portakabin outside because of this. There's no decent public transport to Malmesbury too.

5. A month later I had an offer from another place where i'm still at for a contract role. Literally the day before some guy from Dyson rang me - are you still available? Er... no. But he still wanted me, despite no feedback for a month, at which point I said I would love it, but he'd need to interview me that day before I sign the new contract. Heard nothing for 2 hours, until I got told by the agency they had a interview for me... in 2 weeks time.

Dyson need to sort their s*it out before they've got a hope with this stuff.

Pro tip: You can log into macOS High Sierra as root with no password


Re: How worse than Single User Mode?

Er, because it bypassed FileVault for all users? You don't get access to an encrypted volume in Linux in single-user mode.

Fasthosts' week to forget: 4-day virtual server summer bummer



This is another link to add to the pile I have already which I forward to the recruiters who persist in trying to get me to work at that place.

There seems to be an inverse relationship between recruiter enthusiasm and the quality of the client. I've long since learned that the chirpy ones are invariably on about FH so I cut them off early and mail them the links of shame.

Currys PC World given a spanking for misleading laptop savings ads


It has been bollocks for at least 20 years.

I worked at WH Smith from 1992 - 1996. They bought a nice Teradata system, so they could do what Walmart did even they - i.e. know the correct selling price for a million SKUs and even change them depending on the weather at each store, historical trends, etc.

Like most chains their Swindon branch was never discounted - this was to allow the '20% off at one store' bullshit allowed under ASA rules. Luckily most people in Swindon worked at their HQ, so got staff discount, which made up for this.

If anybody tells me that 20 years hence there is no progression in IT, computers are not faster, and these chains cannot know what was sold at what branch for how much and when it is seriously time for me to give up and take up goat farming. These excuses are crap, and we need to start clamping down.

Situation normal, blurts T-Mobile, while network continues to crap itself


Mine has been fine, which is odd, because Three have been utterly incommunicado as in no calls at all coming through in Cheltenham for the last week.

Backup crack-up: Fasthosts locks people out of data storage for days amid WCry panic


Fasthosts are hilariously bad

I live nearby and have been plagued by recruiters over the last year or so, first the decent ones then more recently the bottom-feeders banging on about great DevOps roles in Gloucester. The clue is the on-call every other week, it's FastHosts.

It's noticeable that the more desperate the pimp and the worse the job the more enthusiastic they are. Each time I point them to 'el Reg, tell them to search for FH and realise why it'd be CV suicide for me to work there. Each time they act as if i've just pointed out their aunt is Myra Hindley.

FastHosts can rebrand their website, loads of Web 2.0 horsecack about how agile they are, but stuff like this shows why they're still rubbish. And asking for people who know everything under the sun for 35-40k, whilst pulling stunts like this, reaffirms why i'd rather set my mum on fire than work for them.

Amazon's Alexa is worst receptionist ever: Crazy exes, stalkers' calls put through automatically



I've got a crazy ex who, when she's going through a bout of drinking and self-delusion, will call/text constantly for a few hours.

I don't remember numbers very well, so why would I delete hers? I certainly dont keep it for drunken booty calls, if anybody is wondering, it would not be worth it.

Guardian Soulmates users spammed with smut following breach


They are rubbish

And, hours after it was reported by the BBC (nothing in the Grauniad), still no notification on their site.

Are they going to hold themselves to the same standard they hold everybody else to? Or is it fine because the Scott Trust is offshore?!

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