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Don't panic... but our fragile world is drifting away from the Sun


I don't see where they've considered the Sun's increase in mass due to asteroids, comets, and other matter (dust, et al) falling into the sun. Also, I don't see anything in the paper detailing the Earth's increase in mass and resultant increase in gravitational force due to the mass increase.

We translated Intel's crap attempt to spin its way out of CPU security bug PR nightmare


What's Not Mentioned

I noticed there was no mention of the possibility this was an intentional act to boost product benchmark scores, compared to Intel's rival(s), by purposely avoiding a known processing bottleneck.

It's certainly not tin-foil hat territory to expect corporations to cut corners to garner a competitive edge of rival products, with the understanding of we'll admit to the insecurity later, after we've made $BILLIONS in profit, and roll out the fix.

Cynically, I have no doubt of shameful actions such as the above-mentioned, because rapacious corporations, C-level officers, and board members must absolve themselves of any human decency to maintain a position of privilege, and that supplants anything of value.

Heaps of Windows 10 internal builds, private source code leak online


Re: I'm done with Windows.

Well said!!

I swap dozens of users over to Linux every year, now. They never return with problems, only an occasional question on how to do something - so satisfying.

Prior to that it was customers returning every 6 months, infected, or crashed, or missing files, or running slow, can't get on this site, can't open this file, or or or ...

I bet Gates secretly uses Linux so he doesn't have to worry about getting a virus, or hacked, or ransomware, lol.

It's 2017 and Windows PCs are being owned by EPS files, webpages


Re: Yes, a constant stream of vulns --

You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink.


Re: The Booby Prize Goes To

Scribus (my personal favourite)


BroadVision QuickSilver







There are others, also, but I couldn't afford to spend more than 30 seconds on Google.


Re: Riddled to high heaven

I'm fond of any BSD flavour, but OpenBSD is tighter on security than all the others.

I see a huge difference between the time Linux CVEs, once know of, are dealt with by the community, compared to how slow M$ deals with theirs.

Most of the time it's hours to days for Linux fixes, where, from what I've witnessed over the years, M$ takes anywhere from days to years to fix issues theirs. I seem to recall numerous CVEs which M$ took 6 - 12 months to fix and others years to fix.

Even better is the OpenBSD model, their code is severely scoured and exhaustively scrutinized for possible problems before release, so they opt to only release every 6 months - that's confidence, that's impressive!


Not really.

The security on Unix-variants is different than Windows. What does Windows do to thwart installing software? pops up a box which says "Are you sure you want to install this program? ... OK/Cancel" - which can be scripted to click the OK/YES button and the software gets installed.

If you want to install on a Unix-variant (less secure platforms Mac & Android excepted) you need to know the user's password - that's little detail makes a huge difference in being able to corrupt a non-M$ system.

No system is perfect, but it takes me less than 5 minutes to crack a Windows system remotely. If I have to spend that, or longer, trying to just get past a Linux pw requirement, I'm not going to bother - there are easier targets.

And ^that is precisely why Windows is responsible for being targeted by approximately 85% of all malware - it's so freakin' easy to own a Windows machine. Now, Mac and Android - having changed security requirements - are likewise being hit and gaining % of the malware attempts.


Re: Optional

Don't need Linus to do that, create your own fork and do it - it might make hacking Windows even more efficient ;o)


Re: Yes, a constant stream of vulns --

Same here, I put complete newbs on Mint and they're fine right from the start. Likewise, I never get any tech support requests.

Installing Win-X on someone's system guarantees I'll get a call "I can't find my files", "I can't change my home page", "how do I install Java?", "my computer's running slow", ... etc, it's never-ending.

Sergey Brin building humanitarian blimp for lifesaving leisure



That image looks like Kim K's arse, just a scaled-down version. ;oP

Alert: Using a web ad blocker may identify you – to advertisers


* * * Don't Use Commercial GUI Browsers * * *

1) Don't use any version of Windows on your computer,

2) Edit the DNS servers which your computer(s) and also your gateway use,

3) Change your MAC addy,

4) Use a VPN (remember to test for VPN and IPV6 leaks),

5) Use the w3m text browser


Re: Tor on GNU/Linux with systemwide trusted VPN

Don't use TOR - TOR isn't safe.

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