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Out of Steam? Wine draining away? Ubuntu's 64-bit-only x86 decision is causing migraines


Re: Mint

Based off != clone of

I'm not aiming this at you in particular, but the overall media with their sensationalism: Why would upstream dictate downstream? Debian never used to provide various proprietary or patented codecs etc because of their philosophy but that never stopped Ubuntu adding them, no one said "oh no, Debian says they won't bundle MP3 so now Ubuntu can't ever have MP3 support" (before the patents expired, but an example off the top of my head) so why should Ubuntu's decision to leave out 32-bit libraries (now somewhat reversed, but arguably not completely) stop Mint from adding them just like they add Cinnamon and numerous other things? That's the beauty of open source, it's not like Mark Shuttleworth is holding a gun to anyone's head and stopping them. Pop!OS devs have already said they'll put 32-bit back in if it disappears from Ubuntu.


Why do we act like Linux distros are closed source these days? Surely there are plenty of solutions for this - put them back yourself via custom packages or even compiled from source, shove 'em back on with a PPA as and when someone makes one, create yet another Ubuntu fork, use one of the myriad of existing forks... jump on the Pop!OS bandwagon for example as they've announced they'll put 32-bit back in downstream if it disappears from upstream.

Linux is open source software! Let's not panic about what one has-been distro decides to do with their offical repos.

LastPass scrambles to fix another major flaw – once again spotted by Google's bugfinders


Alright, probably time to switch. Looking at Enpass as a likely one, which lets you use your own storage and uses an open source encryption engine. Question though - are these only *appearing* to be less insecure because all the attention from researchers and the media is on Lastpass at the moment? Would they find just as many flaws if they looked at the competitors just as closely (do they?)

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