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Barclays to scrap 1,800 UK tech jobs

Andrew Webster

Gee couldnt see that comming

Switched bank accounts from Barclays after witnessing the contractor rate cut rubbish.

not good news for the contractor market in Cheshire

Mel Gibson to star in Edge of Darkness

Andrew Webster

Not going to work without Michael Kamen

For me one of the best parts of the original was the score composed by Kamen and played by Clapton........given the mess hollywoods traditionaly made of the score used in most of the other remakes and Kamens death can't see God playing on this one

Cow turds fuel Blighty's hydrogen filling station embrace

Andrew Webster

Mad max.......

hmmmm never thought mad max 3 would turn out to be accurate, wonder if the programme at Birmingham uni is run by professors Master and Blaster

Net think tank: Phorm is illegal

Andrew Webster

@ Rob

"It's "Sue, Grabbit & Run", as any fule kno."

Actually it's Sue, Grabbit & Rune as any long term private eye reader knows ;)

Led Zeppelin reunion opens with Communication Breakdown

Andrew Webster

Confirmation Email

Just to make matters worse the confirmation email address is website@website.com ............you'd have thought they would have spent some of the £2.8m + this will generate on getting somebody decent in to do the website!

Motorcycle News in shot M40 biker ad gaffe

Andrew Webster

Almost the best......

When ex princess Di had her car crash the first edition of the times had a Mercedes ad on the oposite page...........extoling the saftey features of the S class claiming it was ideal for keeping your family safe!

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