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British Army adopts WhatsApp for formal orders as coronavirus isolation kicks in


Re: SIGINT anyone?

I had to read a long way down before finding the 1st post that mentioned some of the options available, that were probably more sensible.

What should also be consider is Next Cloud. This has it's own add in messenger, is also available on Android and Iphone/Pad. Plus, it can be run on their own servers. (if they have not been farmed out to 3rd party US firms)

C'mon SPARCky, it's just an admin utility update. What could possibly go wrong?


Solaris 10 introduced a "that is / , don't be silly" built in override to reduce the numotyness.

What do we want? A proper review of IR35! When do we want it? Last year! Bunch of IT contractors protest outside UK Parliament


Re: I know of some that have already accepted contracts outside of the country

And we still have that right until 31/11

GlaxoSmithKline ditches IR35 contractors: Go PAYE or go home


Re: Killing the Goose that lays the Golden Eggs

Assuming he is a UK citizen. Moving to Europe will shortly not be an option for him.

And obtaining s US work visa is another mine field.

Motorola: Oops, phone busted? Grab a spudger and go get 'em, champ


Re: I think my next phone will be a Motorola

This story sounds great, until it transpires that Motorola/Lenovo are currently "bricking" phones, and it is the fault of the user for having the temerity to repair their phones (ie a replacement screen).


There is a growing number of bricked phones, they work fine with Android 7. As soon as an upgrade to Android 8 is performed the touch screen fails to work.

Shades of Apple ???

Apache OpenOffice: We're OK with not being super cool... PS: Watch out for that Mac bug


You moan about MacOS

Think about how us Solaris users feel.

We can thank SFE, http://sfe.opencsw.org , for keeping us going.

UK.gov gears up for IR35 private sector crackdown – say industry folk


As my company's sole employee, I get unlimited leave, paid sickness, technically gapless employment (for the days/weeks I don't work I still get a wage), my company pays for my training and will supply me with security for the next 90 days (standard for anyone working for a large company). The only thing I don't get is a pension paid for me.

But then again, I don't tend to stay in any one place for a long term, the majority of my work is weeks in length not years. I (and others) are not doing anything illegal.


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