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Spammy Google Home spouts audio ads without warning – now throw yours in the trash


Re: Good way to lose customers

How is this relevant? The linked article is about Apple's Siri mistaking the word esports for the word escorts. Pronounce the works. They sound pretty similar to me.

But this article you posted the comment on is about Google speaking advertisements aloud in my house, when I haven't asked anything about that content. This is why I have not bought a product from Google, an advertising company, and prefer to use companies and services which respect my privacy as a user.

So you post the first thing you can find in a Google search about Siri's failings in an attempt to say Google should be allowed a pass for this obnoxious behaviour because Apple also makes mistakes?

The two faults are not comparable. One is a text to speech recognition mistake as the words are similar. The other is a conscious decision on the part of an advertising company to serve unrelated intrusive advertising where they shouldn't.

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