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Even Microsoft's lost interest in Windows Phone: Skype and Yammer apps killed

Ron Pitts

Hmmm, Microsoft was wrong to dig the windows phone so hopefully these guys come back around at some point.

I find it silly these days that we only have two options, either android or iphone.

The mobile interface was still way better than android or iphone, Microsoft should have spend more time on the development tool xamarin and allow automatically mapping any app to work in Windows phone as well.

At the moment the future for Microsoft will be Azure however they need some consumer products. Ditching hardware doesn't give the consumer a great piece of mind for any future release.

My name is Bill Gates and I am an Android user

Ron Pitts

Windows mobile had some really good UI features, actually I'm still using it just because of the tile interface. I love pinning email inboxes to the start screen, its a shame that neither Apple or Google have noticed this best feature and copied into there platform.

Microsoft now have a very bad habit of removing stuff when its not making a profit, ultimately this just alienates the end user.

Cloud does earn a good profit especially when companies code using the framework and later find its too much effort to switch to AWS or Google, most CTO's haven't woke up to this sleeping giant at the moment.

The Microsoft roadmap of using your Xbox, PC and Mobile across a seamless platform sounded too good to be true, it worked in part but yet again Microsoft pulled the plugged too early.

Microsoft purchasing Xamarin was a way to convert developers into creating that extra step for a windows mobile app.

Microsoft today is alot more open but that's because the market is changing now so the writing was on the wall, Satya has managed to double the share price since taking over from Steve however its now a more lean machine and profits come before customers.

Microsoft to HIKE Azure prices as exchange rates shift

Ron Pitts

I've always been a fan of Azure but the outage and this pretty large increase starts you thinking if this is a long term solution. IT budgets are always limited so 26% is pretty large and a bit stupid on Microsoft part.

Microsoft have been selling Azure in Visual Studio for ages now hoping most developers bake the platform into there code.

I can tell you some IT managers will be wondering if Microsoft stabbed them in the back with this increase........

At least with on-premise hardware you can budget correctly over 3 years !

Azure Australia went TITSUP for about seven hours

Ron Pitts

Re: Impact?

Griffo actually I think the outage affected prepaid customers only !!!

Assuming your customers are on a EA agreement?

Skype hangs up on users

Ron Pitts

Fault in Protocol

Actually I think its something to do with the skype protocol, someone has managed to hack into how the protocol works...........a few days my nortons informed me that Skype was trying to attack the PC....werid. Its the first time I've seen this and on reading other web sites someone has posted a proof of concept.

Yeah blame the coding because I'm waiting for Skype to post a fix which fixes the loop hole, in order to limit the damage of this loop whole Sykpe has shutdown the sign in service.....


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