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Peers to HMRC: Digital tax reforms 3 days after Brexit? Hold your horses, how 'bout 3 years...


It isn't that hard

As somebody that runs a small business, it really isn't that had to make tax digital, I used to use a spreadsheet and moved to software. The cost of the software/time invested in doing it really does save so much time in the long run.

I use FreeAgent and it costs me £261/year ex vat, it automatically calculates


Corporation Tax

Self Assessment (with a few additional inputs)

VAT it calculates itself from the transactions you record, submitting is pressing a button and entering credentials.

It also does:


Day to day Accounting, with feeds from the Bank.

I spend probably 1 to 2 hours a month doing the accounts, things like Payroll unless changing staff details is just login and press submit, enter the HMRC credentials and away you go.

East Midlands network-sniffer wails: Openreach, fix my outage-ridden line


Email Richard

Email Richard Tang, having actually met the bloke. He would love to hear your feedback. Having used to work for a partner of theirs he hates to hear situations like this. https://ceoemail.com/s.php?id=ceo-10544&c=Zen%20Internet-Chief%20Executive

Pwned with '4 lines of code': Researchers warn SCADA systems are still hopelessly insecure


Re: SCADA systems running windows

About 3/4 years ago my boss went to a very high profile company that make helicopter parts, they still have a CNC machine running Windows 3.1.... it would be took expensive to replace. It was completely off the network.

Amazon: For every dollar of op. profit going into Bezos' pockets, 73 cents came from AWS


Re: Azure vs AWS

But this is an example of just lifting and shifting applications to the cloud. Applications/platforms should be rebuilt/designed in a way that means components can fail, be spread geographically across multiple regions/AZ's. This is the problem with people complaining about the cloud not working, they are trying to use legacy methods in a new platform and it doesn't work. Services should be designed for failure in mind - check out Chaos Monkey developed by Netflix

BA IT systems failure: Uninterruptible Power Supply was interrupted


I wonder...

If the sparky that took down telehouse a couple of years ago and probably got sacked has moved across town...

Last year's ICO fines would be 79 times higher under GDPR


Fines at this scale are needed

Fines at that level are needed as otherwise it is cheaper to take the fine over actually paying for properly designed security

Ofcom chisels away at BT Openreach's cold, dead hands


Wireless Can Work

Wireless can work, but in order for it to work well you need line of sight wireless.

For my area this could work well, our copper is connected via an overhead from a pylon. Connect fibre to/from the green box to the pylon. Line of Sight from each house to the pylon.

I appreciate this won't work everywhere but perhaps a different approach is needed to different areas?

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