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None of my flash rivals NVMe: Analyst spills tea on who's who in fabric-access NVMe arrays


Re: NetApp is the early leader in NVMe

I could be wrong, so please correct me if I am, but SPEC benchmarks require that dedup and other data services are turned off. On Pure arrays, dedup is always on. As we always say, the fairest fight/best indicator of performance is to run your real-world workload against the vendors you are evaluating.


Re: NetApp is the early leader in NVMe

Pure employee here. Can you clarify whether NetApp's is offering arrays with an NVMe back-end too or solely NVMe drives? I do not believe the arrays this is true for the arrays but my knowledge could be out of date so correct me if I'm off here.

BTW - Pure has been offering a full NVMe product (from the drives to the controllers) for almost a year already.


Re: Beware the Marketing Monster

Pure employee here. Can you please elaborate what you mean by "Pure x70 NVME is not shipping yet"? The X70 and DirectFlash drives (fully NVMe technology from the drive through the array) have been shipping for the better part of a year for customer production use and POC units were available before that.

No Falcon Way: NASA to stick with SLS, SpaceX more like space ex


Re: NASA is a development lab

The argument that NASA is an R&D org and not a product org doesn't hold water when discussing SLS. There is very little new technology going into the SLS. In fact, the entire thing was written into law to re-use as much of the Space Shuttle technology and industrial base as possible. Same contractors and same jobs in the same Congressional districts. It's embarrassing that this organization is billions over budget and years behind schedule trying to deliver a new system out of technology established in the 1980s. All for a system that doesn't have any current purpose or concrete future mission. I highly recommend reading The Plundering of NASA by R.D. Boozer for more information on this topic.

Proprietary: Pure sticks to flash module design, becomes a direct flasher


Re: FUD or did you not do your homework?

Pure employee here

ManMountain1, it looks like the confusion is coming from the following line in the article:

1PB effective capacity in 3U, 183 TB raw

This is not the case, looks like the author multiplied 10x18.3 instead of 20x18.3. If you look at Pure's graphic and also the second to last paragraph in the article, you can see that the 1PB effective capacity is based on 20 18.3TB drives at a 5:1 data reduction ratio. The output of the math adds up, just make sure you are using the right inputs ;)

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