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Love T-shirts, but can't be bothered to wash them? We've seen just the thing!


Silver, anyone

Just sayin’ (suddenly I feel quite hip, second attempt below):

I’d like to point out that silver has been used as an anti-bacterial for years. In clothing.

Admittedly I haven’t read the Kickstarter page because I can’t be arsed. Maybe it washes itself in fairy dust every time that you sweat. Self-spawning a new item of clothing would be particularly impressive.

As an early adopter on Kickstarter, I’ll happily review this product after launch. Through speech recognition, synced with my glasses, whilst riding a hoverboard.

On Mars.

Army had 'naive' approach to Capita's £1.3bn recruiting IT contract, MPs told


Who wouldn't want to join?

Capita aren't the only reason for low recruitment figures.

Cuts by the government ensured that no-one in their right mind would want to sign up. It's not the career that it used to be.

Add to the that the farce that is now the Reserve Forces and no-one wants to join them either. Hence there's no way that the capability of the armed forces can be shored up by the reserves.

Under-manned. Under-powered. Under-equipped. Under-funded. Under-represented.

A bit like councils. The NHS. STEM and so on.

Russia appears to be 'live testing' cyber attacks – Former UK spy boss Robert Hannigan


Re: The Bigger Picture Show with Greater IntelAIgent Games Plays for Heavenly Places

I'll bite.

'Nation states don't do hacking, nor anything else for that matter if the truth be told,'

Utter, utter bollocks.

So, am I responding out of context?

'Prime ACTors do, and ideally for both nation state[s] and Prime ACTor[s], to positively reinforcing and increasing mutual self benefit.'

So if it's not 'the state', it's state sponsored? Or are they black-hat and hope that if they hack for a state (without permission, ergo 'black hat') they'll be handsomely rewarded?

We're not talking about Popov here.

Italian F-35 facility rolls out its first STOVL stealth fighter


Re: amazinbg how long Marham is remaining

Methinks you're confusing Sandringham for Sandhurst?

Leaked: The UK's secret blueprint with telcos for mass spying on internet, phones – and backdoors


Re: I must be missing something...

I'd love to know where in the good ol' US of A you live.

A large part of the issue with privacy in the UK is the sheer population density. That's something you don't have in the US outside of the major cities.

As it happens, Orwell is my favo(u)rite autho(u)r. By a long shot. Not just for 1984, I've read everything he's ever knowingly written.

You seem to think we feel that it's acceptable to be spied upon as long as we're not caught anywhere on camera. But then you go on to suggest that online surveillance is acceptable and/or that we don't understand it.

You just described residents of the USA.

Your message is mixed and there's no point to your barbed comment, unless I'm missing something integral to your argument?


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