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About to install the Windows 10 April 2018 Update? You might want to wait a little bit longer



See if you have a "Go back to previous Windows version" option (or similar) in your Backup settings. I had a similar issue, and "rolling back" got me passed the "stuck update" thing. I had to reinstall some apps, but had no issues since. Backup critical data first though, just in case!

Trump's America looks like a lousy launchpad, so can you dig Darwin?


Rocket Labs - New Zealand's space program is alive and well!

A small company in little 'ol New Zealand, Rocket Labs, is planning to launch its first commercial sat later this year, making it the second commercial entity to place a satellite into orbit after SpaceX. All the best to OZ, but as usual, NZ is seriously punching above it's weight ;)

They have been granted consent for a launch (from Mahia Peninsula, NZ) every 72 hours for 30 years, although I don't think they will be launching quite that often ... but who knows, considering so much of the Rutherford Engine is 3D printed (electron beam melting) and that they now have a shiny new contract with NASA ... I guess the sky's the limit (ahem).

Mahia is a fair distance form the equator, but they are selling 150 kg payloads to a 500 km sun-synchronous orbit (orbital inclinations from sun-synchronous through to 39 degrees).

Besides, Mahia is a far better launch site than Darwin. Darwin is just too damn hot, has too many flies, and no Hobbits *anywhere* ...

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