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Nah, it won't install: The return of the ad-blocker-blocker


Give me a cut of your ad revenues and i will turn Adblocker off. Been very happy to be "paid" on Swagbucks etcfor adverts.

Off with e's head: E-cig explosion causes first vaping death


Re: Here we go again

If someone is drawing 200W then they are most likely subohming, which means the coil could be as low as 0.1 ohms to 0.9ohms, trouble is some batteries arent capable off working below 1ohm.

These mechanical mods (changable batteries) dont have the same protections as inbuilt batteries and theres more chance of a fake, woth both the 18650 and the mod circuitry itself being faked.

This article is the first time Ive heard of a UL safety sticker, been vaping for 4 years now.

Facebook: Crisis? What crisis? Look at our revenue, it's fantastic


Zucker said "Im heading for the door......." ?

Why are we disappointed with the best streaming media box on the market?


Re: Which country?

HBO? Its basically soft porn with stories.

El Reg was invited to the House of Lords to burst the AI-pocalypse bubble


AI is the future, just like the Paperless Office circa 1992...

FYI: Web ad fraud looks really bad. Like, really, really bad. Bigly bad


Wonder what % of adverts are fraudulent?

UK regulator set to ban ads depicting bumbling manchildren


Meanwhile old Parky carries on with his ScamLife adverts....

In the week Uber blew up, Netflix restates 'No brilliant jerks' policy


If the Jerk at Blockbuster had accepted that Netflix offer, no one would give a sh!t what Netflix think...

New plastic banknote plans now upsetting environmental campaigners


I just want the fivers to stop jumping about in my till.

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