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Put down your coffee and admire the sheer amount of data Windows 10 Creators Update will slurp from your PC

Hidden Manna

It's not really that much data

It seems like a lot, but they are covering a lot of bases. Since XP Windows, Windows Update has not only updated the Microsoft Windows packages, it also updates all the Microsoft software found on the machine - it has to check for every conceivable Microsoft software that may be on the machine.

THEN it has to go over every conceivable piece of hardware to check if the hardware's manufacturer has registered a new driver update for said hardware. That is a lot of checking, but in most cases "the sheer amount of data" is a lot of BLANKS. So the list is long .. but I would venture much of it is left BLANK most of the time. And now some people have signed up to "Insiders" so that has its own list of stuff there if the person signed up for that, but nothing much would be sent if you didn't turn that on.

They also have to check for every conceivable language pack that might be installed to make sure any package installed is in the language. Windows supports a lot of languages. But again most people have only one or two languages installed.

And they have to check if there's been any crashes or other events so that they can fix bugs.

It seems like a lot, but yeah, it's just basic stuff, techno-gobble-dee-gook, I would venture much of it sending nulls on most machines.

For comparison's sake, you should see what a simple webpage visit involves! Handshakes, protocols, packets, transfers, acknowledgements, blah blah blah ..

I personally do not use Windows 10, but 'the sheer amount of data' aspect of Windows Update doesn't bother me in the least.

Microsoft nicks one more Apple idea: An ad-supported OS

Hidden Manna

You guys are full of it !

If you want to use WIndows 10, what's the big deal?

1. Use a local account - eliminate 80% of the annoyances right there.

2. Go to privacy settings and untick everything - 10% more

3. Use a hosts file or adblock - 7% more.

4. Customize a bit - you do that anyway - organize the Start menu how you want it etc.

Right there and you already have a mostly decent system. Or just use 8.1 with a Start menu package. The hysteria is too much. You all are quite adept and can fix any of these systems to how you want them, so what is the big deal? On day One of the clean install you should have it already all how you want it (as far as one can), it's not like you are clueless.

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